"Stan could see things. The past, the future... It scared him, he hated it. That's why he never nurtured it. All the good he could've done, wasted."
—Angela about her ex-husband.[src]

Angela Provazolli was the ex-wife of a club magician, Stan Provazolli. She did the books of the club he worked at and was killed by the club owner when she discovered he was laudering money.


Angela was aware of Stan's power of premonition and considered it a waste that he did not use his powers for good. After the couple got divorced, Angela kept doing the books of the club and eventually discovered that Andrew Wike was laudering money. Stan warned Angela to keep it to herself but she didn't, leading Andrew to kill her with one of Stan's knives.

When Stan had a premonition of Angela's murder, he lead the police to her body. As Andrew had used his knife and he knew where the body was, the police arrested Stan for her murder. He was put on trial, where one of the jurors was Phoebe Halliwell, who had a premontion that Stan was innocent.

When Phoebe failed to convince the other jurors of Stan's innocence, she and her sisters summoned the spirit of Angela to reveal the truth. Angela admitted that Stan could not hurt a fly and revealed that Andrew had killed her. When the jury found Stan to be innocent, he was cleared of all charges.


Angela Provazolli appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.