"Hi. Welcome to the show. — Welcome to MY show?! "
Phoebe upon seeing the sign for her own TV show.[src]

Ask Phoebe was a talk show in an alternate reality based on the desires and dreams of Jason Dean, created by the Vortex Minion known as Gith. Jason Dean presented Phoebe Halliwell with her own television series based on her advice column for The Bay Mirror.


When Chris decided to teach the sisters about putting their desires in front of their responsibilities, he worked with Gith to trap them in worlds created by their own desires. However, due to Phoebe being an Empath, she accidentally became trapped in Jason's desires instead of her own. Since the worlds were designed to destroy the sisters with their own desires, Phoebe was eventually attacked by an obessed fan, resulting in Jason being shot.

Phoebe eventually realized that this world was based on desires. After Paige arrived in her world with help from Chris, Phoebe was able to transport them to Piper by focusing on her emotional distress. After the sisters confronted Gith, he was killed by an explosion, which freed the sisters from the world of desire. Phoebe worried about Jason, though Paige told her it wasn't the real Jason.

When Phoebe went to see Jason at the office, he began telling her about a surprise, though she replied that she didn't want that. She explained that she had everything she wanted already and they kissed.