Phoebe: "Wait a minute. Is it just me or is he not after us?"
Paige: "No, I think he's after your cat."
Phoebe and Paige talking about the Familiar Hunter.

Cat House is the 18th episode of the fifth season and the 106th overall episode of Charmed.


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Piper accidentally casts a spell that sends Phoebe and Paige back in time where, unbeknownst to the sisters, a wicked warlock tries to permanently alter their future by killing the Charmed Ones' cat.


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Book of Shadows[]



Familiars are enchanted creatures who follow and guide new witches to protect them while they learn the Craft. While they are often cats, other animals, like dogs, rabbits, horses and snakes can be familiars as well. Familiars are naturally attuned to the seasons and phases of the moon and can be helpful in teaching the young witch a heightened awareness of her environment.



Piper burning the Spell.

Piper Halliwell's Memory Spell []

While talking to a marriage counselor, Piper cast this spell to be able to remember her memories very well. It caused Phoebe, Paige and a Warlock to be trapped inside the memories.

Let the Truth be Told,
Let our Lives Unfold
So we can Relive our Memories,
and Stop being Enemies.



  • Blinking: Type of Teleportation, used by the Familiar Hunter.
  • Enhanced Agility: Katrina, the human form of Kit, used this power to defend herself from the Familiar Hunter, demonstrated by her enhanced reflexes and a superhuman leap and spin through the air.
  • Molecular Combustion: Piper accidentally blew up the door to her room and parts of the walls around it.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Piper used it to freeze the marriage counselor (twice).
  • Ground-Fading: (flashback) Used by Dantalian to sneak into the attic and then escape with the Book of Shadows.
  • Molecular Inhibition: (flashback) Piper froze Dantalian's hand and Leo.
  • Orbing: Paige tried to orb her and Phoebe, but it failed since they were stuck in the memory of Piper and Leo. Later, they were able to do so. In the present day, she orbs multiple times. After Piper healed Leo, they orbed out of the attic (flashback). Leo also orbed out to go check with the Elders (flashback).
  • Astral Projection: (flashback) In the flashback of Piper and Leo's wedding. Prue's astral form is seen riding on a motorcycle.
  • Healing: (flashback) Piper healed Leo when he was dying of Darklighter poison and Piper swapped powers with him.


  • Scrying Crystal - a magical pendant used for scrying. The Familiar Hunter used it to scry for Katrina.
  • Athame - the warlock's weapon.
  • Triquetra Pendant - Katrina has the pendant collar on her, which the warlock uses along with her blood to scry for her.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The UK title for this episode is "Flashbacks".
  • Although Prue's appearances are from archive footage of earlier episodes, and only her back was shown, this was the only episode to feature all four sisters.
    • Although Prue's back is shown in the wedding flashback, this is not Shannen Doherty. A stuntwoman filmed the original scene and the flashback was able to be used in this episode, because it did not violate Shannen's contract over using her likeness.
  • Paige made a comment about Phoebe being blonde in one of the flashbacks , ironically Paige would go blonde in season 6.
  • The disappearance of the bride and groom wedding cake topper foreshadows the break up of Piper and Leo in the next season.
  • The house that Katrina lives in, in this episode was used in Beverly Hills, 90210, a 90's teen soap show that Shannen Doherty starred in.
  • It is mentioned in this episode that Piper was engaged to the warlock Jeremy. Previously it was only known that they dated.
  • This episode scored 4.2 million viewers.
  • The warlock in this episode is portrayed by Zachary Quinto, best known for his role on Heroes as the main villain Sylar. In the show, Sylar kills other evolved humans in order to obtain their powers, similar to how the warlocks in Charmed kill witches to steal their active powers.
  • The flashbacks are from the following episodes;
    • The Fourth Sister - Paige and Phoebe see how Piper and Phoebe are fighting over Leo. Paige notices Phoebe had a crush on him, finding this gross.
    • Bride and Gloom - Paige and Phoebe see how past evil Phoebe and Piper threaten Dantalian. When Leo orbs in, they see how Dantalian escapes and how Piper orders Phoebe to smash Leo. Paige says something about Phoebe being a blonde.
    • Just Harried - Paige and Phoebe see Prue destroying Piper's wedding by joining TJ on his motorbike and riding away. The cake is destroyed and the wedding cake topper falls off. The warlock blinks in and steps on the wedding cake topper, changing history.
    • Love Hurts - Paige and Phoebe see how past Piper heals past Leo. After past Piper and Leo orb out, Phoebe and Paige figure out that the warlock is after Kit and that Kit was their Familiar.
    • The Truth is Out There... and It Hurts - Paige and Phoebe see Piper and Leo's first kiss.
    • Once Upon a Time - Paige and Phoebe see Piper yelling at the Elders outside of P3 in a spotlight.
    • Look Who's Barking - Paige and Phoebe see dog Prue run after Kit.
    • A Knight to Remember - Paige and Phoebe witness Leo's fight with a medieval guard, whilst past Piper and Phoebe are chained to a wall.
    • Pre-Witched - Phoebe runs into the bathroom, just like past Phoebe did. Piper orders her to leave and Phoebe bumps into the wall, just like past Phoebe did as well. Piper also notes that Phoebe might've changed her hair (Phoebe had slightly longer and blonde in that episode).
    • Coyote Piper - Paige and Phoebe see Piper table dancing at P3, just before past Prue and Phoebe arrive.
    • The Honeymoon's Over - Paige and Phoebe hear Leo practice his proposal when he gets caught by Piper.
    • Katrina ask's Piper to call her when Wyatt comes into his powers but she has never been seen again on the show.
  • During the proposal flashback Paige says that she wants to hear Piper's answer. Phoebe then replies "we already know the answer," ironically this was when Piper said no to Leo.
  • Phoebe does not use either of her powers and Paige does not use her Telekinetic Orbing power.

Cultural References[]

  • The title of the episode comes from the Russian fairy tale "Koshkin dom" ("Cat House").

Continuity Errors[]

  • Paige's necklace is removed during the orbing scene.
  • Various flashbacks are appear to be different than the scenes in the original episodes.
    • In Just Harried after Prue's astral projection self ruined the wedding, Phoebe went and tried to calm Piper. When Phoebe was heading toward Piper, she stepped over Prue's body. Here, the same thing happened, except Phoebe didn't step over Prue's body.
    • In The Fourth Sister , Leo never calls Piper "Ms. Halliwell", and his line sounds significantly different than what is heard in this episode. 
    • In Just Harried, the guy on the motorcycle said something different than the guy on the motorcycle in this episode. His voice is also deeper.
    • The bathroom scene when Phoebe appears in  Pre-Witched, in the past when Piper and Leo are in the shower looks different.
    • The scene from Look Who's Barking, Piper says the line "I wish everybody would stop telling me to relax" differently to the original scene.
    • In Coyote Piper the music is different than in the original episode.
    • Cole appears in a flashback during the memory of Piper and Leo's wedding, although he has a line which wasn't in the original version of the episode Just Harried.
    • In the flashback to "Love Hurts", Piper and Leo orb out, though this never happened in the original episode.
  • Kit is revealed to be female in this episode. Her gender was unclear, as she had been referred to male and female in various earlier episodes.
  • Phoebe mentions Katrina's nine lives. However, if that was the case, Katrina should not have faded out of existence when the hunter killed Kit.
  • In the memory in which Phoebe and Piper track Dantalian down, Paige is surprised that Phoebe was blonde. However, Phoebe was blonde when Paige first met her.
  • Phoebe claims to be unaware that Kit was their familiar, though it was heavily implied to be the case in "Pre-Witched". After encountering Shadow, Phoebe noted she could never look at Kit the same way again.
  • In "They're Everywhere", it is said that warlocks don't bleed. However, Katrina draws blood when she scratches the warlock's face in this episode.
  • Phoebe mentions that Piper was engaged to Jeremy Burns, though in "Something Wicca This Way Comes", Piper only refers to him as her boyfriend.


Screen Caps[]

International Titles[]

  • Italian: Crisi Matrimoniale (Marriage Crisis)
  • French: Au cœur des souvenirs (In the Middle of the Memories)
  • Czech: Kočičí dům (Cat House)
  • Slovak: Mačací palác (Cat Palace)
  • Russian: Тайна талисмана [Tajna talismana] (The Secret of the Talisman)
  • Spanish (Spain): Casa gatera (Cat House)
  • Spanish (Latin America): La casa de los gatos (The Cats' House)
  • Serbian: Macja Kuca (Cat House)
  • German: Katzenjammer (The Blues, verbatim: Cat Lament)
  • Hungarian: A macskák háza (The Cats' House)
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