The Avatar Vanquishing Potion was originally created by the ancient civilization of Egypt. It was created to vanquish individual Avatars and weaken the collective. The potion was kept in tightly sealed ancient Egyptian vials, and the only way to release the contents is to break the containers in question.



A sketch of the vanquishing potion.

Ancient Egypt[]

It was believed that this potion was created by the mage Anubis when the Avatars tried to create Utopia in the time of Ancient Egypt. The threat of this potion was so great that the Avatars had to retreat, with the intent of returning to once again instigate Utopia when the world is ready to accept it.

The First Batch[]

Jack and Ruth Brody were tragically killed in 1981 by the demons Aku, Kazl and Zyke after obtaining this vials. Their deaths drove their son, Kyle Brody, to seek revenge against the Avatars, whom he held responsible for the murder.

Killing Missions[]

Kyle tried to use the potion three times, two failed attempts to kill Leo Wyatt and one successful attempt to kill Beta.

The New Batch[]

After Utopia was commenced, Zankou retreated to Egypt, where the ancient protections there prevented the place from being monitored even by the Avatars. From there, he studied the archaic drawings depicting how the potion was made, hoping he could recreate it.

However, he realized that he could not without assistance from the Charmed Ones. When the sisters turned on the Avatars, Zankou convinced them to brew a new batch based on what he learned from the drawings. They later confronted the Avatars, threatening to vanquish them then and there, unless they undo Utopia.

Effects of the Potion[]

PDVD 007

Avatar Beta inhaling the contents of the potion.

When a potion bottle breaks, it releases grey smoke, which seeks out and enters the Avatar through both the mouth and nostrils. The smoke acts as a poison that will kill them almost instantly.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Unlike other vanquishes, an Avatar's body does not vanish after the potion is used. Instead they crumble to the ground.