Chad Carson, aka Hangin' Chad, was a radio DJ at KQSF Radio Station. Chad was the host of the Annual Beach Bash where Smash Mouth performed in 2003. Phoebe Halliwell was his special guest for the day.


Chad Carson2

Chad and Phoebe make a date.

Phoebe and Chad were seen sitting under canvas shad shelter finishing an interview. While the interview was wrapping up, Chad asked Phoebe what her "deal is" and if she was a psychic due to her column skyrocketing and how all the critics rave about how amazingly insightful your advice is. Phoebe suggested it's because she just reads people really well causing Chad to ask her for advice. Phoebe responded by telling him to write her a letter but Chad involved the crowd resulting them in cheering for Phoebe to advise him right there. Phoebe agreed and asked what he needs advice on. Chad replied that there is a woman he really likes and wants to ask out but he is afraid she will turn him down. Phoebe's advice was "Why don't you just ask me out and find out?" followed by a laugh and cheering from the crowd.

Chad is later seen pouring a drink for himself at a refreshment stand as Phoebe walks up to him to apologize for embarrassing him but Chad says it was no big deal and that he was glad it was only on the radio. Phoebe told him she didn't know why she responded to the question like that but Chad interrupts telling her it was exactly what he was thinking; he was nervous about asking her out. Phoebe then asks him out and they make a date at 1pm for Bayview Café. Chris Halliwell then interrupts them just as Chad tells Phoebe he has to get back to work.

Hours later, Phoebe calls Chad to cancel the date because of uprising problems. His secretary informs her then that Chad had already called the restaurant to cancel the date, which is correspondent to standing her up. She goes to confront him about it. Through her new empathic power, she realizes that Chad is intimidated by her intelligence as a woman because it makes him feel insecure.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Like many of Phoebe's love interest, his name starts with a C.


Chad Carson appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.