Bree Holcombe is the wife of Mitchell Coopersmith, a distant relative of Coop Halliwell, and the daughter of Senator Holcombe.


Rehearsal Dinner[]


Phoebe finds the wedding in the newspaper

"We've only been open a few months ad I'm hosting the rehearsal dinner for a senator's daughter. And on such short notice. They just called today!"
Piper gets excited due to the fact that her restaurant is already going smoothly.[src]

Bree was engaged to Mitchell Coopersmith, who wanted to have cake designed like the old Coopersmith mine at the wedding, because it was family tradition to have this cake at all major family events, but Bree axed the idea. Because of this Mitchell started having second thoughts about the wedding, but Coop calmed him down and used his cupid powers on him. Because Mitchell said Bree would get suspicious if the best man and he would suddenly disappear at the same time, Coop helped him bring the ugly cake from the car to the rehearsal dinner as a surprise for Bree. Mitchell asked her if that's okay, and she replied with "It is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. I love it!" Bree explained to Mitchell that she would never want it at the reception, but she's okay with it at the rehearsal dinner as long as it makes him happy.

The Wedding[]


Bree finds Mitchell and Phoebe

Bree: "I do love you, Mitchell. More than any stupid cake or your parents fighting all night or your brother hitting on my mom."
Mitchell: "Yeah, that was weird."
— Bree and Mitchell make up.[src]

After the rehearsal dinner Coop and Phoebe talked about it and how fun it was. However, suddenly Phoebe received premonition of the wedding getting ruined. Along with Piper and Paige they went to save the wedding, however, Coop couldn't enter the church because Cole didn't let him go inside. Phoebe then went to find Mitchell and Piper and Paige went to calm Mitchell's fighting parents.


Bree and Mitchel wed

When Coop was looking for a way in, Kama appeared and told him that cupid powers can be dangerous if he lose focus and love can easily twist into hate. As Bree went out of the church, crying, Kama told Coop not to use his power on his family again, but Coop decided to try use his powers on someone not in his family yet. He went to Bree and told her that no bride should cry on her wedding day, at which she responded she doesn't think there's going to be a wedding. Coop then used his powers on Bree and calmed her down. She went back to the church and found Phoebe trying to convince Mitchell not to be angry. Bree and Mitchell then talked about it and made up, realizing they still wanted to marry each other. Afterwards they got married they left for the honeymoon.


Bree Holcombe appeared in a total of 1 issue throughout the course of the comic series.