The University of California, Berkeley (also referred to as Cal, California, Berkeley, Cal-Berkeley and UC Berkeley), is a public research university located in Berkeley, California, United States.


Prue and Piper Halliwell visited the university when they came to ask Beth Whittlesey about their house's mythology, only to find her being arrested and had to turn to her assistant Josh instead.[1]

Phoebe Halliwell began taking classes at the university in early 2000 and graduated in 2001.[2][3] In 2005, she briefly returned in hopes of improving her take on psychology.[4] Three college girls cast a spell that turned animals into humans in attempt to find dates for Valentine's Day.[5]

In 2005, a Guardian named Hope received Pandora's Box and accidentally released the first wave of sorrow that affected the school students. Piper and Katya soon found her, and the latter took the box.[6] A few months later, a student named Tim Cross was murdered by a demon in front of Phoebe.[7] A new witch named Billie Jenkins later started attending classes here, namely chemistry and mythology.[8][9]


Notable Students[]


  • Phoebe Halliwell graduated there with a psychology degree.
  • In "A Paige from the Past", Paige mentioned she got into Berkeley, "thanks to high test scores and a powerful essay on the death of her parents."
  • Hope released the first wave of sorrow from Pandora's Box at the campus dorm.


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