"Uh, I just don't know. I mean, weren't the fifties a little bit more flashy?"
—Bev to Phoebe and Paige.[src]

Bev was a mortal friend of Piper Halliwell who wanted her help to throw a corporate party at P3.


Bev in her 40s costume

Bev dressed up.

Bev originally wanted a fifties theme party, though Phoebe and Paige convinced her that a forties party was better. Later, Bev was amazed with the party and went to talk to Piper, causing her to panic and throw a Blinding Potion. Bev commented how she loved the fireworks, which gave Piper the idea to use the lights to blind the warlocks, preventing them from blinking, then froze the innocents to find them.


Bev appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.