The Action Figures were three action figures brought to life by Wyatt Halliwell. They represented his pain and confusion about the disappearance of his father.



Wyatt's toys

Before his third birthday, Piper Halliwell noticed her son was upset about the disappearance of his father and that he was acting out. She suspected there was more going on and later allowed Phoebe Halliwell to try to talk to him. Phoebe used a spell to allow Wuvey to speak and share his emotions. Wyatt then turned to his action figure and brought them to life.


The toys brought to life

When the party started, the action figures headed downstairs, though Phoebe was able to pass them off as hired entertainment. The action figures played with the children at first, but later questioned the adults about the location of Leo Wyatt. They then started searching the entire manor for him. When Phoebe asked what was going on, the action figures revealed that they needed to find Leo because it was their fault he left. Phoebe then realized that the actions figures represented Wyatt Halliwell's feelings and learned that he blamed himself for his father leaving.

Piper Halliwell later talked to Wyatt and explained that Leo was a very brave man, and that she would do anything to bring him back. Comforted, Wyatt then turned his action figures back into toys.


The Action Figures appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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