"I'm so sorry, Paige. After everything you've done to help me."
—Carolyn to Paige.[src]

Carolyn Seldon was a young woman who was an innocent and "client" of Paige Matthews' while she worked at South Bay Social Services.


In 2002, Carolyn had been talking with Paige, looking for any help that she could to get her son back. Roughly two years earlier, Carolyn was in an abusive relationship and checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. She had stayed clean and sober ever since and got a job at a police station. Though Carolyn was still afraid of losing her custody battle, Paige reassured her that the judge was just concerned about who she was now and not then.

Carolyn beat up

Carolyn beat up

When Carolyn's hearing came, she was nowhere to be found. Paige rightfully feared that her "slimeball ex" had gotten a hold of her. Darryl soon brought Carolyn, who was covered in cuts and bruises, to the manor. Paige used a Vanishing Spell to help Carolyn, causing her injuries to disappear. Darryl then took her back to the courthouse to fight for her son.

Notes and Trivia[]

Issue 6 - scan-0016a

The other woman Cal Greene attacked.

  • It is not revealed whether or not Carolyn won her case. However, given Paige got a promotion from that, she probably did.
  • It also doesn't explain whether Carolyn realized that Paige had used magic on her or not. Although if she did, then theoretically Carolyn is now one of the Secret Keepers, since Paige helped her fight for her son.
  • It has been theorized that Carolyn may have been the other woman Cal Greene beat up, as the woman in "Morality Bites Back" looked strikingly similar to her.


Carolyn Seldon appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.