Alice: "I'm Alice, Alice Hicks. I've been trying to contact you. I want to join your coven."
Prue: "Are you nuts? This is our home! Get out of here!"
— Alice and Prue.[src]

Alice Hicks was a mentally unbalanced young woman who showed up at the manor after the Charmed Ones were inadvertently exposed as witches. When she was rejected by the sisters, she took revenge and shot Piper Halliwell. However, these events were later erased as time was reversed.


"I killed a wicked witch! The wicked witch is dead! I killed the wicked witch!"
—Alice after murdering Piper Halliwell.[src]

After watching Prue and Piper fight Shax on KCSF, Alice was part of the crowd that surrounded the manor. She claimed that she was a witch just like the Charmed Ones. She tried to contact the sisters as they headed to the hospital, to no avail. She later managed to barge into the manor, though Prue violently flung her back out.

Out of spite, Alice got her hands on a high-powered rifle. She climbed upon a van and fired into the manor, shooting Piper in the midsection. Darryl Morris and the other cops surrounding the manor immediately took her down. Prue then rushed Piper to the hospital, using magic to clear a path. However, the wound proved fatal and Piper died in surgery.

When Phoebe learned of Piper's death, she agreed to stay in the Underworld as part of the bargain with the Source of All Evil to reverse time. In the new timeline, magic was never exposed and Alice never learned of the sisters. However, Shax once again attacked the manor and this time managed to kill Prue, as Phoebe was no longer there to chase him off with the spell.


Alice Hicks appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.