"Prepare for the Brotherhood! The Thorn is coming!"
—A Prophet screaming about the Brotherhood.[src]

The Brotherhood of the Thorn was an elite society of powerful upper-level demons. An exclusive order of demonic mercenaries, the Brotherhood was formed a century ago by the Source of All Evil.

In recent times, the Brotherhood's goal had been to gain a foothold in the human world by taking over businesses. All of the group's prominent members, except for Klea whose fate is uncertain, have been vanquished.

Lifelong Blood-Oath[]

The Brotherhood answered directly to the Source of All Evil, who in turn personally selected its members. As such, they had a long-running rivalry with the Triad. Each member of the Brotherhood was given a unique athame, which could be recognized by other demons as belonging to a member of the Brotherhood. The members take a blood oath, a lifelong pledge of loyalty.



The Brotherhood's plan.


Cole arrives in the office of the Brotherhood.

The Luxirom and MetaSatelite Merger[]

In 2001, the Brotherhood took over an investment bank that was financing a merger between two ISPs, Luxirom and MetaSatellite. The merged company would have controlled nearly all of the world's internet traffic.

Their involvement was discovered when Phoebe Halliwell vanquished Trigg as he attacked a prophet. Cole recognized his 'brother' and was later able to figure out that the Brotherhood was up to something. He offered to infiltrate them over the Charmed Ones' objections, as they feared his hold on good was still too tenuous. Not surprisingly, the Brotherhood did not trust him, knowing that he had killed the Triad and turned good. They kept such a close watch on him that he was forced to make the Charmed Ones think he had turned evil once more. Ultimately, the sisters were able to stop the merger of the companies.


Raynor reading Cole's thoughts.

Converting Cole Back[]

Raynor and Tarkin kidnapped Cole and took him to the Underworld, believing that they could turn him evil by destroying his love for Phoebe. Raynor also promised Cole the soul of his father.

They eventually forced him to kill a witch the sisters were protecting, temporarily derailing Cole and Phoebe's relationship. Cole then proceeded to stab Raynor and vanquish him, thus ending the Brotherhood as Tarkin had been accidentally vanquished by Piper with her new power of Molecular Combustion.

Known members[]

Image Name Bio
ContainingSoul Raynor Raynor was the head of the Brotherhood, answering only to the Source. After Klea told him that Cole Turner was a traitor, Raynor knocked him out with an energy ball and took him to his secret chamber. There he attempted to make him evil. Finally, he cast a spell which made him kill Janna, before he killed Raynor himself.
Vornac2 Vornac Vornac was second-in-command of the Brotherhood. He was in charge of heading the Luxirom - MetaSatellite plot in 2001. He was hurt, angry and suspicious after Cole Turner returned. Hoping to find where Cole's true loyalties lay, he posed as Turner, but Phoebe Halliwell figured him out and vanquished him with a potion.
Cole Turner-Belthazor Cole Turner / Belthazor Cole was one of the most powerful members. After he killed The Triad, he went into hiding and left his brothers with rumours of falling in love with a witch. Cole returned six months later after witnessing Trigg's murder of a prophet, wanting to uncover information from them in order to foil their plan. In the end, he killed Raynor and left forever.
Klea18 Klea Acting as assistant to Vornac, Klea's power allowed her to easily uncover information by spying on others. She investigated Trigg's disappearance, Cole's cover-up story through which she learned of his betrayal to the Brotherhood. Upon this discovery, she alerted Raynor. Whatever happened to her remains unknown.
3x19-Tarkin Tarkin A friend of Belthazor and possibly Trigg, who was extremely loyal to the Brotherhood. After Cole's disappearance, he was upset and angry, but was happy upon his return. However, he proposed killing him after Raynor discovered his treachery. He was vanquished unintentionally by Piper Halliwell who wished to freeze him instead of blowing him up.
Trigg energy ball Trigg Trigg was a friend of Cole and Tarkin who possessed the powers of shimmering and energy balls. He was assigned with the murder of a prophet near P3, which he accomplished, before Phoebe Halliwell arrived. They fought until she overpowered him and stabbed him with his own athame.
Jassa Jassa was only mentioned by Tarkin as being originally assigned to the assassination strike on the limousine carrying Frank Pirelli. However, Vornac assigned Cole the task instead. It is unknown what became of him.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Because of the blood oath, which included mixing blood, all the Brotherhood's members were vulnerable to a single vanquishing potion brewed with the blood of any one of its members.
  • Klea was the only known female member of the brotherhood.
  • Klea and Jassa are also supposedly the only survivors, as their fate after "The Demon Who Came in from the Cold" remains unknown.


The Brotherhood of the Thorn appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.