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Written by: Brad Kern

Season 5, Episode 12

Episode No. 100

[Scene: Manor. Attic. It's empty. Leo orbs in.]

Leo: Paige? Come on, Paige, I know you're here, you summoned me. (He hears a noise.) Paige? Paige?

(An invisible Paige creeps up behind him and jumps into his body. He squirms around in pain and explodes into millions of white lights. Paige becomes visible.)

Paige: Ha! That is a vanquish!

(Leo orbs in, not impressed.)

Leo: Dammit, Paige. I would appreciate it if you didn't practice on me. I may be dead but it still hurts!

Paige: I am sorry, Leo, but I think I came up with a perfect way to vanquish Cole. I kept thinking... what is it that makes him so indestructible? And then I thought, it's his protection shield. So I came up with a potion that makes me invisible long enough so I can get past it, say a spell and blow him up from the inside.

Leo: Firstly, congratulations, cool potion.

Paige: Thank you.

Leo: Secondly, it will never work. Okay, even if it does, it's not something you should be going at alone. Whatever the ultimate solution is it lies within the Power of Three.

Paige: Yeah, well, we have tried that. Besides, I'm a witch too and I don't see why I can't try to operate on my own every once in a while.

Leo: You can and you have but Cole is different and you know it.

Paige: No, I don't know that, Leo. Now, I have worked really hard on this by myself for days, I know I can do this. And I wanna do it. For Phoebe.

(She storms out of the attic.)

[Scene: Cole's apartment. The elevator doors open and Cole walks out. He puts his wallet and keys on a side table. He picks up a photo of him and Phoebe and sighs. He looks into the mirror.]

Cole: Happy Birthday.

(He walks into the living room, still carrying the photo. Paige, invisible, creeps in from the balcony. He puts the photo down and Paige jumps into his body. He squirms around and then explodes. Paige becomes visible.)

Paige: I did it. (She hears a noise.) Oops.

(Cole's blown up particles start to form together and knocks Paige over the balcony. Cole fully forms together and shouts in anger. Paige flies out of the city and falls into a river. She pokes her head out of the water and sneezes.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Eve are there. Piper is sitting balanced on a large rubber ball, taking deep breaths in and out.]

Phoebe: And breathe, two, three, four. And relax, two, three, four. And breathe, two, three...

(Piper loses her balance and falls off the ball.)

Leo: Are you alright?

Piper: No, I am not alright.

(Leo helps her up.)

Phoebe: Okay, come on, back on the ball.

Piper: You get back on the ball, I quit.

Eve: It's hard at first, I know, Piper, but the birthing ball really can make the delivery much easier, especially for home births.

Piper: Hospital, people. How many times do I have to tell you crazy people? Hospital, I'm going to the hospital.

Phoebe: What about water birth? Can we do that at home?

Eve: Sure, we can rent a tub.

Piper: What am I, a dolphin? I'm not giving birth to fish.

Leo: Well, actually, dolphins aren't fish, they're mammals.

Piper: Shut up!

(Paige walks in.)

Paige: Hey, guys, sorry I'm late, I overslept. Hi, Eve.

Eve: That's okay, we're just getting started.

Leo: Late night?

Paige: As a matter of fact, yes.

(Eve pulls a white plastic tube out of her bag. Piper's eyes widen.)

Piper: What the hell is that?

Eve: Uh, nipple enhancer. For breast feeding.

(Phoebe chuckles. Eve turns back to her bag and scrounges around for something. Paige sneezes and orbs out and back in.)

Phoebe: Gesundheit.

Paige: Thanks, I've been sneezing my head off all morning.

Leo: Not to mention the rest of you.

Eve: A little ginger root and raspberry leaf will take care of that. Old gypsy remedy.

Piper: I think we got some of that in the kitchen. Why don't you go see if we got some of that in the kitchen?

Eve: Sure. Be right back.

(Eve leaves the room.)

Paige: What?

Piper: Hi.

(They walk into the living room.)

Paige: What?

Piper: Do you not realise that you just sneezed and orbed at the same time?

Phoebe: Ooh, it's a good thing Eve didn't see that.

Paige: Well, we saved her gypsy clan. I think she'd be fine with it.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, it's one thing to know and it's another thing to actually see it.

Leo: I'm more interested in why it happened. What caused it? I think you should tell them.

Paige: Fine. I tried to vanquish Cole last night.

Piper: What?

Paige: I know, don't do the big sister guilt thing, okay. I knew what I was doing and it almost worked until I got all wet.

Leo: I tried to talk her out of it.

Phoebe: Paige, you could've been killed.

Paige: So what else is knew? I just wanted to give you a little peace.

Phoebe: That's very sweet, but I don't need Cole to be vanquished to find peace. I'm okay, really, I am free of him emotionally.

Piper: And besides, I thought we agreed to take a vanquishing hiatus during my last trimester.

Paige: Well, that's why I didn't want to bother you.

Piper: Well, you should've because this is not something you can do by yourself.

Paige: Obviously I disagreed.

(She storms out.)

[Scene: Cole's apartment. Cole and one of the Avatars are there.]

Cole: My problems are none of your concern. All that should matter to you is that I'm willing to join your kind, become an Avatar.

Avatar: I understand, and we're pleased to hear it. Still, I can not but wonder why now? After all this time?

Cole: You have unlimited powers, don't you?

Avatar: We have the power to elevate powers such as yours, to raise them above the restraints of Good and Evil.

Cole: Which makes them unlimited, yes?

Avatar: Yes.

Cole: Then that's why for now. Which means I assume, that I can use these powers to manipulate, say, time? Reality even?

Avatar: Understand, Cole, these powers are not meant to be used for personal vendettas. They're meant to be used with others like us. To shape a future we control.

Cole: Oh, I understand very well indeed. And believe me, I'm all for it. But I need to take care of something first and to do that I need unlimited powers.

Avatar: I'm afraid that can't be allowed.

Cole: Then I'm afraid I can't join you. Who are you kidding? You need me. Otherwise you never would've come to me in the first place. Just one favour, that's all I ask. Then I'm yours.

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Michelle Branch sings "Goodbye To You" on the stage. She finishes and everyone cheers.]

DJ: Michelle Branch, everyone!

(Piper, Phoebe, Darryl and his wife are sitting around a table. Leo walks up carrying glasses and champagne.)

Phoebe: Hi.

Leo: Glasses.

Phoebe: Okay. (Leo hands Phoebe the glasses and she hands them around.) Here you go.

(Leo sits down.)

Piper: A toast to Lieutenant Morris. Congratulations.

(They hold up their glasses.)

Darryl: Wait, shouldn't we wait for Paige?

Phoebe: Um, I don't think she's gonna make it because she has a really bad cold. Cheers!

(They all clink their glasses together.)

Piper: Long overdue.

(Paige walks down the stairs and Phoebe notices.)

Phoebe: Uh, we'll be right back.

Piper: We will? (Piper sees Paige.) We will.

Phoebe: Uh, Leo, keep pouring.

(Piper and Phoebe get up and go over to Paige.)

Darryl: Don't mind them, they do that a lot.

[Cut to Piper, Phoebe and Paige.]

Paige: Hi guys.

Phoebe: Are you out of your mind? What are you doing here?

Paige: Um, going to Darryl's party?

Piper: The sneezing, Paige, the sneezing.

Paige: Oh, that, no, Eve's little miracle cure worked great. I haven't sneezed all day. Is that Darryl's wife? She's cute.

(She takes a step forward but Piper and Phoebe stop her.)

Piper: Wait, wait, wait, wait. First we chat.

Phoebe: Come on.

(Piper and Paige walk over to a table and sit down.)

Paige: I told you, everything's fine.

Piper: No, it's not about that.

Phoebe: It's about this morning when you left. You seemed really upset.

Paige: Oh, that? No, I was just having a girlie mood, you know.

Piper: No, I think we all know it's a little bit more than that. Something's been bugging you so why don't you just talk to us.

Paige: Okay. You really wanna know? I've just been feeling a little suppressed lately. It's not your problem, it's my problem. And I know you guys are the best thing that's ever happened to me, I do.

Piper: But? There's a but.

Paige: I just feel like, you know, having been an only child for twenty-five years, I'm used to doing everything on my own. And it seems like lately I've had to do everything by committee and it just...

Phoebe: You feel like you've lost yourself along the way?

Paige: Yeah.

Piper: Okay, so what can we do?

Paige: It's not you, it's me. I just think maybe I need to start looking for my own place to live.

[Scene: Cole's apartment. Cole and the Avatar are there. Cole is kneeling down in front of the Avatar, a white light shining out of the Avatar's hands and into Cole's forehead. The Avatar is chanting. He finishes and lowers his hands, stopping the light.]

Avatar: Well, how do you feel?

Cole: I feel alive. Powerful.

(He stands up.)

Avatar: You are on of us now. Come.

Cole: Uh-uh-uh. Not so fast. First I get my wife back once and for all.

Avatar: That's what you wanted? Your new powers can't affect love.

Cole: Maybe not. But I'm hoping it'll change the one event that lead to our downfall. The day that Phoebe met her new sister. The day the Charmed Ones were reconstituted.

Avatar: Go back in time?

Cole: No, better. Undo what was to change what is. We were at our best, Phoebe and I, before Paige. If they hadn't have found each other, we'd be married instead.

Avatar: You have no idea what you're getting into. Changing the past to create an alternate reality has unforeseen consequences, Cole. Even for you. The ripple effect of even one small change could...

Cole: I don't care! I am not spending another hundred birthdays without her.

(The Avatar disappears. Cole starts to chant.)

[Cut to P3. Paige feels a sneeze coming on and holds her nose.]

Piper: Oh, no, you don't. No sneezing.

Phoebe: Back hall, back hall, back hall.

(They get up and head for the office.)

Piper: Look out, people. Pregnant lady coming through.

[Cut to the office. Piper and Paige walk in and close the door. Paige sneezes and orbs out.]

[Cut to Cole's apartment. Cole finishes the chant and the room spins around.]

[Cut to P3. Office. It's empty and dark. Paige orbs back in.]

Paige: Oh, major sneeze. Hey, who turned out the lights? And the heat? (She puts on her coat.) Piper... (She turns to find Piper gone.) Piper?

(She goes to the door and turns the knob. The door falls off its hinges and crashes to the floor. She looks out to an abandoned room where P3 once was. There is rubbish all over the floor and overturned furniture. She walks through the filthy room and shivers. She spots the P3 sign, broken and lying on the floor.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Continued from before. Paige continues to walk around the room, stepping over rubbish.]

Paige: Leo! Leo! (A pile of rubbish rustles and a bum climbs out from under it. Paige jumps.) Oh, god, you scared me.

Bum: Who are you? Wh-what are you doing here?

Paige: I could ask you the same thing. (He pulls out a knife and points it at Paige.) Hey, it's o-okay.

Bum: This is my crib!

Paige: Your crib? This is my sisters' club. Knife! Knife! (Nothing happens.) What the hell is wrong with my powers? (The bum attacks her and she flips him onto the ground. Frightened, he gets up and runs out of the club.) Leo! (Leo orbs in and looks around.) Damn it, where the hell have you been?

Leo: Who are you?

Paige: Are you kidding? You're not kidding. It's me, Paige, your sister in-law.

Leo: Look, I don't know who you are, lady, and I don't have time for games. All hell is breaking loose out there, so if you don't mind...

Paige: Have you lost your mind? Do you notice anything different?

Leo: No, not really. So if you'll excuse me.

(He starts to orb out.)

Paige: Wait. (He orbs back in.) Uh, I'm your charge too. How else could you have heard my call? (He realises she's right.) Thank you. I just don't understand how all this could've happened.

Leo: How what could've happened?

Paige: This! Piper's club. It's totalled. Doesn't that strike you as the least bit odd?

Leo: You know Piper?

Paige: Of course. Leo, the club.

Leo: What about it? It's been like this for over a year. Ever since Piper walked away from it, right after Prue died.

Paige: That is not true. The club is kicking ass. Michelle Branch was just playing here and I sneezed and then I or... orbed out. Maybe if I sneeze again. (She sneezes.) Did I orb?

Leo: How do you know about orbing? And Piper?

Paige: Just take me to her. She'll figure all this out, she always does. Please. What have you got to lose?

(She takes his hand and they orb out.)

[Cut to a place outside where there are overturned cars, tires, and barrels with fires inside. A dead body lays on the ground. Up on a hill, Leo and Paige orb in behind a large mound of dirt.]

Paige: What are we doing here?

Leo: Shh, Piper's hunting.

(A Lazarus Demon smokes in beside the body. He kneels down and smells the body.)

Piper: Hey! (Piper stands up on a large crate near by. She is wearing black, tight leather clothes, and is not pregnant. She freezes the Lazarus Demon and jumps down onto the ground.) Feeding time, huh? (She unfreezes just his head.) Knew you'd take the bait.

Lazarus Demon: What'd you do to me? Unfreeze me, witch.

Piper: Sure, no problem. Just as soon as you tell me where I can find Shax.

[Behind the mound of dirt.]

Paige: Shax? What's she talking about? We vanquished him already.

Leo: Nobody's vanquished Shax. Ever since he killed Prue, Piper's been obsessed with getting revenge on him.

[Down below.]

Lazarus Demon: Go to hell.

Piper: I'm already there.

(Piper blows up the Lazarus Demon and turns him into a pile of dust. She turns to leave. Paige runs down the hill. Leo follows.)

Paige: Wait!

(Piper turns around and gets ready to blow her up.)

Leo: Piper, don't!

Paige: Oh my god, you're not pregnant anymore.

Piper: Who are you? Leo, what are you doing here?

Paige: It's me, your sister, Paige.

Piper: Look, if this is some lame attempt from the Elders to try and lure me back, you can forget it. Tell them to shove it because I have no loyalties to them anymore, and I don't have any to you.

Paige: Hey! That's no way to speak to your husband.

Leo: We're divorced. Have been for a while.

Paige: Okay, what bizarre world have I sneezed my way into? You two are married and you're expecting, a magical child no less. And you, you're not La Femme Nikita. You're a Charmed One. You don't mind kicking ass when you have to, but otherwise, you'd rather be hanging out with your sisters, baking cookies or knitting booties.

Piper: Knitting booties? Clearly you don't know me at all.

Paige: Oh, yeah? Well, how come I know you didn't really vanquish the Lazarus Demon?

Piper: What are you talking about?

Paige: As a breed, they resurrect. The only way to keep their remains down is to bury them in a cemetery. (Piper starts to walk off.) Please, stay.

(The pile of dust on the ground resurrects into the Lazarus Demon.)

Leo: Piper! (The Lazarus Demon picks up a long pipe and throws it at Piper. She ducks and blows him up.) How did you know that was gonna happen?

Paige: Because we've fought him before in the real world.

Piper: What do you mean we?

Paige: We. Me, you, Phoebe. Your sisters. Oh, god, this is getting me no where. Just orb me to Phoebe.

Leo: I can't go to the manor anymore, it's forbidden.

Paige: What? Fine, I'll do it myself. But when I fix this, you owe me.

(She storms off.)

[Scene: Outside the manor. Cole is there leaning against a car. He looks at the changed manor. An iron fence now surrounds it and a demon guard stands on the porch. The Avatar appears behind him.]

Avatar: What are you waiting for?

Cole: What are you doing here? I thought I was the only one to cross over.

Avatar: I won't be your last miscalculation I'm afraid. Avatars exist outside of time and space. That's why I'm immune to you spell. A spell which I beg you to reverse before it's too late.

Cole: Too late for what?

Avatar: For you to die. You're not invincible in this reality, Cole. By changing that one critical event, you've changed even more than you see before you. You've changed you.

Cole: What are you talking about? I don't feel any different.

Avatar: But you are different. You've assumed the identity of the Cole in this reality. The one who used to be known as Belthazor, the Source's right-hand man. A powerful demon to be sure, but hardly indestructible.

Cole: Belthazor, huh? I told you, that's when Phoebe and I were at our best.

Avatar: Cole, please, believe me. You have no future here. But I promise, you'll have a future with us, if you'll only undo what you've done.

Cole: I can't. I have to play this out first.

(He heads for the manor. The Avatar disappears.)

[Cut inside the manor. Foyer. Cole walks in. He walks past a demon guard and checks out a large marble statue.]

Cole: Hm. (He looks in the living room and sees a pool table sitting in the middle of the room.) Oh.

(He walks in and walks around the room, impressed with what he sees. He opens double doors to another room and the room is full of people.)

Everyone: Surprise! Happy Birthday! (More people appear in the living room behind him.) Surprise! (Cole grins and walks into the crowd. They pat him on the back. Someone brings in a green and red three layered birthday cake, with Happy 100th Birthday written in icing.) Speech, speech, speech, speech, speech, speech, speech.

Cole: I really don't know what to say. Um... I'm surprised, very surprised. My compliments. It's a great cake.

Cake Decorator: Thank you, my liege. Although, I must admit, I thought you were actually one hundred and seventeen.

(The Cake Decorator chuckles but the crowd groans. Suddenly, he bursts into flames and is vanquished. The Seer walks into the room.)

Seer: I know how sensitive you are about your age. Happy birthday.

Cole: Seer, you're alive. (The Seer laughs and so does the crowd.) So, uh, where's Phoebe? (No answer.) Answer me.

(Phoebe walks down the stairs wearing a red dress and a huge diamond necklace. Everyone turns to look. Cole walks over to her.)

Phoebe: What's the matter? Not what you expected?

Cole: No, you look, you look, great, really.

Phoebe: Did you just give me a compliment?

Cole: You have no idea how happy I am to see you.

(He leans in to kiss her on the lips but she turns her head and he kisses her cheek instead. She pushes him away.)

Phoebe: What the hell is the matter with you?

(She walks over to a handsome man and he kisses her hand. The Seer walks up to Cole.)

Seer: Don't worry about her. My visions have not changed. Once she conceives your magical heir, you won't need to keep up pretences anymore. I'll take it from there.

(Paige walks through the crowd looking for Phoebe. She spots Cole with the Seer. She then sees Phoebe walk into the kitchen and follows.)

[Cut to the kitchen. A chef and a waitress are there. Phoebe barges in.]

Phoebe: Leave me.

(The chef and waitress immediately leave. Phoebe goes over and pulls a cigarette and lighter out of a drawer. She lights it and takes a puff. Paige walks in.)

Paige: Phoebe. (Phoebe quickly puts out the cigarette and coughs. She turns to Paige.) You don't recognise me. That's okay, Piper didn't either.

Phoebe: Piper? You know Piper? How is she?

Paige: She's, uh, different. Look, I don't have a lot of time so I'm just gonna drop this on you. I am your long lost sister Paige. I know, it sounds crazy but it's true. We're all sisters in the real world.

Phoebe: Guards!

Paige: Look, I don't know how he did it, but Cole somehow switched realities in his twisted attempt to get you back. I somehow slipped through the cracks and landed here, I don't know how either. But I need your help in order to turn things back to the way they're supposed to be.

(Darryl walks in.)

Darryl: You called?

Paige: Darryl, hi.

Phoebe: Get rid of her.

(Darryl walks over to Paige and grabs her arm.)

Paige: No, what are you doing?

Phoebe: What bodyguards do.

(Paige grabs a frying pan and hits Darryl over the head, knocking him out. Phoebe picks up a knife and points it at Paige.)

Paige: Phoebe, I know you better than you know yourself right now, in your heart of hearts, you know you are not meant to be with Cole. In this other life you are free of him and you're happy.

(Darryl wakes up and grabs his gun. Paige hears him and runs outside as Darryl fires. Darryl follows.)

[Cut to outside. Paige runs down the driveway with Darryl following.]

Paige: Leo! Leo! (Paige trips and rolls down the driveway. Darryl points his gun.) Leo!

(Leo orbs in. Darryl recognises Leo. Leo orbs out with Paige and Darryl shoots.)

[Cut to a cemetery. Leo orbs in with Paige.]

Paige: Thanks, that was cutting it a little close, don't you think?

Leo: You're lucky I came at all.

Paige: I'm lucky? You're lucky. Without me, we're all screwed. I'm the only one who can fix this thing.

Leo: Oh, yeah?

Paige: Oh, god, it's just so weird. Cole living at the manor, all those demons we vanquished wandering around alive. Wait a second, if the demons are alive then that means all the innocents we saved are... dead.

Leo: Not just the innocents, Paige.

Paige: What are you talking about? (She looks around.) What are we doing here?

(Leo turns to a grave marker. Paige looks down. It reads PAIGE MATTHEWS - BORN 1975 DIED 2001.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Cemetery. Paige and Leo are there. Continued from before.]

Leo: After you left, I went and checked with the Elders. They confirmed your story that there was in fact another sister. Only they didn't know until it was too late, until after the Source had already had you killed.

Paige: This reality sucks.

Leo: Well, it explains why none of us knew you. We never got a chance to meet you.

Paige: So, what, you believe me now?

Leo: I'm not sure what I believe. The fact is you're here and you're not supposed to be.

Paige: Okay, so we've established the fact that I am here, how come I don't have my powers?

Leo: Because you're not living your life anymore. You're living hers. You must have taken over our Paige's life in this reality, or at least, the life she would have lived had she not been killed. Since she never met her sisters...

Paige: The Power of Three never got back together and I never got my powers. Lucky me.

Leo: Luckier than you think maybe. If you hadn't sneezed when you did and orbed into the neutral plane, nobody would've ever known.

Paige: Cole would've. He's the one behind this. He altered reality to eliminate me and get Phoebe back. But it's not working. She hates him as much in this reality as she does in ours. The problem is she's trapped here.

Leo: Your reality sounds a lot better than this one. Not just for Phoebe. So, uh, how can I help you get it back?

Paige: I need my sisters.

Piper: Well, maybe we can start with two and go from there.

(Paige turns to see Piper approaching them.)

Paige: What are you doing here?

Piper: Burying the Lazarus Demon. I figured if you were right about that, you were probably right about everything else as well.

(Paige smiles.)

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Cole is there playing pool by himself. Darryl and The Seer are watching near by.]

Darryl: Whoever she was, she had to be a witch, otherwise she couldn't have called for a Whitelighter in the first place.

Seer: (to Cole) Your wife consorting with other witches again? I don't like it.

Cole: Hmm.

Darryl: And it wasn't just any Whitelighter, either. It was Leo.

Seer: Leo? Did he make contact with Phoebe?

Darryl: No. Just the other one. Although, I don't know why the witch was here to begin with.

Seer: (to Cole) I think you need to have a conversation with your wife.

Cole: Let me get this straight. You work for me now, is that right?

Seer: Excuse us. (Darryl leaves the room. The Seer walks over to Cole.) What's the matter? Not feeling well?

Cole: Why?

Seer: You seem a little off today, that's all. You wanted to kill the cop but your wife cast a spell. She wanted to make him useful, save him. Remember?

Cole: I do now.

Seer: Forgive me, my liege, but your enemies are many and they are everywhere. Any perceived weakness on your part could leave you vulnerable. (Cole sees Phoebe and a demon, arms around each other. She laughs and leads him upstairs. Cole is not happy. He drops the pool cue on the table and heads for the stairs.) What are you doing?

Cole: I'm gonna kill that bastard.

Seer: No! What's the matter with you? You both have your affairs. That's no secret.

Cole: What?

Seer: Darla.

(A pretty blonde woman turns around and walks over to Cole.)

Cole: Who's this?

Darla: Who I always am, baby. (She whispers in his ear.) Whoever you want me to be.

Cole: I want Phoebe, understand me? (Cole pushes Darla away.) It's the only damn reason I went through all of this.

Seer: Went through all what?

(Cole goes upstairs.)

Darla: I think we should report this.

[Scene: P3. Piper, Paige and Leo are there.]

Piper: So you say the club is still pretty successful in this alleged other reality of yours?

Paige: Not alleged, it's real, and it's really good.

Piper: Oh, yeah? Am I a millionaire?

Paige: No, not that good. Listen, if we wanna get this place back to how it used to be, we really oughta...

Piper: How is it that we don't know about you? That we had another sister?

Leo: Half-sister, apparently.

Paige: Right. Cliff notes version. Our mum had an affair with her Whitelighter Sam, but because the whole witch-Whitelighter rule thing, they had to give me up at birth. But when the Elders realised they needed me to remake the Charmed Ones, they tossed out that stupid rule. Which as far as I'm concerned, paved the way for you and Leo to be able to keep your baby.

Piper: Well, how pregnant am I exactly?

Paige: Phoebe and I are practicing to be your midwives as we speak. We're preparing for the big home birth.

Piper: Home birth? You're nuts. I'd never agree to that. I wouldn't give birth unless it was in...

Paige: A hospital. Yeah, yeah, you keep saying the same thing in any reality. Hey, who else but a sister would know that?

Piper: We must be pretty close then, the three of us? (Paige nods.) Like Phoebe and I were with Prue.

Paige: Yeah, close enough to have avenged Prue's death together.

Piper: This Cole of yours must have cast a pretty powerful spell to do all of this. But if we vanquish him, the spell should automatically reverse itself.

Paige: Right, except for we already tried to vanquish him, he's become invincible in our world.

Leo: Yes, but we're not in your world, you're in ours, so is he. So if you've assumed our Paige's life, he must've assumed Belthazor's.

Paige: Yeah, he would've.

Piper: Did you guys try to vanquish Belthazor ever?

Paige: No, but you and Prue almost tried. You guys had a vanquishing potion, right?

Piper: How do you know that?

Paige: Book of Shadows. Also says that it needs a piece of his flesh to make it work.

Leo: That's right, it did.

Piper: Alright then. (Piper pulls out a knife.) Let's go hunting.

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe's bedroom. Phoebe and the demon are on the bed kissing. Cole barges in and they jump up, startled.]

Demon: Sorry, my liege. But I thought... I didn't think...

(Cole throws an energy ball at the demon and vanquishes him.)

Phoebe: Are you kidding me? What did you do that for?

Cole: What'd I do what for? You're in here screwing some guy, I'm supposed to ignore it? You're my wife, dammit!

(Phoebe pulls her dress back on.)

Phoebe: You have got to be kidding me. After all this time, now you're playing the aggrieved husband? Ha.

(Cole is furious. He knocks some things off the dresser onto the floor.)

Cole: You don't understand! It's all wrong. This is not the way it's meant to be here.

(Cole walks towards Phoebe. She moves backward.)

Phoebe: Okay, it's okay, relax.

Cole: This is all messed up. How'd it get messed up? You have no idea what I've given up for you.

Phoebe: What about what I've given up, Cole? I've given up my family, my heritage, my life!

Cole: Oh, yeah? From where I'm standing it looks like you have a pretty damn good life to me.

Phoebe: Look, the only one getting anything out of this is you. And I have no idea what that is. The only reason I'm still here is to make sure that what happened to Prue does not happen to Piper, and you know it.

Cole: What happened to us, Phoebe? How'd we get here? We used to be so in love. Even without your sisters, it's not working. Why?

Phoebe: I don't know. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

(Phoebe leaves the room. Cole follows.)

Cole: Phoebe, wait. (Piper turns the corner and stands in front of Cole.) What are you doing here?

Piper: Saving my sister. (She uses her power and send him flying backward with a blast. He falls to the floor.) Now!

(Leo orbs in with Paige. Paige is holding the knife.)

Cole: You.

Paige: Surprise.

(She quickly goes to Cole and slices a piece of flesh of his hand. He yells in pain. Paige moves back to Piper and Cole. Phoebe runs down the hallway.)

Phoebe: Piper. (Cole gets up and an energy ball forms in his hand.) No!

(She grabs Cole's arm and the energy ball disappears.)

Piper: Get us outta here.

(Leo orbs out with Piper and Paige. Cole swings his arm and hits Phoebe, sending her to the floor. Two guards run in.)

Cole: Go! Go get her sisters, they just attacked me!

Guard: Sisters? You mean there's another?

Cole: Yes, dammit! Get them and kill 'em on sight.

(The guards shimmer out.)

Phoebe: Paige was telling the truth?

Cole: I didn't go through all this to lose you, Phoebe. If I'm going down, you're going down with me.

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Piper and Paige are there. They have gathered some things for the potion.]

Paige: Toadflax, toadflax. Did Leo get the toadflax? (Piper hands her some toadflax.) Thank you. And we need a dash of cardamom, a pinch of carrot seeds... Hey, where's the mandrake root already?

Piper: I'm impressed, you really know this stuff.

Paige: Of course I do, I learn from the best. I learn from you.

(Leo orbs in.)

Leo: Mandrake root.

Paige: Alright, toss it in. (Leo puts the mandrake root in the pot.) Alright, now all we need... stand back.

(Piper and Leo take a step backward. Paige throws in the flesh and the potion explodes.)

Piper: Good memory.

Leo: Is that it? Is it ready?

Paige: Ready as it'll ever be. Can't guarantee it'll work though.

Piper: Well, we're only gonna get once chance at it. Cole has to know why we needed his flesh. He'll be waiting.

Leo: What about Phoebe?

Piper: We get her out first so that he can't hurt her. (Paige bottles the potion.) Ready, sis?

[Cut to the manor. Dining room. Piper, Paige and Leo pop their heads around the corner from the kitchen.]

Paige: Anything?

Piper: No.

Paige: Okay, come on.

(They walk into the hall. Phoebe rushes down the stairs.)

Phoebe: What are you guys doing here? You have to leave now.

Piper: Where's Cole?

(Cole walks into the empty parlor.)

Cole: Right here.

(He throws an energy ball across the room, hitting Piper, Paige and Leo. It knocks them to the floor.)

Phoebe: No! (Phoebe runs to their side. Cole flicks his fingers and the potion flies across the room and into his hand.) What did you do to them?

Cole: Exactly what they were gonna do to me.

(Paige reaches over to touch Piper's hand.)

Paige: She's still alive, grab her hand.

Phoebe: What?

Cole: I don't know how you got here, Paige. But if it's any consolation, I know exactly where I'm gonna bury you. Right next to yourself.

Paige: Grab her hand.

(Phoebe touches Piper's hand and a light shines down on them. Cole throws an energy ball at them and it rebounds off the light. The light vanishes and Phoebe and Paige stand up.)

Phoebe: The Power of Three.

Paige: That's us. Potion! (The potion orbs into Paige's hand.) I do hate long goodbyes.

(She goes to throw the potion but Phoebe stops her.)

Phoebe: No!

(She takes the potion off of Paige.)

Phoebe: Phoebe, are you crazy? Throw it before he shimmers out.

Cole: She's not gonna throw it. Are you?

Paige: Throw the potion.

Cole: We've been through so much together, haven't we? Our love's so strong, nothing can destroy it, not even this. We're meant to be together.

Phoebe: I don't think so.

(Phoebe throws the potion at Cole and he explodes and is vanquished. Suddenly, the room starts spinning around.)

[Cut to the manor. The room stops spinning and Paige appears. She looks around.]

Paige: Oh, please, god, tell me I'm back.

(Pregnant Piper walks in wearing her pyjamas and holding a tub of ice-cream.)

Piper: Oh, there you are. Where'd you orb to?

Paige: Piper. Are you pregnant?

Piper: Yeah. Where you been?

Paige: Oh!

(Paige gives Piper a hug.)

Piper: Where have you been? What happened to your clothes?

Paige: Time must have continued moving on in this reality too.

Piper: I beg your pardon?

Paige: I'm back!

(Phoebe walks in through the front door.)

Phoebe: Hey, what's going on?

Piper: She's very happy.

Paige: Phoebe!

(Paige gives Phoebe a big hug.)

Phoebe: Hi. Oh, oh, okay. What's the celebration?

Paige: I'm just so happy to be home, that's all.

Piper: You wanted to move out.

Paige: I did? God, no, never. Well, you know, maybe when I'm married or pregnant or hopefully both at the same time. We're sisters, we shouldn't split up until we absolutely have to. You know that, right?

Piper: She's rambling.

Phoebe: I hear that.

(Paige sneezes and orbs out and back in.)

Paige: I'm still here, right?

Piper: Mm-hm.

Paige: I didn't go anywhere?

Phoebe: Nope. (Paige breathes a sigh of relief.) Paige... What did you do?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Cole's apartment. The place is dark and empty. Piper, Phoebe and Paige walk in.]

Phoebe: Cole?

Paige: I'm telling you, he's gone for good.

Phoebe: Yeah, that's what we thought last time.

Piper: And the time before that.

Paige: This time is different. He straddled two worlds just like I did, but he wasn't invincible there. Cole's not coming back, ever.

Piper: It just seems far too easy. I don't know how I feel about that.

Paige: I think you should feel good about it, you know? We don't have to look over our shoulders anymore. It's over.

(Phoebe picks up a photo of her and Cole.)

Phoebe: I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Piper: Let's go.

(They head for the door. Phoebe places the photo on a side table and looks back into the apartment. She smiles slightly and walks into the elevator.)

Paige: Happy birthday, Cole.

(She follows her sisters into the elevator.)