"I'm not covering for you anymore Carol. You keep your hands off our son."
Jake Grisanti to his wife[src]

Carol Grisanti was the wife of Jake Grisanti and mother of their young son. Carol and her husband were under investigation by the South Bay Social Services for physically abusing their son.


Paige Matthews was assigned to the case and before a meeting between herself and Jake could occur, the Source of All Evil possessed Jake. In an attempt to persuade Paige to use her powers for evil, due to the Window of Opportunity, the Source told Paige he was the one abusing the boy, and would continue doing so and that there was nothing Paige or anyone could do about it. Afterwards, under the influence of the Source, Paige attacked Jake, believing that he was evil. However, Phoebe and Piper managed to stop her in time. After the attack, Jake realized he was not going to lie anymore and told his wife he was going to stop covering for her, as she was the one abusing their son.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Carol and her husband appeared in the novel Charmed Again, playing the exact same roles as they were in the episode. Phoebe noticed a dark aura around her when she put on her enchanted glasses.


Carol Grisanti appears in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.