"If anyone understands the danger of telling amazing stories, I sure do."
—Brent talking to Phoebe.[src]

Brent Miller was a victim of "storm drain monsters", leading to him becoming blind for a long time before he recovered after the demons' deaths.


Childhood Trauma and Loss of Sight[]

As a child, Brent was kidnapped and taken into the storm drains by Grimlocks. He was found two days later, but by then he was blind, as the Grimlocks had extracted his eyesight in order to track innocents. The leading theory was that he had just gone blind through catching an infection, in spite of his best attempts to explain the truth about the "monsters" that took him away. He was simply laughed off every time to the point that he just bitterly gave up talking about it altogether.

When Brent grew up, he started designing software for the visually impaired. He lived in an apartment with a view of the ocean, and owned a guide dog, a Golden Retriever named Helmeth, who retired after Brent's eyesight was miraculously restored. He also had a housekeeper named Lucy.

Helping Phoebe Halliwell[]

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Phoebe asking Brent for help.

When the Grimlocks kidnapped other children in 1999, Phoebe Halliwell visited Brent to learn more about his kidnappers and where he was being held. He helped Phoebe find the exact storm drain where he'd been taken on a Braille map, leading the Charmed Ones to the Grimlocks. As soon as the Grimlocks were vanquished, his eyesight was restored. He visited the police station where he saw Phoebe for the first time, and helped talk the rescued boys, David Hatcher and Billy, into keeping their experience secret to avoid the same alienation he felt.


Brent Miller appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.