"Legends hold it buried somewhere near a rocky desert, is a fable book, penned by ancient mystics, known as the Akashic Records. Believed to be a written account of all significant events throughout time."
—A tour guide.[src]

The Akashic Records are a written account of all destined events throughout time, written by ancient mystics. All across history, people have been looking for the records for the knowledge they contain.


Part of a map tablet to the Akashic Records was kept at a historical and art museum in San Francisco. Believing the records to be a gift of knowledge to the world, Ben Bragg developed a theory that the latter half of the map was a transposition sequence. For this reason, he was targeted by the Collectors and left comatose.

His son, Eric Bragg, decided to continue his father's work and spent days researching the tablet in the museum until he finally cracked the code. When he went to tell his father, he met Phoebe Halliwell and she had a premonition about the Collectors attacking Eric.

After she and Phoebe saved Eric from the Collectors, Piper questioned what the Akashic Records were after hearing Eric think about them, so Phoebe defined them as being a book of ancient prophecies with the future of the world down to the smallest detail. Knowing that Eric was now protected by witches, the Collectors kidnapped Ben. Fearing what the Collectors or other evil could do with the records, Eric decided to destroy the map, preventing anyone from finding them.

When the Collectors called Eric, he went to meet them at the park. He threatened to shoot himself unless they restored his father's memories, which they did. One of the Collectors then started to drain Eric's knowledge, though he was interrupted when Phoebe kicked him. The Collectors were then vanquished by Prue and Piper when they used their powers to make them drain each other's brains.

With the map destroyed, the Collectors vanquished and Eric's memories erased, the location of the Records was forever lost.[1]

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