Cole: "There's a chameleon in the house."
Phoebe: "A lizard? You're worried about a lizard?"
Cole: "This chameleon is a demon. One who can transform into any object just to spy on you."
Cole and Phoebe discussing the Chameleon.[src]

Chameleon Demons are a type of reptile demons with the power to change themselves into inanimate objects to blend into their environment.


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In 2001, the Source of All Evil sent the Chameleon Demon Alastair to spy on the Charmed Ones. Alastair hid in the manor for an unspecified amount of time by posing as a lamp, before being revealed by Cole Turner. He escaped the manor, but was later vanquished by the Source himself.

Powers and Abilities[]

Alastair Regenerating


Active Powers
Other Powers


To Vanquish a Chameleon Demon[]

Evil hiding in plain sight
I use this spell with all my might
To stop your changing form and shape
This vanquish seals your fate.


Chameleon Demons appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.