"When it comes to dating these days, I just can't figure out what they want. It's a real confusing time to be a man."
—Alan to Manny.[src]

Alan Stanton was a mortal working at Buckland Auction House. He briefly dated his co-worker Prue Halliwell.


Dating Prue Halliwell[]

After three dates with Alan, Prue mentioned to her sisters that he was giving her mixed signals. The date was going well, though he dropped her off at home with barely even a goodbye kiss. When she ran into him the following day, she asked him about it, though Alan said the date went fine and that he would call her again. The conversation with her sisters the night before made her believe that last sentence to mean he would not do so.

Blind Conversation[]


Alan at P3.

After Prue was turned into a man to find the Succubus, Alan actually called to ask her out again, but Piper managed to talk him out of it. Prue ran into Alan at P3 that same night. They had a conversation, where he explained it was a difficult time to be a man, as it was impossible to find out what a woman wanted. He also believed she was just on the rebound and didn't want to pressure her and decided to take things slow.

Eventually, due to her transformation and her talk with Alan, Prue was able to understand men better. She decided to call him back and they went to see the Cranberries at P3.

Notes and Trivia[]


Alan Stanton appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.