Carl and Helen Jenkins were the parents of Christy and Billie Jenkins. Although they were both mortals, Helen passed on her mother's magical genes to her daughters. In 2006, Carl and Helen were murdered by the Noxon Demons under orders from the Triad.


Losing Their Daughter

When their daughters were young, Christy was kidnapped from her bedroom by the demon Reinhardt under orders of the Triad. Carl and Helen did everything humanly possible to find her, without success. They chose not to inform Billie about their search and refused to talk about Christy whenever Billie asked. This eventually led Billie to become angry with them, believing they did not care.

Coming to San Francisco

In 2006, Carl and Helen visited Billie in San Francisco. However, they did not approve of her friendship with the Charmed Ones and were very distant. Billie confronted them and accidentally turned them into deadly assassins with her new power. Carl and Helen were then hired by the demonic Rod Dalvos to assassinate his cousin Grant Pelham. The sisters intervened and were able to stop them, though Rod then shot his cousin himself. Billie later talked to her parents and managed to turn them back to normal. They were then cleared of all charges when Piper confessed to the murder glamoured as Rod.

Reuniting with Christy

When Billie eventually managed to find and free Christy, Helen and Carl came back to the city to reunite with their daughter. However, at this point nobody knew that Christy was actually working with the Triad. Seeing how her parents brought out her humanity, the Triad then ordered Pator and Rondok to kill them to preserve their plans. A furious Christy later vanquished Candor for this act. However, she continued their plan and used her parents' deaths to further drive a wedge between Billie and the Charmed Ones.

Notes and Trivia

  • They never read the advice columns of the newspaper.
  • In the beginning, Helen and Carl disapproved greatly of the sisters.
  • Helen and Carl never discovered that Christy was evil.
  • Though Helen came from a family of witches, she never inherited any powers.
  • Although they were both mortal, they were still summoned by the To Call a Lost Witch spell, indicating that both had some magical genes.



Carl and Helen Jenkins has appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.

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