Piper: "You're talking about the Greek gods? Zeus? Athena? Aphrodite? They were mortals?"
Chris: "Mythology left that part out. Not the only inaccuracy, by the way."
— Piper and Chris discussing the Greek gods[src]

Aphrodite, also known as Venus and the Goddess of Love, was once a mortal woman, but was transformed by the Elders into a goddess. She was made the Goddess of Love. With the other mortals-made gods, Aphrodite helped entrap the Titans, but her own power went to her head and she, with the other gods, forced the world to worship them.

Notes an Trivia[]

  • In "Oh My Goddess! Part 1", Phoebe Halliwell became the Goddess of Love.
  • It was learned by Cole Turner that Phoebe's favorite piece of art was "The Birth of Venus"[1].
  • Prue Halliwell once mentioned that the handles on a Roman vessel represented Venus[2].
  • In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love, beauty, and sexuality.
  • In some versions of mythology, Aphrodite was the mother of Eros, whose Roman counterpart was Cupid. Ironically, the second Goddess of Love, Phoebe, would fall in love with a Cupid.
  • Aphrodite was mentioned in the novel Soul of the Bride.

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