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Written by: Daniel Cerone

Season 4, Episode 10

Episode No. 76

[Scene: Police station. Cole is sitting on the bench stuck in between a biker guy with about twelve earrings on his face, and two toothless, dirty homeless men. Cole isn't impressed. Darryl walks over to him.]

Cole: Is this the way you treat every driver with a busted headlight?

Darryl: No, just the ones without ID. Now, I convinced Lopez not to cite you. But no more driving without a license.

Cole: Am I free to go?

Darryl: Yeah.

Cole: Finally. (He stands up.)

Darryl: Finally?

Cole: I mean thanks.

Darryl: Finally? You think I need this? You see this assignment board? (He points to it.) It's full of cases. Open cases that I should be working on, instead I'm cleaning after your mess.

Cole: Hey, I don't like it either.

Darryl: It's bad enough I have to clean up after the sisters...

Cole: I'm just trying to fit in but I have no ID, no job.

(They talk over the top of each other.)

Darryl: Doesn't anyone ever say thank you?

Cole: I can't even go to the grocery store without even getting arrested.

Cole, Darryl: It just sucks!

(They stop and stare at each other.)

Cole: You good?

Darryl: Yeah.

Cole: Me too.

Darryl: Okay.

(Piper and Paige walk in and go over to Darryl and Cole.)

Piper: Oh my god, Cole. How's my car?

Cole: It's fine.

Piper: That was the first and last time you borrow my car. Got it? Good. Let's go.

[Cut to outside the police station. Piper, Paige and Cole walk outside.]

Cole: Being human was supposed to make my life easier, instead it's getting worse by the minute.

Piper: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Cole: I swear, Phoebe was closer to marrying me when I was a demon.

Piper: Well, to be honest, Cole, getting busted by the cops is not the best way to win her over.

Paige: Oh, Piper, gosh, I'm sure Cole already feels like a big enough loser. I know I would.

Cole: Well, thanks a lot.

(They hear a car screech near by.)

Piper: Oh god.

(They run across the road where a car has rolled over. It bursts into flames.)

Cole: It's about to explode.

(Piper freezes it.)

Piper: Come on. (Cole and Piper run over to the car. Paige just stands there. They try to open the door.) It's stuck. Paige! (Paige stands there in shock. Cole gets the car door open. Cole reaches in and pulls out a woman.) Careful. Hurry before anyone sees us. (They carry her over to where Paige is standing. The car unfreezes and blows up.) What happened to you? Paige!

(Paige stares at the burning car.)

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe and Cole walk down the stairs.]

Phoebe: Cole, why are you being so vague? I only asked you where you were going.

Cole: And I told you, I'm going to get a life.

Phoebe: See, that's the vague part I'm talking about. (Cole puts on his coat.) The last time you left like this, you went out and got a gun.

Cole: I'm not getting a gun.

Phoebe: Okay, then, please, tell me what's wrong.

Cole: It's just, I need action.

Phoebe: I kinda thought we were doing okay in that department.

Cole: Not that kind of action, Phoebe. I went from all powerful demon to mere mortal overnight.

Phoebe: You are not mere. Baby, you are anything but mere.

Cole: Next to the Charmed Ones I'm a potted plant. But last night, pulling that woman out of the car felt so good.

Phoebe: Well, that's because you're a good man.

Cole: Well, I won't last long without a reason to get up in the morning.

Phoebe: You have me. I'm a reason.

Cole: That's all I have, Phoebe. (He kisses her on the cheek.) And I'm not even sure I have that.

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper and Leo are there making breakfast. Phoebe walks in.]

Phoebe: Am I the world's biggest bitch or what?

Piper: Nah, too easy.

Phoebe: Cole vanquished his demon half. He has given up everything he has ever known for me, and I can't even muster up a simple yes to marriage.

Leo: Well, you're not the marrying type.

Piper: So you keep telling yourself.

Phoebe: You think I am?

Piper: I think you're afraid.

Phoebe: Oh, of what?

Piper: Cole's humanity. He was actually a much safer boyfriend when he was a demon. Even though he could rip your throat out with his teeth.

Phoebe: Wanna explain that to me?

Leo: Well, on some level you knew it couldn't last. A demon and a witch. But now that Cole is a human, the safety net's gone and for the first time in your relationship, the future lies in your hands.

Phoebe: Yeah, okay, I don't want to analyze me anymore, let's try somebody else. How's Paige feeling this morning?

Piper: No idea. She flew out the door this morning like nothing happened.

Phoebe: So we still don't know why she froze up?

Piper: Nope.

Phoebe: That is so weird. (Leo looks down into his coffee.) I mean, she can handle demons now, but she can't handle a car wreck?

Piper: Yeah, it doesn't make any sense.

(Phoebe clears her throat.)

Phoebe: Um, if you put your nose any deeper into that coffee cup, you're gonna need a snorkel. What do you know?

Leo: Paige told me something in confidence.

Piper: Okay, but it's kind of a dangerous time for us. If she freezes up again at the wrong moment, are you gonna be sorry you didn't tell us?

Leo: Paige's parents died in a car wreck.

Phoebe: Oh my god.

Piper: When did that happen?

Leo: About eight years ago when she was in high school. She never really dealt with it.

Piper: Of course not. How do you deal with something like that? Plus she was a teenager and all alone.

Phoebe: So maybe we can help her deal with it.

[Scene: South Bay Social Services. Paige is at her desk, talking on the phone.]

Paige: No, I'm not family, I'm from social services. I was just calling to see how she was after the accident. (listens) Thank god. Okay, I'll call back and check in on her. Thank you.

(Piper and Phoebe walk in and go over to Paige.)

Piper: Hi. Got a minute?

Paige: No, I'm busy, you guys.

(She gets up and heads for the copier room.)

Phoebe: Uh, we just wanna talk, it's kinda important.

(They follow her.)

Paige: Yeah, so is my work, maybe later.

Piper: Paige, it's about what happened last night.

Paige: Not right now.

Phoebe: Paige, we're your sisters.

Paige: I said not now!

(Everyone turns and looks. Paige storms into the copier room. Piper and Phoebe go after her.)

Phoebe: Paige. We know about your parents. We're worried about you and we want you to know that you're not alone.

Piper: And we're here for you.

Paige: Fine. But just not here, okay? I'll just tell my boss I have to leave. We'll talk at home.

(She walks out of the room.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Police station. Cole walks over to Darryl.]

Cole: Got a minute?

Darryl: Whatever it is, no. You see this assignment board?

Cole: Well, that's why I'm here. If you've got such a heavy case load, let me help you.

Darryl: Oh, you wanna help?

Cole: Yeah.

Darryl: Great, well, you can help me by following that little exit sign. (He tries to drag Cole out of the door. Cole pushes Darryl into an office and shuts the door.) That's it! Do you wanna fight? Because without the ability to throw energy balls, I think I can take you!

Cole: Just relax, alright. I need to get back in the game.

Darryl: What game?

Cole: The good versus evil game, it's all I know.

Darryl: Oh, wow. You wanna be a cop?

Cole: I worked for the DA's office, I know the law, I'm a former demon, I know the streets.

Darryl: You wanna be a cop.

Cole: I wanna help with your investigations.

Darryl: As a cop?

Cole: On my own. Of course the DA inspectors are still after me but you could close that case, clear my name, get my identity back.

Darryl: No, no, no, no! Now you're talking crazy.

Cole: No, what's crazy is me sitting around the manor all day with nothing to do. All I got in my head, all I could do with it going to waste, now that's crazy.

(A man walks in.)

Darryl: Captain.

Captain: Mind if I get my office back?

Darryl: No, sorry about that. (to Cole) We'll talk about this later.

Cole: Excuse me. (Cole leaves the room.)

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo are there.]

Paige: So I wasn't the ideal high school student, you know. I, um, skipped classes, partied all night with my friends. Pretty much anything they wanted to do I was up for.

Piper: Hm, sounds like somebody else I know. (Phoebe gives her a look.) What I mean to say is that high school is a time of searching and figuring out who you are for everybody.

Paige: Yeah, but I was cruel. Especially to my mum and dad. The day they died I told them they weren't my real parents. Which is stupid because it wasn't even how I felt. I mean, just because I'm adopted it didn't mean they weren't my real parents, because they were.

Phoebe: Well, you were just feeling lost and you made a mistake. I made so many mistakes, you know, but I got through them. I changed and so have you.

Paige: Not in time.

Leo: What do you mean?

Paige: It was, um, family night. Just something we did every week. And my dad left the firestation early, to pick up my mum and I.

Phoebe: Your dad was a fireman?

Paige: Yeah. And I started bitching, I was too old for this and I was super lame. (She starts to cry.) And, he just lost it. He was so angry with me. He-he didn't, he didn't see the car that swerved into our lane, and the next thing I know I'm on the pavement, the car's on fire. I still don't know why I survived and they didn't.

Phoebe: But you can't blame yourself for that.

Paige: Well, I feel guilty every single day.

Piper: I know it-it's hard but you gotta try and move forward.

Paige: How can I move forward, Piper? I killed my parents.

(She cries. Phoebe hugs her.)

Piper: (to Leo) What do we do? How can we help her deal with something that happened in the past?

Leo: Send her back to it.

[Time lapse. Attic. Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo are there. Phoebe lights some candles.]

Phoebe: Okay, wait, so I don't get it. You wanna summon the ghost from the past? From where, the fiction shelf?

Leo: Dickens didn't make that stuff up. He was visited by a malevolent spirit.

Paige: Doesn't malevolent mean bad?

Leo: Clyde's not the friendliest ghost that I know but he is the only one who helps the living visit their past.

Piper: Clyde. The malevolent spirit's name is Clyde?

Leo: Yeah, he doesn't like it either.

Paige: Wait, we're using bad magic to time travel? Should I be worried about any of those personal gain issues?

Leo: Not at all. You're only going back to learn why your parents died, that's all. Everyone ready?

Piper: Don't we need a summoning spell?

Leo: No, Clyde ignores them. There's only one way to get Clyde down here. (angrily) Clyde! Get your butt down here you fetid worm from the bog of eternal stench! (to the girls) You gotta make him mad. (angrily) Your mother was a chunky substance from a gin cesspool. And she smelled bad too!

(Suddenly, a gust of wind appears and flies over the attic. It turns into Clyde. He looks angry.)

Clyde: Leo! I was with a client! 1969, Woodstock, Hendrix was on stage. This better be good.

Leo: I need you to take Paige here back to the day of her greatest pain.

Clyde: A job? Why didn't you say so in the first place?

Leo: Not a job. A favour.

Clyde: I don't do charity work.

Leo: You owe me, Clyde. Or do I need to remind you of your client that I healed? The one you returned from the past, on the edge of a cliff! I believe there were thirty two broken bones.

Clyde: Alright, alright, I remember. (He turns to Paige.) Are you sure you wanna do this? I only open the door to your past, I don't guarantee no safe trip.

Piper: Obviously.

Paige: Yeah. I need to do this.

Clyde: Fine. (to Leo) You guide her.

(Clyde clicks his fingers and a door appears in the middle of the room.)

Leo: I won't be able to hear your call. You guys will be on your own.

Piper: We'll be okay, just take care of Paige.

(Clyde opens the door.)

Leo: Just don't look down.

(Paige goes through the door. Leo follows.)

Clyde: How's about you two? Care for a little trip to the past? (Two cloud-like objects escape out of the door.) See it all a second time. my rates are steep but fair.

Phoebe: Can you take us back to meet John Lennon?

Piper: No!

Phoebe: No, no, right. We'll pass.

Clyde: Suit yourself. (He closes the door, then clicks his fingers and the door disappears.) If you ever need my services just yell.

(He clicks his fingers and disappears.)

Phoebe: We need to be here when Paige gets back.

Piper: Yeah, I'll cook dinner and we can just hang out for a while. I hope this plan works.

(Piper leaves the attic. One of the cloud-like creatures float down and goes inside Phoebe, possessing her.)

Phoebe: (in a country accent) So do I. (to the other creature) Don't worry, Frankie. I'll find you a body too.

[Scene: The past. Paige's old bedroom. The door appears and Paige and Leo fall out of it. It disappears.]

Leo: Rough ride. Are you okay?

(Paige stands up. She is a teenager again.)

Paige: Yeah. I'm alright. I'm all... (She looks in the mirror.) Wrong! Oh my god! I'm so screwed, I'm supposed to come back as a ghost, not a ghost with... braces?

Leo: You're meant to relive the experience not observe it, Paige.

Paige: Yeah, but I just wanted to come back and sit on the sidelines and make sarcastic comments about my lack of style.

Leo: Just take a look around, Paige.

(Paige looks around her room and sees all her old posters on the wall, and all her items on the shelves.)

Paige: Hey, you're right, I was cool, even then. (She picks up a necklace.) Oh, Philip Lewicky gave this to me. My first love. Can I call him?

Leo: That's not why we're here.

(There's a knock at the door. Paige panics.)

Paige: What do I do?

Leo: Open the door.

(Paige opens the door. Her dad stands there.)

Paige: Dad.

Mr. Matthews: Ready for school? You don't wanna miss your ride. (Paige hugs him.) What's with all this... Is that smoke? Are you smoking in here? (He goes over to the window sill and puts out a cigarette.) You know, I don't know how much more of this your mother and I can take.

(He leaves her room.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: The past. Paige's house. She goes down the stairs. Leo follows.]

Leo: Wait, wait, where are you going?

Paige: To talk to my dad. Did you see the look in his eyes? I can't believe I hurt him like that.

Leo: Rules first. To find what you came here for. You need to follow the same path you took eight years ago.

Paige: What if I don't remember?

Leo: I'll guide you. You're the only one that can see me. Just don't forget the goal. You're here to learn what really happened the night your parents died.

Paige: I understand. Thank you, Leo. Step aside.

(She heads for the kitchen but stops when she hears her parents talking.)

Mr. Matthews: She's smoking again. This time in her bedroom. And when I went in, she had the nerve to give me this big hug, like I wouldn't be mad.

Mrs. Matthews: She told me she'd quit smoking.

Mr. Matthews: Oh, yeah, right, just like the time she quit drinking. She passes out at another one of those parties and I had to go pick her up and bring her home.

Mrs. Matthews: School called yesterday, you know, she's been cutting her classes again.

Mr. Matthews: She's not gonna get into college if she keeps this up.

Mrs. Matthews: Oh, well, haven't you heard? She's not going to college.

Mr. Matthews: We'll see about that.

Paige: I changed my mind, Leo. I don't wanna go in there. They think I'm awful. I was awful.

Leo: It's alright. You can do it. Just remember why you're here.

(They walk into the kitchen.)

Paige: Mum? (Paige hugs her.) Oh my god, I've missed you so much.

Mrs. Matthews: What's gotten into you?

Mr. Matthews: Didn't I tell ya?

Paige: Uh, guys, I have an announcement to make. Starting now I-I'm turning my life around.

Mr. Matthews: You're not borrowing the car.

Paige: No, I mean it.

Mr. Matthews: Yeah, like you meant it when you said you were gonna stop cutting classes.

Paige: Uh, mum, you understand me? You've gotta believe me.

Mrs. Matthews: Oh, so now I'm mum. Last night we weren't even your real parents.

Paige: No, you are. I was just saying that to... hurt you.

Mrs. Matthews: (to Mr. Matthews) Did you feed the cat?

Mr. Matthews: Yeah.

Paige: You guys, I'm not a screw up. I promise I'll change, I promise I'll go to college and, oh, please stop. Please, we need to talk.

Mr. Matthews: Oh, you are right about that, and we are going to talk. About everything. Tonight at dinner.

Paige: Dinner. The family dinner.

Leo: Paige, be careful.

Paige: Please, we really need to talk before we drive.

(A horn beeps outside.)

Mrs. Matthews: Oh, ah, Paige, that's your ride.

Leo: You have to follow the events of the day, Paige. No exceptions.

(They leave the kitchen.)

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper is cooking dinner. Phoebe is admiring herself in the mirror. The second cloud-like creature floats above.]

Piper: I don't think I've ever cooked for Paige before, I hope she likes pork roast.

Phoebe: Just out of curiosity, do you think that I am a natural beauty or is this like one of those gym bodies?

Piper: Oh, Phoebe, please, like you haven't always been beautiful.

Phoebe: Oh, that's good because I hate lifting heavy objects.

Piper: What is with the Blanche Dubois?

(Cole walks in.)

Cole: Phoebe, hi.

(He walks over and kisses her.)

Phoebe: Well, if you're not the most to say the least...

Cole: Did I miss something? (chuckles)

(Phoebe looks up at the creature and it floats down into Cole, possessing him. He gasps.)

Phoebe: Yeah, me.

(They kiss, hungrily. Cole picks her up and they make out up against the fridge.)

Piper: I think this sisters night is a good idea. (She takes a pie out of the oven, turns around to see Phoebe and Cole making out. She rolls her eyes.) There's still so much we don't know about Paige... yet.

(Phoebe and Cole stop kissing and spot the pie.)

Cole: Oh, boy.

(They race over to the pie and Phoebe grabs a handful. She sticks it in Cole's mouth.)

Piper: Hey! What is the matter with you two? That is for Paige.

Cole: Sorry, ma'am. We're starving!

Phoebe: In so many ways.

Piper: Uh-huh. Well, go to lunch.

Cole: Good idea. (He picks up Piper's keys.) Let's cut out, Lulu.

(They kiss.)

Piper: Alright, enough with the pet names and the accents, and the kitchen. And could you come up with something better than Lulu, it sounds like a poodle.

(Piper faces the stove. Cole picks up a knife and grabs Piper.)

Cole: Are you making fun of my girl?

Piper: Uh...

Phoebe: My Frankie is so protective.

Piper: Frankie. (Cole spins her around to face Phoebe. She gasps.) And Lulu.

Phoebe: Hi. We're ghosts.

Cole: Boo! (laughs)

Phoebe: And we've been waiting about fifty years to finish a job. So now if you'll excuse us.

(She knocks Piper out.)

[Scene: The past. Paige's school. She opens her locker.]

Paige: I can't believe I remember the combination. I used to live out of this locker. (A pager beeps.) My pager.

(She looks for it.)

Leo: You had a pager in high school?

Paige: Ugh, get with it, Leo, it is the nineties. (She finds the pager and reads it.) Michelle Miglis. Uh, I can't deal with her drama right now. (She closes her locker. Michelle approaches her.) Michelle.

Michelle: Remember your whole peppermint schnapps theory?

Paige: No.

Michelle: You know, how you can't tell it from a breath mint? You're wrong, I got so busted.

Paige: Oh, (laughs) sorry.

(They walk off.)

Leo: You drank at high school?

Paige: What are you? My guide or my judge?

Michelle: Uh, excuse me?

Paige: Nothing.

Michelle: I got grounded for two weeks. My mum pulled this whole estrogen fest thing. I swear to god she's so damaged.

Paige: She's not damaged.

Michelle: You're right, she's beyond repair.

Paige: No, Michelle, she's not beyond repair, she's actually just trying to set boundaries and believe it or not you need them. So maybe you should just lay off. I mean, god, how would you feel if she dies tomorrow?

Michelle: Geez, Paige, morbid much? (The bell rings. Paige walks off.) Wait for me.

Commercial Break

[Scene: The past. Paige's school. She's in class.]

Teacher: Although the Magna Carter was a document of great importance to England and the American colonies, it originally granted concessions to few but the baronial families. (Paige looks at her watch.) The vast majority of England would remain without an active voice in government for another seven hundred years.

(Michelle hands Paige a note. It says "Donny is soooo hot!")

Paige: You don't want Donny, trust me. He winds up bagging groceries for a living and driving a Camero.

Michelle: I love Cameros.

Teacher: Would you girls please, hold it down back there. I'm trying to teach.

Michelle: But nobody's listening.

(The class laughs.)

Teacher: Yeah, I know. That's why all you delinquents are in this class.

(The teacher continues to read from a book. Paige looks at the clock.)

Paige: Ugh, this is ridiculous, I have to get out of here.

Michelle: I know the feeling.

Paige: No, you don't understand, it's my last day with my parents.

Michelle: Okay, what are you babbling about?

Paige: Excuse me, Mr. Martin, can I have a bathroom pass, please?

(Leo appears.)

Leo: Don't even think about it, Paige. You have to follow the same path.

Teacher: What is the problem, Ms. Matthews?

Paige: (to Leo) I am tired of wasting my time here.

Teacher: Well, I'm sorry if I'm boring you.

Paige: No, I'm not talking to you, Mr. Martin.

Teacher: Who were you talking to?

Michelle: Yeah, really, who?

Leo: Paige...

Paige: This is stupid. Uh, this is all just a bad memory, I need to get out of here.

(Paige heads for the door.)

Teacher: Ms. Matthews, you will sit down and be quiet and wait for the bell to ring just like everyone else!

Class: Go! Go! Go!

Teachers: Sit down Ms. Matthews.

Paige: No, I won't.

(Paige opens the door and a security man stands there.)

Security Guard: Going somewhere?

[Scene: Present day. Police station. Piper walks in, holding her jaw. She goes over to Darryl.]

Piper: Did you find anything?

Darryl: Yeah, there was a Lulu and Frankie in the database. Some crazy young couple. They robbed a series of jewelry stores in the fifties. They killed three people before they were gunned down.

Piper: Uhh, I knew they were criminals.

Darryl: Who?

Piper: The ghosts that possessed Phoebe and Cole.

(Some cops look at her. Darryl takes her across the room.)

Darryl: Shh. Please, do not use the G word around here.

Piper: Okay, fine, but we need to find them before they finish their job.

Darryl: What job?

Piper: They must have some sort of unfinished business here on earth and they either can't or won't move on until it's done.

Darryl: You know this?

Piper: Well, they didn't take me aside and share their plan with me but it's how most ghosts work, Darryl.

(Two cops look at her. Darryl drags her into a room.)

Darryl: Oh, no creepy talk in the precinct. Will you just keep down the creepy talk.

Piper: Darryl, I'm sorry, but what do you want me to say? My sister was just possessed with a supernaturally born killer and my husband is in 1994, and I do not mean in the fashion sense. He time traveled back with my other sister so the only one left to help me is you.

Darryl: Gee, thanks.

Piper: Darryl, you know what I mean. What if they hurt somebody? What if they kill somebody? Then Phoebe and Cole will take the fall.

Darryl: Look, (he shows her a map) the data says that Lulu and Frankie were gunned down here, outside of a jewelry store. Maybe that's the job they were trying to finish.

[Scene: Jewelry store. Phoebe and Cole walk in. They take off their sunglasses and look around.]

Phoebe: One security guard, armed. Right corner.

Cole: Got it.

Phoebe: Two female customers.

(They wander over to the glass counter where very large expensive diamond rings are displayed. The sales assistant approaches the counter.)

Sales Assistant: Can I help you?

Phoebe: We're looking for a diamond engagement ring.

Sales Assistant: You came to the right place.

Phoebe: They're all so beautiful I don't know which one I like best.

Cole: You like the biggest one, baby.

Phoebe: Oh, there. That's the one I want, baby.

Sales Assistant: Excellent eye for quality, it's a perfect solitaire.

Cole: I don't know. The cut looks a little off.

Sales: Oh, no, I can assure you.

Cole: (to security guard) You, you look like a regular guy, can I ask your opinion? (The security guard nods and walks over to them.) I just wanna know... can I borrow your gun? (He laughs and punches the security guard in the stomach, then his face. He falls to the floor and Cole pulls out the gun.) You stupid. (laughs) Move over, baby!

(Phoebe moves away from the counter and everyone in the store ducks. Cole shoots the glass. He screams in excitement.)

Phoebe: We're back!

(She grabs a ring and puts it on.)

Cole: Ooh, gotta hand it to you, Lulu. This body's a live wire. The guy digs action, I can sense it.

(He shoots at two display cases. He screams in excitement again.)

Phoebe: This woman loves the feeling of this diamond on her finger although she'd never cop to it.

(He walks over and kisses her.)

Cole: Let's split, baby.

(They head for the door. The security guard gets up. Cole turns around and shoots him in the leg. Cole and Phoebe leave the store, unaware of the security cameras watching them.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Jewelry store. A detective is dusting for prints, some interviewing the witnesses and paramedics are wheeling out the security guard on a stretcher. Darryl and Piper walk in.]

Piper: Oh, no, is he okay?

Darryl: Looks like it was just his leg.

Piper: We're too late, they did it.

Darryl: Hold on just a second. (He walks over to a cop who's interviewing a witness.) Excuse me. What went down here?

Cop: Weirdest thing, Inspector. They could've cleaned this place out and all they take is a diamond ring.

(The cop walks away.)

Piper: That doesn't make any sense.

Darryl: Looks like your ghosts still have unfinished business.

Piper: Okay, we've gotta find them before they kill somebody. But, uh, first, is there a surveillance tape?

(Darryl looks around and sees a man ready to eject a tape out of a VCR.)

Darryl: Yeah, it's over there. (Piper gasps and freezes the room. She unfreezes Darryl.) Piper...

Piper: Uh-huh.

Darryl: You froze the crime scene.

Piper: Uh-huh.

Darryl: You cannot freeze a crime scene.

Piper: Well, I did. Okay, we got to protect Phoebe and Cole, so start wiping fingerprints.

Darryl: No, no, no! Look, I am sick and tired of you and your entire dysfunctional family unit. I will not falsify evidence, I am a cop.

Piper: Okay, cop, do I need to remind you that you bailed Cole out of jail last night.

Darryl: So?

Piper: So I was wondering what you were gonna tell your captain when he sees Cole on the surveillance tape.

Darryl: What are you waiting for? Go get the damn tape! (Piper goes and ejects the tape. Darryl wipes the fingerprints.) I can not believe I am doing this.

Piper: Shh, it's for a good cause. Check his pockets. (Darryl looks in the detective's pockets and pulls something out. Piper hands Darryl the tape.) Okay, back in position. (They go back over to where they were standing. Darryl tucks the tape into his pants.) You good?

Darryl: Yeah.

(Everyone unfreezes. The man tries to eject the VCR but nothing comes out. The cop walks over to Darryl.)

Cop: Inspector.

Darryl: Yeah.

Cop: I thought you'd like to know, a couple fitting the description just hit a bridal store on Fourth. Just stole a dress.

Darryl: A what?

Cop: You know, a dress. A wedding dress. Go figure.

(He walks away.)

Piper: First they're all over each other at the manor, then they steal a ring and then a wedding dress? Frankie and Lulu's unfinished business isn't criminal, it's matrimonial. They wanna get married!

Darryl: Do you people have any normal weddings in your family?

Piper: Come on, we don't have a lot of time.

(They leave.)

[Scene: The past. Paige's school. Paige is waiting outside the principal's office. The principal is talking with her parents. Leo appears beside Paige.]

Leo: You okay?

Paige: No, Leo, I am no where near okay. My time here is running out, I haven't done anything.

Leo: You've done enough.

Paige: I haven't done anything. I came to stop feeling guilty, only now I feel guiltier than ever because I know what a damn disappointment I am.

Leo: Is that what you believe?

Paige: Hello? Have you been watching or eating popcorn? My mum and my dad think I'm a total failure. I'm not. I can't let them die thinking that. In fact, I'm not gonna let them die at all.

Leo: You can't change history, Paige, only learn from it.

Paige: I am not letting them get in that car tonight, Leo.

Leo: Yes, you will. And if you break anymore rules...

Paige: Screw the rules, Leo.

Leo: Oh, is that the teenager talking or the adult. The reason we journeyed to the past was so you could learn from it. You see what breaking the rules has gotten you so far?

Paige: They're my parents. I have to do something. (She gets up and walks in the principal's office.) Sorry to barge in like this.

Principal: That incident in class was the last straw, Paige. I'm suspending you from school.

Paige: Just for that?

Principal: Just for that? Cutting classes, starting fights, smoking on campus, possession of alcohol.

Paige: I swear I don't turn out like this.

Mr. Matthews: Unfortunately your actions speak a lot louder than your words.

[Time lapse. Outside the school. Paige's mum and dad are leaving the school. Paige is following.]

Paige: It looks bad, I know. But it doesn't turn out this way, I promise. I-I get a degree in social work, I help others, I even get into Berkley thanks to high test scores and a powerful essay on the death of my... ooh, let's just say a powerful essay. Uh... mum and dad, you've got to believe me.

Mr. Matthews: How can we do that, Paige?

Mrs. Matthews: We've seen your act too many times.

Paige: Please, just look at me as though you actually saw me. I'm not who you think I am.

Mr. Matthews: How do you know what we think?

Paige: 'Cause I can see it in your eyes. Disappointment. And, okay, yeah, I deserve it, I do. All I can say for myself is that I'm searching and one day I will find myself.

Mrs. Matthews: Paige...

Paige: Let me finish. I'll find myself because of you two. You shaped who I am. I am not a bad daughter, you did not raise a bad daughter. I'm good. I just, I wish you could see it.

Mr. Matthews: Sweetheart, of course we can see it.

Paige: What?

Mrs. Matthews: We know you're good. We've always known. But we also know that you're lost and that scares us. And there's nothing in the world we want more than to help you find your way home. We just don't know how.

Paige: I think you just did. (They hug.) I will stay up on my word.

Mrs. Matthews: Mm-hm. Promise?

Paige: I promise. (They head for the car.) Uh, you guys, can we just stay in tonight and not go to the restaurant?

Mr. Matthews: We still have to talk.

Paige: Yeah, we will, just at home.

Mr. Matthews: Okay, let's go home.

(They get in the car. Leo appears.)

Paige: What?

(They drive off.)

Mr. Matthews: Well, what's it gonna be tonight? Should we have pizza?

Paige: I kinda miss mum's cooking.

Mrs. Matthews: (laughs) Like you don't have it every night.

Leo: You shouldn't do this, Paige, you can't change the past.

Paige: I already did.

Mr. Matthews: Did you say something, honey?

Paige: No, nothing.

Leo: You don't know what you're doing.

Paige: Yes, I do. (Leo disappears. A truck heads for their car.) Watch out!

(Paige orbs out. The truck hits the car and it rolls over. Paige orbs back in on the road. The car explodes. Paige gets up and starts crying.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Continued from before. Paige heads for the car. Leo runs over and grabs her. She screams.]

Paige: Let go of me! I have to save them!

Leo: They're gone.

Paige: Why did you bring me back here? Why! I thought I could stop the accident.

Leo: You couldn't stop the accident because it was never your fault.

Paige: It was my fault. It was my fault.

Leo: They would have died anyway, it was their destiny. Just like it was your destiny to be saved by magic.

Paige: That's how I got out of the car. I orbed out.

Leo: That's right.

Paige: I could always orb?

Leo: Magic's always been inside of you. It saved you because you were meant to do great things with it, and you have, and you will. This is what you came back here to find, what caused the accident, why you survived it. You need to forgive yourself.

Paige: But it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, they'll never know how much I love them. They'll never know what good parents they were.

[Scene: A chapel. Piper and Darryl rush out of it.]

Darryl: How many more chapels have we got?

Piper: That was the last big one, there's one more in the neighbourhood.

Darryl: What if they're not there?

Piper: Then we expand our search to the entire city.

(They get in Darryl's car and drive off.)

[Cut to a chapel. Phoebe and Cole are getting married. Cole has the chaplain at gunpoint.]

Chaplain: Do you take this woman to be thy wedded wife, to love, comfort and honour, in sickness or in health, for sorrow or joy, so long as you both shall live?

Cole: I sure do. I'm gonna take good care of her this time. Whoo!

Phoebe: You okay, Frankie?

Cole: Yeah, it's just this guy's all jumpin' inside. Almost like he wants to get married as much as I do. (giggles)

Phoebe: I know what you mean. This one's like, quivering inside of me. (to chaplain) What are you waiting for? Continue.

Chaplain: Right. Do you, Lulu, take this man to be thy wedded husband...

(Piper and Darryl barge in.)

Piper: I object to this union.

Chaplain: I didn't call for any objections.

Piper: Yeah, well, I still object. (She tries to freeze them but only the chaplain freezes.) You two are not frozen, why aren't you two frozen?

Phoebe: Well, I know I'm not the most technically minded, but I wouldn't think it would have something to do with the fact that we're ghosts.

(They laugh.)

Cole: I warned you, witch.

(He points the gun at Piper. Darryl pulls out his gun.)

Darryl: Freeze! Put the gun down slowly.

(Cole laughs and shoots. Darryl shoots at him and the bullet hits him in the chest.)

Cole: Damn it!

(He falls on the floor. Frankie exits Cole.)

Phoebe: Don't worry, baby. We'll try again. Next time we'll get it right. (Lulu exits Phoebe. Phoebe sits down beside Cole.) Cole! Cole! Cole. Cole. Leo!

Darryl: I had no choice.

Piper: I-I know. uh, get him outta here, (unfreezes chaplain) and, uh, call an ambulance.

Chaplain: What happened?

Darryl: Come, come with me.

(He takes him outside.)

Phoebe: Please don't die, please don't die. Leo!

Piper: Clyde, get your ass down here you son of a bitch! (Clyde appears in a gust of wind.) Bring back Leo now. (Clyde clicks his fingers and the door appears. He opens it and Paige and Leo come out of it.) Cole's been shot.

(Leo rushes over to Cole.)

Leo: Step away, Phoebe.

(Phoebe moves away and Leo heals Cole.)

Clyde: Frankie! Lulu! Where do you think you're goin'? (He pulls the ghosts in the door. He clicks his fingers and the door disappears. He grunts.) Ehh, it's an unfortunate slip-up. I told ya, it's a dangerous journey.

(He clicks his fingers and disappears. Cole gets up.)

Cole: (to Phoebe) You never answered the chaplain's question.

Phoebe: I never answered your question. Ask me again.

Cole: Will you marry me?

Phoebe: Yes, I will.

(They hug. Everyone smiles.)

[Scene: Manor. Dining room. Piper, Phoebe and Paige are there having dinner. They clink their glasses.]

Phoebe: Thank you, guys.

Piper: Just no weddings until we vanquish the Source.

(Paige goes to take a sip but stops.)

Paige: Apple cider?

Piper: Apple cider, yes.

(She takes a sip.)

Phoebe: Um, Paige... you haven't told us, and we're dying to know. What happened in your past?

Paige: Well, I found out I wasn't responsible for the accident.

Piper: Of course you weren't.

Phoebe: Then what's the matter?

Paige: It just makes me sad that my parents won't see us or what I've become.

(Leo stands in the foyer.)

Leo: Actually, that's not quite true.

(Paige's parents appear in the foyer. Paige stands up.)

Piper: Uh, Leo?

Leo: Let's just say that I owe Clyde now.

Mrs. Matthews: We know who you are, honey. Who you've become.

Mr. Matthews: We've been with you every step of the way and we're so proud of you, sweetheart.

(She runs over and hugs them.)