"Do you believe in the paranormal, Inspector, that there may be forces, powers that exist beyond our own? That's what the Halliwells are involved in and we want blow the doors wide open on that little secret of theirs."
—Keyes to Inspector Sheridan.[src]

Agent Keyes was a high-ranking agent of Homeland Security who was aware of the supernatural. He wanted to expose the Charmed Ones as witches.


Investigation of the Charmed Ones[]

Agent Keyes ordered Kyle Brody to put Inspector Sheridan in a coma when she came too close to discovering the Halliwell's secret, as she was interfering with Homeland Security's own investigation.[1]

Keyes arrived in San Francisco after inspector Sherican called him. He then took over her investigation and revealed that he planned to prove that the Halliwell sisters were magical. While he initially dismissed Sheridan, she convinced him to let her help expose the sisters. Armed with a wire, Sheridan entered the manor, though she was killed by Zankou when she encountered him in the attic.

Keyes then sent the SWAT team around the house, ready to storm the place and spotted the sisters inside before Darryl Morris warned him to stay put. An explosion took place shortly after. Since no bodies were recovered, Keyes pretended to believe that the sisters were dead, but suspected they may resurface again. He then left Agent Murphy in charge of their operation in San Francisco.


Agent Keyes is calculative and careful with his moves. Unlike most of the population, he is aware of the existence of magic and the Halliwell sisters being magical, but doesn't directly approach them.


Agent Keyes appeared in a total of 2 episodes over the course of the series.