Calling is the ability to summon an object to one's hand through willpower or a hand gesture. When called for, the object in question will move to the user as if drawn by Telekinesis. Users of this power may generally only call for an object that is in their possession or that they share a connection with.

List of Users[]

Crystal Sword
Tuatha's Wand
Magic Carpet
Pandora's Box
Empyreal Sword
  • Leo Wyatt, when he was in possession of the sword.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Calling may be confused for the power of Telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Calling may also be confused for Telekinetic Orbing and Summoning, which is sometimes referred to as Calling.
  • Calling is somewhat similar to the powers of Remote Teleportation and Apportation, where users are able to teleport objects or beings to their presence or hand.
  • Some people need to know the exact location of the object in question or be in close proximity before they can use this power. This was the case for Tuatha's Wand.

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