Bursting Balls are smooth metallic spheres that can be conjured and thrown, resulting in an explosion upon impact. The power to conjure them was one of the powers possessed by the members of Vicus's Collective.


The balls can be conjured and dissolved at will. The balls explode with a force powerful enough to knock someone over. One of the members of the collective threw a ball at Phoebe Halliwell, who was hiding behind a tipped table. The force of the explosion was powerful enough to send her flying across the attic floor.[1]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • It was mentioned by Paige that several powers of the collective were associated with white magic, possibly including the power to throw Bursting Balls.
  • The full potential of this power was never revealed in its short appearance.
  • When one of the members of Vicus's Collective throws the Bursting Ball at Phoebe hiding behind the table, the impact of the ball with the table is not strong enough to have knocked Phoebe as far across the attic floor as it did. This is extremely noticeable in the fact that the table barely moves upon impact and, despite the explosion that is seemingly strong enough to knock Phoebe backwards, the table is relatively unfazed.
  • The Bursting Ball props were sold after the show ended by It's A Wrap!.

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