Advanced Fire Throwing is a highly advanced form of Fire Throwing, allowing the user to shoot a beam of highly concentrated torch-like blue fire. This ability seems to be a power that extends from Pyrokinesis. It is one of the rarest and strongest powers shown, as well as the most powerful ability associated with fire. It nearly overwhelmed a Charmed One, destroyed a powerful Seer, and vanquished a demon that was thought to be un-vanquishable.


It was one of the many dangerous abilities demonstrated by the Source's Heir. As with Wyatt and Phoebe, the unborn child's powers first appeared through his mother.

Phoebe used this power to vanquish the Tall Man, a demon who was imprisoned many years ago by the Source himself and freed by the Seer to kidnap Phoebe and her child. Nobody had been able to vanquish this demon, so Piper was utterly horrified when Phoebe managed to do so by channeling her unborn son's powers. However, this power was not strong enough to penetrate a shield created by the Power of Three Spell.[1]

List of beings who use(d) Advanced Fire Throwing

Original power
Through spell, channeling, etc.



  1. As witnessed in the season 4 episode "Womb Raider".