Piper : "Try it, Pheebs."
Phoebe: "Okay, what do I do? Just think?"
Piper : "And blink."
Piper Halliwell teaching Phoebe how to blink.[src]

Blinking is the ability to transport oneself to a thought-of location or person in the "blink of an eye". This is a warlock's way of teleportation. Blinking is an instantaneous transfer, usually accompanied by a short, sharp sound. However, it can also be accompanied by a quick whoosh.

According to Melinda Warren, her lover Matthew Tate copied his power of blinking from another witch. This explains that the power to blink was originally a power of witches, but after it was stolen by warlocks centuries ago, it started manifesting within them instead of witches, making it a warlock's power.[1]

Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell gained this power after they were turned into warlocks under the influence of a marriage bond between Prue and a warlock named Zile. It is revealed that when warlocks want to find someone, they don't have to know where to go, but can simply focus on that person and blink there.[2]

List of beings who use(d) Blinking

Original power
Through spell, power stealing, etc.


  • Blinking appears and occurs faster than any other form of teleportation.
  • Blinking is dependent on the eyes, which can be used as a weakness. It has been shown that bright lights can prevent a warlock from blinking.[3] Additionally, the Charmed Ones created a potion to blind warlocks, preventing them from blinking as well.[4]
  • One of the Charmed novels describes how blinking feels for the user; it is described it as a feeling of being folded, actually quite slowly, folded over and over until one simply pops out of existence and appears somewhere else. However, as all novel content, this is not considered canon information.
  • It is possible that blinking is a neutral power. In The Witch is BackMelinda says that Matthew must have copied the power from a witch. It could be however that being how early in the series that episode was, the writers hadn't yet figured out what powers belonged to whom. 
  • Despite this power being triggered by the user blinking, the majority of times that it's used no blinking actually occurs.


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