Ask Phoebe is Phoebe Halliwell's daily advice column in the Bay Mirror, major metropolitan newspaper in San Francisco.


Taking over the Column[]

4x16 - 36

Phoebe writing her first column.

"It was proactive, it was non-judgmental. The whole column had a freshness and a passion that it hasn't had for a really long time."
Karen giving over her job to Phoebe[src]

In 2002, the Charmed Ones helped an Innocent named Karen Young. She had an advice column in the Bay Mirror; a newspaper in San Francisco, and Karen couldn't get along with her boss, Elise Rothman. Karen was infected with a Demonic Power, which was causing her to get confused and later on, violent. While Piper and Paige were helping Karen, Phoebe wrote a column in Karen's place so that Karen wouldn't get into any more trouble with her boss. After Karen was freed from the demonic power, she quit her job. Karen wanted to spend more time at home with her husband and son, and told Elise that Phoebe wrote the column, saying "it was non-judgmental and it had a freshness and a passion it hasn't had for a very long time." After Karen quit, Phoebe was hired as The Bay Mirror's new advice columnist.[1]

Rising in Popularity[]

Phoebe's Billboard

Phoebe's Billboard on a rooftop.

"Speaking of ahead, I can't believe you guys didn't notice my billboards down town."
Phoebe to Piper and Leo[src]

Later on in 2002, Phoebe's column became more and more popular and hugely successful. The Bay Mirror placed billboards all over San Francisco to promote Ask Phoebe with the slogan "Ask Phoebe She has all the answers." Piper once jokingly said the billboards "could be seen from a passing 747".[2] When Jason Dean bought the paper in 2003, he wanted to do more with Phoebe's column. He was planning to syndicate her column in the country and at first, Phoebe agreed, but later, she refused because she wanted to spend more time with her family and didn't want to be "one of those annoying cellphone people".[3]

Becoming an Empath[]


Phoebe, as an Empath, in her office.

"I think I have a new power. It would certainly explain a lot of my weird behavior lately like why I wanted to date Chad, why my advice has been so amazingly accurate."
Phoebe to Piper[src]

In 2003, Phoebe became an Empath. It helped her giving extremely accurate advice, as she was now able to read people really well. The huge success of her column caused her to become somewhat of a celebrity with the San Francisco general public. In an interview with Chad Carson for KQSF Radio Station, Chad said that her column had skyrocketed and that all the critics rave about how amazingly insightful Phoebe's advice was.[4] Later on, she guest-hosted a talk show named Chit Chat This and That for a week.[5] When Phoebe lost all of her active powers, she was afraid that she couldn't give that insightful advice anymore, and Leo needed to remind her that she was an advice columnist long before she became an Empath.[6]

Taking a Sabbatical[]


Phoebe won a Reader's Choice Awards.

"Look, I don't wanna die, but I'm not gonna sit around and wait for an Innocent to die either. And I think that's why I needed to take that sabbatical. To remind myself of that."
Phoebe to Piper, Paige and Leo[src]

After everything she went through the previous year, with the betrayal of Gideon, Phoebe felt a little disconnected and she realized that she was recycling past advice to current readers. Even though Paige and Elise told her that every columnist does it, Phoebe felt like she was letting down her readers. She decided to take some time off, until she felt better to return to work. Elise advised her to take a sabbatical and hired Leslie St. Claire as the ghost-writer.[7] During her sabbatical, Phoebe won a Reader's Choice Awards for a column that Leslie wrote.[8] At the end of Once in a Blue Moon, Phoebe goes back to work as Leslie leaves San Francisco.

Faking her Death[]

"It's the truth. She was more than just the heart and soul of this paper. She was the daughter I never had."
Elise Rothman to Phoebe's Alias[src]

In 2005, the sisters faked their own deaths. The Bay Mirror was mourning when Dex advised Julie Bennett (Phoebe's alias) to take over Phoebe's job, as he thought the advice giving talent would run in the family after he had talked with Julie.[9] After the sisters assumed their own identities again, Phoebe continued with her job as advice columnist.[10]

Promoting the Bay Mirror[]

Empathic healing

Phoebe feels Romeo and Juliet's love.

"Look Phoebe, the paper's in trouble. If publicity stunts like this keep our doors open a little longer, I say slap on a smile and spread some love and light."
Mika to Phoebe[src]

When the paper was having troubles, Elise organized an event on which couples could get married by Phoebe, who helped them find love through her column. One of the couples was Romeo and Juliet, who were cursed into a Time Loop by William Shakespeare. They hoped being married by a Charmed One would break the curse. Juliet inspired Phoebe to write a book. While at the publicity stunt, Phoebe regained her Empathy and was able to feel Romeo and Juliet's love.[11] She later planned on having a live video web chat, but she used it to bust Cal Greene.[12]

Later life[]

"And though I kept working and giving advice to those who asked, I was more interested in helping them find love, since finally having been loved…"
Phoebe in her Final Entry in the Book of Shadows.[src]

Phoebe was inspired by Juliet to write a book about how to find love, called Finding Love. As seen in "Forever Charmed", the book is a huge success and best selling. In "Morality Bites Back", Phoebe is writing a chapter about trust. In "The Old Witcheroo", Phoebe said that the publisher of her book pushed back the release, because due to the magic switch, nobody would buy a book on Finding Love now they just could cast a love spell.

Working with Elise[]


Phoebe and Elise talking.

Elise: "And at the risk of advising an advice columnist, I say you bid on a bachelor or two tomorrow. That way I can live vicariously through you."
Phoebe: "Oh, Elise, you brazen hussy."
Elise and Phoebe having fun.[src]

Phoebe taking over Elise's work.

During her career as an advice columnist, her boss, Elise, was very lenient with her, giving her a lot more leniency than she did with anyone else as long as her column was in on time. For example, the previous columnist Karen Young nearly got fired for just being "sick", but Elise let Phoebe's many different excuses go, even working things around so they'd fit for Phoebe at times. Throughout the years, there grew a friendship between them. Elise said at Phoebe's (fake) funeral that she saw Phoebe as a friend.[13]

Elise later proved that she completely trusted Phoebe. Elise took a day off and left Phoebe in charge, saying that Phoebe owes her for all the times Elise has covered for her. Phoebe quickly learned just how hard that job is and is nearly overwhelmed by it, but eventually manages to get everything under control. Phoebe later found out that Elise took a day off to have a date with another man from the paper.[14]

Alternate Realities and Timelines[]

Parallel World[]

6x22 Ask Evil Phoebe

Read me… or else.

In the alternate world where Phoebe is evil, her advice column has a new advertising slogan "Read me… or else". In this world, Phoebe is greatly feared due to her ruthless nature. It's possible her readers in this world are also evil and her advise to her readers would reflect this. This was the only time Ask Phoebe was ever advertised on a car.[15]

Alternate Timeline[]


The actions of the Charmed Ones resulted in Lady Godiva being killed prematurely before she completed her historic ride. This dramatically changed history and set women rights back hundreds of years. In this new timeline, Phoebe wasn't allowed to work, and her advice column actually belonged to Leslie St. Claire and was also renamed Ask Leslie with the tagline "He'll tell you how to handle your women".[16]

Phoebe and Jason

Phoebe and Jason at work.

The Bay Mirror Love Life[]

Jason Dean[]

Phoebe meets Jason Dean at work, his first appearance was in Season 5, "Baby's First Demon".[17] Jason was a hardworking editor at the Bay Mirror and a multi-millionaire. Phoebe is instantly attracted to him when they first see each other. Jason gets her to write an article about finding love over the internet and she meets a user online named "Cyrano73". Phoebe later meets "Cyrano73" in person and it turns out to be Jason[18]. Jason eventually starts dating Phoebe and they continue dating in season six, where their relationship becomes more serious. Jason moves to Hong Kong[19] for business and Phoebe goes with him. After over a year of dating, Jason discovers Phoebe's secret identity as a witch and is unable to handle the revelation. Because of their difference, the two break up.[20] Jason was portrayed by Eric Dane.

Phebe and Leslie

Phoebe and Leslie at work.

Leslie St. Claire[]

Phoebe is taking a sabbatical from work when she is temporarily replaced by the ghost-writer Leslie St. Claire.[21]. Phoebe and Leslie enter a brief romance, but it does not last long after Leslie moves to Los Angeles.[22]. Leslie was portrayed by Nick Lachey.


  • Elise Rothman once said Phoebe's column doubled the readership of the paper.