"It's okay, Prue, really, trust me. This is my destiny. I know that now. Yours is to continue on. Everything happens for a reason, remember you taught me that."
—Andy saying goodbye to Prue.[src]

Andrew "Andy" Trudeau was an inspector for the San Francisco Police Department and the partner of Darryl Morris. He was a childhood friend of the Halliwell sisters, as he grew up in close proximity to them, and had an on again-off again romantic relationship with Prue since high school.

As an adult, Andy became an inspector like his father and grandfather before him.[1] After the sisters gained their powers, Andy grew suspicious of them since they were connected to several unsolved cases involving magic. He later quit after being investigated by Internal Affairs, which was actually set in motion by the demonic Inspector Rodriguez.

Andy later learned the truth about Prue and her sisters. Seeking to protect them from Rodriguez, he was struck by an Energy Ball thrown by Rodriquez and was tragically killed.[2]


Early life

Andy Kid1

Andy as a child

"Oh, Andy. Did Piper freeze you again? Oh, you poor dear. You won't remember a thing."
Penny to a frozen Andy.[src]

At the age of five, Andy was visited by a future version of Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, who accidentally traveled back in time due to a binding spell. After young Piper froze Andy, Penny unfroze him and erased his memories, implying she had done so several times before.[3]

During his teenage years, Andy fell in love with Prue and the two started a romantic and sexual relationship. The two of them missed their own prom in order to be alone together.[4]

Andy and his family later moved to Portland. Once there, he met his future wife, Susan and became a highly qualified police inspector in the city. Although, the two would later divorced before he finally returned to San Francisco in the year of 1998. He also kept taps on the sisters, as he knew that Prue was dating Roger.[5]

Reuniting with Prue

"Well, then why can't you believe that there are people who believe they are witches?"
—Andy to Darryl.[src]

Andy with Darryl Morris.

Shortly after being called back to San Francisco, he was called to a homicide incident. The event involved a wiccan practitioner by the name of Serena Fredrick, who was violently killed by an athame. As he was leaving the scene, he bumped into Jeremy Burns, a crime reporter and the warlock responsible for the murders.

Andy went to the hospital to speak with a doctor. As he stated his name to a nurse, he turned to his side to find Prue standing there. The two of them talked and grabbed as cup of coffee as they waited. They parted ways when Phoebe was released. The following day, Andy arrived at the manor and asked Prue out for a date. However, as things were complicated due to her newfound magic, Prue turned him down. As he left, Andy recognized Kit from Serena's apartment.[6]

Dating Prue


Andy in bed after Prue leaves.

Some time later, Prue and Andy had a date and slept together, after which Prue quickly left his apartment before he woke up. Meanwhile, Andy investigated the disappearance of Brittany Reynolds and other women in the area. He later called Prue to ask why she disappeared, though their connection was severed when Prue entered the elevator at Buckland Auction House. He later tried to talk again at Quake, but Piper accidentally froze time.

Andy and Prue went out to dinner, where Prue tried to explain her life was complicated at the moment and didn't want to get seriously involved. They agreed to take things slowly. Andy later figured out the one behind the disappearances was Stefan and went to his studio. However, the sisters had already banished him. They pretended that Phoebe had a flat tire, leading to Andy to comment that Phoebe was lucky for not becoming his next victim. Their presence there did cause Andy to grow more suspicious of the sisters.[7]


The Shapeshifter turning into Andy.

Andy was present at the party thrown by the Shapeshifters that had occupied the house across from the manor. During the party, he was bothered by Fritz about parking tickets. One of the shapeshifters later impersonated Andy in an attempt to get the Book of Shadows. Prue later confided in Andy about her issues with her father being back and he dropped her off at the restaurant he was having dinner with her sisters.[8]

"Andy kept something from me, but the truth is I keep something from him every day. And it's not like I'll ever be able to tell him about our secret, so what's the point?"
—Prue about her relationship with Andy.[src]

Prue taking her anger out on Andy.

Shortly before her birthday, Andy surprised Prue with a weekend getaway. However, she then caught Andy having dinner with his ex-wife, Susan Trudeau. When she introduced herself as his wife, Prue left and angrily flung a dessert cart into Andy, causing him to trip. He later visited her at Buckland and they argued, at which point Andy remarked that he wasn't the only one keeping secrets. However, they later made up when Andy was present at her surprise party.[9]

Magical Cases


Andy investigates the deaths.

Andy and Darryl's next case involved a waitress from Quake found dead in apartment with all her bones crushed. They went to see Whitaker Berman in his lab, as he dated the first victim who died under similar circumstances. Darryl was unconvinced, as the man was in a wheelchair, but Andy believed he was using his research to leap into their dreams and kill them. Andy went back to the lab just as Whitaker was trying to kill Prue in her dream. However, she was able to beat him at his own game, leading to his mysterious death in front of Andy.[10]

Andy next investigated the death of Father Trask right before the Spencer wedding, which Piper was catering. As he was found with a jeweled poignard, Andy went to Prue to learn more about it. By checking security cameras, Andy was able to find footage of Kirsten and Grace Spencer arguing about the murder. However, as they went to the wedding, they found everyone in a panic due to the storm Hecate had summoned. After Hecate and her minions were banished, Prue returned the poignard to a confused Andy.[11]


Prue and Andy talk Truth Out

Andy not being able to accept the truth.

Andy became frustrated with Prue after she bailed on him during several dates due to magical emergencies, leading him to ends things with her.[12] Some time later, Prue decided to cast a truth spell so she can tell Andy the truth. She showed him her power and explained she was a witch. Andy eventually admitted that he could not accept it, after which his memories were erased by the spell.[13]

Becoming More Suspicious


"You need to go back. You need to keep the time loop from being reset again or you and your sisters will be killed. And I will have died in vein."
—Andy letting Prue go.[src]

Andy in the premonition.

In 1999, Phoebe Halliwell received a premonition of the demon known as Rodriguez killing Andy with an Energy Ball. Although unknown to them at the time, Rodriguez was working with Tempus, a demonic sorcerer who was able to manipulate time, who was sent by the The Source to help Rodriguez kill The Charmed Ones. Unbeknownst to the Sisters or Andy that Rodriquez was in fact a demon, not an employee of Internal Affairs.

The two discuss the premonition

Andy was called in for questioning by him about the many unsolved cases involving him and the Halliwells. He lied to him and said he had no idea what he was talking about, but Rodriguez told him that he knew that Prue Halliwell was a witch and that he wanted to meet with her. Prue meets up with Andy a couple of hours later, to discuss Phoebe's premonition of him dying. Prue told him not to come to the house today, because that is where he gets killed. The two hug, and say their goodbyes and Andy watches Prue as she walks off.

Reluctant to the idea at first, he agrees. Rodriguez arrived at the house at 6:00pm, shoots an energy ball and it hits Phoebe, killing her. Rodriguez is then destroyed and time reverses itself, going back to the morning of the same day. The same course of events happen, except Phoebe as well as Piper are killed the second time around. Since, once again, Rodriguez failed in killing all the Charmed ones, Tempus resets time.


Rodriguez fires an energy ball

When Rodriguez went to the manor a third time, Andy saw that Kit hissed at Rodriguez and his eyes went red. When he got into the house, Rodriguez already shot an energy ball at the sisters and that Prue is unconscious, due to Piper pushes her out of the path of the ball. Andy tried to shoot Rodriguez thinking it would kill him, but Rodriguez fired an energy ball, hitting Andy, sending him across the room and smashing into the Living Room Hutch.


Prue places a rose on Andy's coffin.

Andy then met Prue in the Ghostly Plane, and he tells her he knows its his time to go and that they weren't meant to save him after all. He told Prue to go back and continue fighting. He vanished and Prue heard Phoebe calling for her. She regained consciousness and saw Andy's lifeless body on the floor. Prue and her sisters then cast the spell to accelerate time, banishing Tempus. Prue then untied Rodriguez, who sent an energy ball directly at her. Prue deviated it and it hit Rodriguez, destroying him.

At his funeral, a deeply saddened Prue left a rose on Andy's coffin. After a few days, she told her sisters that she felt that Andy would always be with them.[14]

Prue's Agony

"That's right, Phoebe. It's my responsibility, isn't it? The oldest sister, always supposed to be able to figure things out. Well, if that's the case, then how come I couldn't save Andy? If I'm supposed to be so powerful, how come I couldn't save him? I mean, my god, don't you understand? Andy died because of me, it doesn't matter what he said, it was my fault. How could it be good to be witches if all it does is get the people we love killed? "
Prue finally breaks down.[src]

Prue accepts his death.

Andy's death mostly affected Prue's life. Shortly after this event, the demon called, Abraxas attacked the sisters, however Prue was recludent to using her powers to vanquish him. However, it was later revealed that Prue was still grieving over his death and it was the first demon they've faced since Rodriguez. She explained to her sisters, that she blames herself for Andy's death, implying that she could of stopped it. Although, she later finally comes to terms with his death and is able to defeat Abraxas with the help of his sisters.[15]


Prue and the spirit killer.

A couple of months later, a spirit killer would use Andy's death to traumatize Prue in order to get her to commit suicide. The killer was able to convince Prue that it was her fault that he died and that everyone around her keep dying or get hurt. While at the edge of breaking point, Piper and Phoebe were able to change her thoughts and she eventually overcame her fears and was able to attack the spirit killer and Leo then orbed him away to an unknown place. From that point on, Andy's death never effected Prue in a way that deeply saddened her.[16]

However, he was briefly mentioned when she obtained the power of Empathy. When she was coming home, she got a hit from Cole Turner and Phoebe. She explains that she could feel love from both of them and it was something that she never felt something like that since Andy.[17]

Darryl's Agony


Prue and Darryl.

"I know what you're going through, Prue. I lost him too, you know? "
Darryl to Prue[src]

Although, at the time of his death, Darryl didn't know about the sisters secret. However, he still took the news of Andy's death hard. Prue who wasn't coping that well either, went to see Darryl and the two embraced in a hug. Darryl also mentions that he hasn't got a new partner yet. From that point on, Prue and Darryl become quite good friends.[15]


"Oh, sure, the Angels of Destiny allowed me to join my family in the beyond. I reunited with Andy."
—Prue to Cole.[src]

Andy reunites with his love.

Two years later, after his own death. Prue was tragically killed by the elemental demon, Shax. Shortly after being killed Prue arrived in the afterlife and was finally reunited with Andy. However, part of her was still trapped between life and death and it was tearing how soul part.

She often lashed out to her loved ones and Andy suffered the most and refused to let her go.

However, she couldn't handle what was happening to her and moved herself to the Astral Plane, but it didn't help much anyways. As a last resort, she returned back to half, and possessed a brain-dead witch, Patience.

Reuniting with Darryl

"Come on, partner. Don't close that door on an old friend."
—Andy to Darryl.[src]

Andy meets with Darryl after 10 years.

In 2010, Prue's soul merged with the demon Heremus, which made her a threat not only to her family, but to the world. Andy came in touch with a woman named Amelia Desmots, who brought his spirit to Darryl Morris to enlist his help. Andy, Piper, Phoebe and Paige enter Prue's mind where they are briefly reunited before Heremus takes over again. Prue then knocks Amelia out with a lightning bolt to sever Andy's connection to the physical plane. After Piper released Prue's soul, she returned to the afterlife and reunited with Andy.

Romanctic Life

Prue Halliwell

Prue Halliwell was Andy's main love interest for most of his life. They met and dated in high school. After Andy moved to Portland, he kept taps on Prue and knew about her love life. They reconnected during the time Prue discovered she was Charmed One. Although the relationship quickly turned sexual, they agreed to take things slowly as they kept dating. The relationship was often complicated by Prue's double life as a witch and her connection to various unsolved criminal cases. This often led to suspicion from Andy's side, while Prue was frustrated for having to keep her secret. Their love eventually proved strong enough that Andy risked his life for Prue, which resulted in his death.

The two reunited in the afterlife two years later when Prue was killed. However, as she felt trapped between life and death, she often lashed out and eventually left the afterlife. After her ordeal as the nexus and being possessed by Heremus, Prue and Andy once again reunited in the afterlife.

Susan Trudeau

Little is known about the relationship between Andy and Susan, except that they were married and got divorced under amicable terms. They presumably met and got married in Portland, having been divorced prior to Andy's return to San Francisco. After their divorce, they remained on friendly terms and went to dinner.

Physical Appearance

  • Andy as a child
  • Season 1 (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
  • Season 1 (I've Got You Under My Skin)
  • Season 1 (Thank You For Not Morphing)
  • Season 1 (Dead Man Dating)
  • Season 1 (Dream Sorcerer)
  • Season 1 (The Wedding From Hell)
  • Season 1 (The Fourth Sister)
  • Season 1 (The Truth is Out There...And it Hurts)
  • Season 1 (The Witch is Back)
  • Season 1 (Wicca Envy)
  • Season 1 (Feats of Clay)
  • Season 1 (The Wendigo)
  • Season 1 (From Fear to Eternity)
  • Season 1 (Secrets and Guys)
  • Season 1 (Is There a Woogy in the House?)
  • Season 1 (Which Prue is it, Anyway?)
  • Season 1 (When Bad Warlocks Turn Good)
  • Season 1 (Out of Sight)
  • Season 1 (The Power of Two)
  • Season 1 (Love Hurts)
  • Season 1 (Deja Vu All Over Again)
In the 21 episodes Andy appears in, his style does not change that much. He keeps with the same dark brown hair, cut short, and sometimes combed to the side or spiky. When it is longer it is combed back. He has a medium stature and blue eyes.

Throughout the series, Andy is often dapperly dressed while on the job, wearing a suit, dress shirt and tie in the office; if he is out in the field he often wears a tan/gray colored trench coat. Oftentimes, the dress shirt is of a solid color, sometimes stripped with a solid color tie with designs on it. Off the job, Andy dresses in a casual but masculine way, wearing solid color sweaters, dress shirts or tees, jeans and suede or leather jackets.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Dream Leaping: The ability to enter others' dreams.
  • Floating: The ability to hover in midair.
  • Wisping: A spirit-based method of teleportation.
  • Possession: The ability to take control of a living being's body.

Notes and Trivia

Charmed - Unaired Pilot (16)

Chris Boyd as Andy Trudeau.

  • Andy was set in as the main character in all first season episodes.
  • Chris Boyd portrayed Andy in the Unaired Pilot.
  • Andy is a third generation inspector at the San Francisco, following his father and grandfather, which was mentioned in "Something Wicca This Way Comes".
  • Andy is the eighth and last of the main characters to appear in the comic books.
  • Along with the original sisters and Darryl, Andy is one of five characters to appear in both the first episode and the final comic issue.
  • It is unknown why T.W. King left the show, although there are three main theories that speculate why. The first is that Shannen Doherty and T.W. King did not get along and that Doherty was overwhelmed with joy when he was written out. The second is that King wanted more screen time, but the producers couldn't think of more stories for him. The third is that King simply wanted to pursue different acting jobs.
  • Aside for T.W. King and Chris Boyd, Brian Krause and Kerr Smith originally tried out for the role of Andy Trudeau.
  • Piper and Phoebe seem to have mentioned Andy to Paige, since she knows about him before she met him in Something Old, Something Prue.
  • Andy was featured in the Charmed novel, The Power of Three.
  • Andy's counterpart in the reboot series is Niko Hamada, a Lesbian detective in a relationship with the middle sister before the Charmed Ones rewrote history to protect her.


Andy Trudeau has appeared in a total of 22 episodes and 4 comic issues throughout the course of the series.


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