Piper: But how? We don't know where the astral plane is.
Phoebe: Yes, we do. It coexists within our own plane. Remember, that's what Stevie said.

The Astral Plane is a plane of existence that coexists with the physical plane. However, time does not move forward in this plane.

Certain demons reside in the Astral Plane, such as Abraxas, while others are banished there as punishment or when they cannot be vanquished otherwise.



Abraxas was a demon who resided in the astral plane. He managed to steal the Book of Shadows from the Charmed Ones by pulling it into the astral plane. By casting a Power of Three spell as one, they managed to retrieve the book and vanquish Abraxas.[1]

The Stillman Sisters[]

After the Stillman Sisters stole the identities of the Charmed Ones, they distracted Chris by giving him an athame supposedly coming from the astral plane. However, Chris quickly figured out they were lying, though he misread their intentions.[2]

The Noxon Demons[]

A pair of Noxon Demons known as Pator and Rondok hunted down Magic School students that used them as target practice in their classes. As they could not be vanquished, Ryan and Jen eventually came up with the idea to banish them to the astral plane. However, they only managed to banish Rondok.[3]

Prue Halliwell[]

After becoming the Nexus of the All, Prue Halliwell astral projected to the astral plane to find information about an ancient demon named Gaxageal.[4]