This page enlists all temporary powers Billie gained due to spells, transformations, etc..

Season 8[]

Image Episode Episode Name Power(s) Gained Cause Loss
8x08-BilliePower 8x08 Battle of the Hexes Hyper Speed, Advanced Telekinesis, Suggestion, Projective Invisibility, Electrokinesis, Sensing and Regeneration Billie gained these powers after she put on the Golden Belt of Gaea. Paige cast the spell to remove the belt from Billie.
Billie-Hulky 8x09 Hulkus Pocus Super Strength Billie gained this power after she got infected with the Virus. A cure was created and given to Billie in time.
8x21-Stealing-Wyatt-Power 8x21-8x22 Kill Billie: Vol. 2 - Forever Charmed (past Billie) Fire Throwing, Power Absorption and Wyatt's powers (absorbed) Billie gained these powers after she took in the Hollow and used it to absorb Wyatt's powers. A massive explosion caused the Hollow to return to its place. (8x21)
Banishing the Hollow took her powers away. (8x22)