Audible Inundation is the ability to force a person to hear voices within their mind. Furies use this ability to make evil doers hear the cries of all their former victims; overwhelming and debilitating them long enough for them to make their kill. The amount of pain this power inflicts depends on the number of victims an evil doer has hurt.


In "Hell Hath No Fury", the Furies track down a man attacking an innocent in an alley. They use this power to flood his mind with the cries of his former victims, causing him to drop his knife and fall to his knees, incapacitating him long enough for the Furies to kill him with their Smoke Secretion power. Later in the same episode, Phoebe and Paige use Cole as bait to lure the Furies to them. The Furies are able to use this power on Cole as they approach the Manor, inflicting crippling pain on him due to the number of innocents Cole had hurt in his past. Phoebe had warned him beforehand that the sound of their cries alone could have killed him.


  • This is not to be confused with Telepathy, since Furies cannot make a person hear thoughts. This power can only be used to force someone to hear the previously vocalized cries of their victims; not what they were thinking.