Betty was an elderly woman who once bought Tuatha's Wand at a flea market, and was murdered by its original owner.



Betty with Prue.

When a local TV station had an auction at Buckland Auction House, Betty visited Prue Halliwell to get the wand appraised. Prue informed her that the wand was worth at least $5000, but was interrupted by Jack Sheridan, who offered her $1000 right away. Betty accepted his offer, much to Prue's frustration, and gave him her address. Prue then telekintically stole the address from Jack and went to visit Betty herself.

When Prue arrived, she discovered that Tuatha herself had already located the wand, and witnessed the evil witch killing Betty with her wand through the use of Molecular Combustion.


Betty appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.