"Excuse me people, those were black orbs. Where did they get black orbs from?!"
Piper Halliwell after evil Leo and Chris orb out of Magic School.[src]

Black Orbing[1] is a form of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a flurry of black and indigo orbs. It is the evil counterpart to orbing, much like Darklighters themselves are the evil counterparts to Whitelighters. Unlike its counterpart, this power does not allow the user to orb to the Heavens, as it is protected from evil.

List of beings who use(d) Black Orbing[]

Original power

Related Powers[]


Black Telekinetic Orbing[]

The ability to transport/move objects through the use of orbs. It is a hybrid version of regular Telekinesis combined with black orbing. The first being to display this power was Evil Chris Halliwell, the first known Darklighter-Witch. His power manifested through dark orbs as a result of his Darklighter DNA.

Remote Black Orbing[]


Evil Wyatt orbs his young self.

The ability to black orb beings from one location to another without physical contact or teleporting with them. It is the evil counterpart of Remote Orbing and is only possessed by the evil future Wyatt[2] and the Darklighter Rennek.[3]


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Much like its counterpart, Black Orbing has changed considerably in appearance throughout the series. In its first appearance, this power had something of a smoking effect whenever Alec used it. In season eight, the orbs are darker. It has also been shown that some Darklighters and half-Darklighters show a white silhouette before appearing or disappearing.
  • It is presumed that when a Whitelighter-Witches turns evil, their orbs turn to black orbs, as shown when future Wyatt was evil in an alternate timeline and when he was turned evil by Vicus.[2]
    • When the evil Wyatt teleports his child version to himself, black orbs appear. However, when he also teleported members of Vicus's Collective to attack his aunts, there were no black orbs. Also, every time his hands glow red for an inexplicable reason.
    • It is possible that the effect of transformation is individual because when Paige was supposedly turned evil, her orbs didn't turn black as shown when she used her Telekinetic Orbing, the color of her orbs remained the same. The reason for this inconsistency is unknown.[4]
  • The first two times this power was used in the show, it was offscreen.
  • In "Siren Song", a Darklighter exploded in a burst of black orbs upon being vanquished.


  1. Named like this because Piper was the only one to actually to refer to it this way: "Excuse me people, those were black orbs. Where did they get black orbs from?!".
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