Age Shifting is the ability to accelerate or reverse the aging process. It can be used offensively to instantly kill someone by accelerating their age until it turns the victims into nothing but dust or waste.

The demon Cryto displayed this power by changing Gail Altman into a young woman again as a reward for giving him a body and the Charmed Ones' powers. However, he killed her friends, Helen and Amanda, by rapidly aging them to the point where they were reduced to spoil.

Aside from being an active powers, there are other methods to cause age shifting effects, such as spells, cursed objects, or a genie's wish-fulfilling gone wrong.


This power is activated when the user waves their hand at a person they intend to use it on. It will immediately revert them to a youthful appearance or speed up their aging process until their body completely wastes away, depending on the user's choice. The hand will emit in a orangish-yellow glow when the power is activated. The process is instantaneous and generally painless.


Skeleton Mr Wrong

A Demonatrix reduced to dust.

Age Shifting Spell[]

What once resided in this place
shall soon be gone with no haste.
Make this girl age in time,
as punishment for her heinous crime.


Aged Dan

Dan aged to an old man.

When a Genie overheard Piper wishing for Dan Gordon to move on with his life, he fulfilled her wish in a literal manner, causing Dan to age rapidly to an old man within hours. However, all wishes were later undone, returning Dan to his own age.[1]

Cursed Athame and the Fountain of Youth[]

A cursed blade that could make someone age rapidly in a matter of hours when they get injured by it. Captain Black Jack Cutting was cursed to age for eternity as he could not die. Brenda Castillo and Paige Matthews both fell victim to the blade's curse. While Brenda succumbed to the curse, Paige was saved by drinking water from the Fountain of Youth which cured her and restored her age.[2]

List of beings who use(d) Age Shifting[]

Original power
Through spell, power stealing, artifacts, etc.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • When Cryto reversed someone's age, the effect looked similar to that of Healing.
  • Cryto is the only being who possessed both aspects of this power, being able to accelerate and reverse age and the only being who did it as an active power.

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