"Well, uh, it seems to me, your honor, you can't very well hold for a murder trial without a murder weapon."
—Alan Sloan to the judge.[src]

Alan Sloan was a public defender in San Francisco, most notable for defending Emilio Smith in many of his murder trials. During this time, he was actually possessed by a Guardian under control of Judge William Hamilton.


At some point before or during the trial against Emilio Smith, Alan Sloan was possessed by a Guardian under control of Judge William Hamilton, who was actually a demon. Sloan defended Emilio against district attorney Cole Turner and won due to the lack of evidence, as the murder weapon had disappeared.

When the judge later sent Emilio after Cole, the sisters defended him and Emilio was arrested once more by Darryl Morris. Meanwhile the sisters conclude that a demon is influencing the court room. During a night trial, Piper attempted to freeze all innocents to flush out the demon, though they discovered that everyone, including Sloan, was possessed.

The sisters fought off the demons and as Hamilton retreated, the Guardians followed him. As the judge fled into his chambers, he was vanquished by Cole Turner, thus destroying all the Guardians as well. The sisters later informed Cole, whom they believed to be frozen, that everyone tried to help Emilio escape and that Darryl had saved the day. It is presumed that Sloan was arrested for his actions.


Alan Sloan appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.