"I've got to find out where Zanbar's buried before I wish for its return. I can't risk another demon beating me to the throne."
—Bosk to one of his thieves.[src]

Bosk was a low-level demon and the leader of the Demonic Forty Thieves. He was known to be a very cruel demon. Bosk had hoped to find the lost city of Zanbar with the help of a genie named Jinny. However, his plans were thwarted when his genie sought the help of the Charmed Ones. He was vanquished by Jinny when she was freed from her bottle.


Bosk had been using his Demonic Forty Thieves to search for the former site of Zanbar, knowing that finding the magical city would make him invincible. Bosk came into possession of a Genie bottle, which housed Jinny, and tried to use her wishes to find the city. However, Jinny contacted Ask Phoebe and was saved by Phoebe and Chris Halliwell.

When Bosk attacked the manor on his flying carpet, Phoebe quickly wished Jinny free. It was then revealed that Jinny was actually an upper-level demon cursed into the bottle. She vanquished Bosk with a fireball and escaped on his carpet.

Book of Shadows[]


Bosk's entry in the Book of Shadows.


A sinister low level demon who attacks by shooting light darts at his victims.
He can be vanquished with the following ingredients:

Dark Roasted
Dwarf Milkweed
Keeled Bladderpod

Powers and Abilities[]

Active Powers
  • Light Dart: The ability to throw darts of light, capable of burning through skin and objects.
Magical Artifacts


Bosk appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.