"He said if he couldn't have me, no one would. Until there was a night within a day or until I give in. I never thought… magic was for kids parties, it wasn't real. I didn't know."
—Brooke to the sisters about the Boss.[src]

Brooke was a mortal who fell in love with a man named Christopher. However, when she rejected the love of her demonic boss, he placed a curse on them to keep them apart. Christopher was forced to turn into an owl at every dawn, while Brooke would become a wolf at every sunset. The curse was eventually broken and they were reunited by the Charmed Ones.


Brooke was a young woman who had fallen in love with a man named Christopher. However, her boss, a Demonic Sorcerer known only as the Boss, also wanted her love. When Brooke rejected him, he cursed them both, forcing Christopher to become an owl each day while Brooke was turned into a wolf every night until she surrendered to him. The only other known way to lift the curse was if there was "a night within a day".

As an owl, Christopher was trapped on the porch of the manor by Kit and then found by the Charmed Ones at sunset, when he transformed back into a man. The sisters then tried to help him, but Christopher ran away and tried to kill The Boss. However, he failed and ran to the forest, where he met with Brooke at sunset, which was when he turned back into an owl and she became human again. The sisters then arrived and saved them from assassins sent by the Boss.

The sisters took Brooke and Christopher back to the manor, where they were attacked again. This time, the assassin managed to shoot Christopher before he was vanquished. When Leo couldn't heal him, Brooke ran away to surrender to her boss to save her boyfriend. However, when an eclipse occurred, the curse was temporarily broken and Christopher became human since it was "a night within a day". He hurried to Brooke and stopped her before she surrendered to the Boss, who was then vanquished by their true love's kiss.



Brooke appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.