Candles are solid blocks of wax with an embedded wick, which are used to provide light. Historically, candles have been used a source of light and to keep time, though they are mostly used decoratively in modern times.

Candles are one of the most basic objects or tools used by witches in various rituals and spells. Several spells and rituals require the use of candles, which are sometimes required to be of a certain color.

Notable Spells and Rituals[]

To Hear Secret Thoughts[]

This spell, which will allow the caster to hear the thoughts of others, requires the use of a blue candle.

To Summon the Dead[]

This spell, to call forth spirits from the afterlife, recuires five candles placed in a circle. The spirit then appears in the circle, but becomes corporeal once stepping outside of the circle.

How to Perform a Seance[]

This ceremony to contact the dead recuires the use of six white or purple candles.

To Lose a Love Forever[]

This spell to make a love disappear recuires the use of nine candles.

Scrying For Other Objects[]

This ritual requires a personal object to be lit with a candle and burned in a bowl with a crystal. The user must then drip wax of the candle onto the crystal and let it consecrate before scrying for the person in question.

To Increase Patience[]

This spell, used to increase one's patience, recuires three white candles, two pink candles, two orange candles and one blue candle.