Camp Skylark is a summer camp for children owned by Mrs. Johnson. It is where Patty Halliwell was killed by the Water Demon and where the Charmed Ones met her former Whitelighter, Sam Wilder.


Patty's Death[]

In the 70's, Prue and Piper both attended Camp Skylark during the summer, then a Water Demon inhabited the lake and the drownings started, which led to the death of their mother. After Patty died, the camp closed, though the owner still lived there, while Sam Wilder started living in the shed.

The Charmed Ones[]

Years later in the 90's, an adult Prue uses the location as a place to think. She witnesses a drowning in 1999, then she and her sisters realize it was the work of a demon. Sam tries to stop them, but they are persistent. He eventually uses Memory Dust to get them to stay back, but they regain their memories and go back to vanquish the water demon. Before Mrs. Johnson's death, she had planned to reopen the camp but then the drownings started again. She decided to shut it down again, but the demon consumed her before she could shut it so several children showed up, so Phoebe used the same memory dust on them to keep them out of the water until the demon was vanquished.[1]

Notable Deaths[]



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