Baker High School is a high school in San Francisco.


As teenagers, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell all went to and graduated from Baker High School. Prue graduated in 1988, Piper graduated in 1990, and Phoebe graduated in 1993. Prue was a cheerleader and class president, and was very popular in high school. Piper ran for class treasurer in her freshmen year, but Prue had to finish her speech for her. Piper was unpopular, had bad acne and used to draw pictures on her jeans. Phoebe was a trouble-maker and was friends with the bad kids, though she was popular because people liked her attitude.

The school itself was mentioned and referred to several times over the years. The first reference to the school was when Joanne Hertz very briefly discussed it.[1] Another reference was when Piper's ten year reunion was held at P3 and other alumni appeared, such as Justin Harper.[2] The school itself appeared when Phoebe attended her ten year reunion.[3]

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  • All sisters had braces and bangs during their time in high school except for Phoebe, who only had bangs.
  • Joanne Hertz remembered Piper, who graduated two years before her, but not Phoebe who graduated one year after her, despite the fact that Phoebe was infamous at the time while Piper was not.
  • There is a grand ballroom located somewhere at the school. This is where Phoebe's ten year reunion was held.