"You know why they burned witches at the stake four hundred years ago? So they would burn forever in eternal fire. They used greenwood to make it last longer, prolong the agony."
—Jackson to Selena.[src]

Agent Jackman was a Witch Hunter working as an FBI agent. He descended from a long line of witch hunters dating back to the Salem Witch Trials.


First Victims[]

Using his cover as an FBI agent specializing in the occult, Jackman hunted and killed at least three witches.

Meeting The Charmed Ones[]

In 2002, Jackman was hunting the daughter of a witch, Selena, though she was placed in a safehouse for protection. In order to get to her, Jackman began observing the Charmed Ones. After he taped them casting a spell, he confronted the sisters with a large file on them. He tricked them into helping him by telling them she was the hunter. He even wore an amulet to protect himself from their magic.


Jackman taking Selena

After the sisters took Selena from the safehouse, Jackman attempted to burn her at the stake. As the sisters already distrusted Jackman, they had Leo and Darryl investigate him. When they discovered he was the real hunter, they confronted him while he was burning Selena. However, Jackson had anticipated this and placed amulets around the area to prevent the sisters from using their powers.


While Phoebe began to fight Jackman, her sisters freed Selena from the stake. When Jackman pulled a gun on Phoebe, Cole appeared and used his powers from the Demonic Wasteland to slow them down and switch their places, causing Jackman to be shot with his own bullet and be killed instantly.


Agent Jackman appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.