Ava Nicolae is a Gypsy Shuvani, the equivalent of a Wiccan high priestess. She is the daughter of Marina, niece of Lydia and a distant relative of Teresa, all of whom were Shuvanis as well. She is the last of a powerful clan of Gypsies.


The Death of Ava's Mother[]

Like the Charmed Ones, Ava lost her mother at a young age. Her mother died of cancer, and Ava felt she should have gotten chemotherapy rather than rely exclusively on gypsy magic. As a result, she rejected her heritage and started working at San Francisco Memorial Hospital as a surgeon.

Gypsy Hunter and the Death of Lydia[]

When Teresa was hunted down by the Gypsy Hunter Cree, the son of Orin, who had been blinded by her family several years earlier, her aunt Lydia tried to warn Ava, but she refused to believe a single word even after Piper and Leo tried to talk to her. After seeing a bad omen, her aunt tried to save Ava by confronting Cree, but he was prepared for her attack and killed her. Her aunt's spirit then visited Ava when she was trying to revive a patient and gave her a warning, leading her to finally embrace her heritage.

Vanquishing Orin[]

Ava vanquished Orin with the help of Phoebe and Paige by using the "To Call Upon Our Ancestors" spell, which the sisters previously used to vanquish the Source of All Evil[1]. She replaced the names in the spell with the names of Lydia, Teresa and Marina. The spell worked and the spirits reflected Orin's blast, vanquishing him. Ava was stunned by the experience; she felt Marina's presence in the attic when she summoned her with the spell.

Embracing Her Heritage[]

"You know, I trusted you to carry on my heritage, now you trust me to carry on yours."
—Ava to Piper[src]

After helping vanquish Orin, she set up a free medical clinic for Gypsies without medical insurance, while also continuing her work at San Francisco Memorial. Ava serves as Piper's medical practitioner during her pregnancy with Wyatt as repayment for helping her become more in touch with her Gypsy heritage and vanquishing Orin. She also taught Phoebe and Paige to be Piper's midwives during her labor.

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Powers


Ava Nicolae appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.


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