"Alright, here you go. It'll bind your powers, it won't strip them but it'll bind them."
Piper to Tyler as she hands him the potion.[src]

The Binding Potion is described in an entry in the Warren Book of Shadows. The potion causes the powers of a magical being to be bound, meaning that they can no longer be used. The potion can be consumed or thrown at to take effect and can be reversed with a counter-potion or a spell.


Piper and Phoebe Halliwell used two vials of the potion at Paige Matthews's past incarnation, the Evil Enchantress, to bind her powers and preserve history.[1]

Piper brewed this potion for the young firestarter named Tyler Michaels to keep him safe, as his powers were highly desired by demons.[2] She made another one that same year for Phoebe and her unborn baby to bind their powers, but the baby sensed the potion and stopped her.[3] Years later, Tyler's powers became unbound under duress when he was attacked by demons.[4]


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