Agent Murphy was a mortal federal agent who was left in San Francisco to continue investigating the Charmed Ones after they faked their deaths. After the sisters revealed their secret, Agent Murphy helped them return to their lives in favor some magical assistance on cases.


A federal agent from Homeland Security like Agent Brody and Agent Keyes, Agent Murphy had been content in believing in the supernatural. Once the sisters revealed themselves to him and that magic and demons existed, he was somewhat shaken to learn that the supernatural was real. The sisters reveal to him that they faked their deaths and made him promise to cover up their secret for them, in exchange for his safety and the occasional supernatural favor for the government. He subsequently tells the public that the Halliwells' deaths were faked due to Homeland Security concerns, allowing them to resume life as themselves. After the sisters discovered a government strategy using demons to create supersoldiers, which nearly wiped out the magical community, the sisters and Agent Murphy decided to stop working together.

When a hostage situation erupted involving demon activity, Phoebe asked a favor from Agent Murphy. He called the team surrounding the bank to halt their attack on the robber.[1]


Notes and Trivia

  • Agent Murphy is one of the very few members of law enforcement to not have been killed.


Agent Murphey appeared in a total of 4 episodes over the course of the series.


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