Paige: "You guys seem pretty close. Are you sisters, roommates?"
Carly: "Um, no. Partners."
— Carly tells Paige she is Brenda's partner.[src]

Carly was a young mortal woman living in San Francisco. She was in a relationship with Brenda Castillo and was aware of the fact that her girlfriend was a witch, though Carly herself did not believe in actual magic.


After Brenda was kidnapped by pirates, Paige Matthews went to Brenda's apartment and found Carly there. Paige thought that Carly was just Brenda's roommate or her sister but she was in fact Brenda's girlfriend. She had been worried about Brenda because it was not her thing to not come home without informing her first. Carly knew that Brenda was a witch, but never believed in witchcraft, however, she would if it would help her find Brenda.

Carly didn't report Brenda missing to the police because she thought they would just think it's a lovers' quarrel, a big joke. Paige told her that it's not a joke at all and that she would find Brenda. Carly gave Paige the brass pirate coin she found on the floor that the pirate dropped when he kidnapped Brenda.

Paige eventually found Brenda in the hidden grotto of the pirates, though she had drastically aged after being cut with a cursed blade and died. It is unknown what became of Carly after this.

Notes and Trivia

  • Carly was one of three confirmed LGBT characters to appear on the show.


Carly appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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