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20. Long Live the Queen
21. Womb Raider
22. Witch Way Now?

Written by: Alison Schapker and Monica Breen

Season 4, Episode 06

Episode Number: 72

[Scene: Paige's apartment. Paige and Glen are lying on the bed staring out the window at the stars.]

Paige: Once upon a time, there lived a handsome prince who was about to marry a beautiful maiden. But an evil Enchantress with dark powers wanted the Prince for herself, so she could become Queen and rule the entire kingdom.

Glen: I hate her.

Paige: Really? I always kind of related to her.

Glen: Like I said, I love her. Then what happened?

Paige: Well, in order to pull off that kind of magic, the Evil Enchantress had to wait for a sign that her powers were at their darkest.

Glen: A sign?

Paige: Mm-hmm. See in the stars. (She points to a pattern in the stars.) See the Prince, his sword, and the three stars that form his crown? Well, once the evil enchantress saw the sign, she locked away the beautiful maiden, and cast a spell on the unsuspecting Prince. "Bring together my Prince and me, let him fall on bended knee. I summon... I summon..." I can never remember the end of it.

Glen: Let me guess. The Prince defeats the Evil Enchantress, he married the beautiful maiden, and they lived happily ever after, right?

Paige: Nah-mm. Actually, the Evil Enchantress bore an heir, killed the Prince, and ruled the kingdom forever.

Glen: Well, what kind of fairy tale is that?

Paige: It's just one that kinda stayed with me for as long as I can remember. I told you I was a weird kid.

Glen: I need to get you out more, Paige.

Paige: It'd be easier if you were around more, Glen.

Glen: I'm around now. (They kiss.)

[Scene: Medieval times. A castle. A guard pushes Lady Julia inside. The Evil Enchantress is standing in front of a dark window.]

Lady Julia: What is the meaning of this? How dare you summon me.

Enchantress: Forgive me for inconveniencing you at this late hour, Lady Julia. (The guard leaves.) Alas, I had no other choice. The stars have aligned.

Lady Julia: You don't frighten me, Enchantress. The stars are on the side of good, not evil. Tomorrow, my Prince and I will marry and there is nothing that you can do to stop that. He loves me, not you.

Enchantress: Dark magic can change that.

(The Enchantress holds out her hands and smoke and a gust of wind blows Lady Julia against the wall. A portcullis drops down in front of her, locking her in.)

Lady Julia: Why are you doing this?

(The Enchantress walks out of the dark and she looks exactly like Paige.)

Enchantress: Because this is my destiny. Not yours.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Prue's room. Piper walks in and sits on the bed. She picks up a small gold necklace with the word 'Prue' on it. She puts on Prue's leather jacket and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.]

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper is making a cup of coffee. Phoebe comes in with wet hair.]

Phoebe: Look at me. I look like a drowned rat. I need my blow dryer.

Piper: Pretend you're camping.

Phoebe: I hate camping.

Piper: Well, I hate instant coffee but I'm drinking it, aren't I?

(She takes a sip and pulls a face.)

Phoebe: We can't keep living with no electricity. It's medieval.

Piper: At least we're conserving energy.

Phoebe: Well, this is ridiculous. We have to figure out when the Shocker demon's gonna attack next and fast.

Piper: But we still need the Power of Three to vanquish him and unfortunately, number three lives across town.

(Phoebe walks over to the phone.)

Phoebe: I am going to call her.

(She picks up the phone.)

Piper: Not the cordless!

(Phoebe drops the phone and the Shocker demon escapes.)

Phoebe: Uh-oh.

(The Shocker demon is made of electricity in the shape of a person. It jumps on a table and throws electricity near them, blowing up a cupboard. He throws more electricity, this time hitting Piper and Phoebe. Piper gets up and uses her power and scares it through an electrical outlet. Piper kneels beside Phoebe.)

Piper: You okay?

Phoebe: No, I am not okay. Ow. Ow. Ow. This is so crazy. We have to call Paige and set up a time where she can come over and...

Piper: Phoebe, we can't schedule vanquishes, okay? Demon attacks don't usually fit into the day planners.

Phoebe: Okay, then, what do you suggest?

Piper: I suggest that maybe, Paige move in with us.

(Piper goes and sits at the table.)

Phoebe: Wait. (She sits at the table.) W-what did you just say to me?

Piper: Well, she's gonna have to sooner or later, isn't she?

Phoebe: I never really thought about it. And I can't believe you, of all people, are actually suggesting it.

Piper: I am just trying to be practical. Besides, I am sick and tired of Leo watching over her day and night, protecting her from various demons. You know, I would actually like to see my husband again.

Phoebe: And I can understand that, but still that's a huge decision. Do you think we're ready for that?

Piper: All I know is that every demon who is out to impress the Source is attacking us. Which means we all need to be under one roof. Otherwise, we're too vulnerable.

Phoebe: I didn't mean are we ready as witches. I meant are we ready as sisters? I mean, what if we don't get along?

Piper: We didn't always get along with Prue either.

Phoebe: Yeah, but that's different. We grew up with her. Eventually we had to get along. I still half expect to see her walk through the door. Maybe it's just too soon.

Piper: Then there's only one way to find out.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Paige's apartment. Paige and Glen are asleep in bed. The alarm goes off.]

Paige: Oh my God, it's 9:00. I am so screwed.

Glen: (waking up) Mmm. Can't you just be a little late?

Paige: I'm already a little late.

Glen: Can't you be a lot late? Especially seeing as how I'm leaving tomorrow. (Paige sits up and wraps herself in a sheet.)

Paige: You're always leaving tomorrow, Glen. That's what you do. (She walks across the room with the sheet wrapped around her. She sees Glen staring at her.) What?

Glen: Nine to five isn't you, Paige. You've always had too adventurous a spirit to be pinned down.

Paige: Oh, yeah? Just drop by between K2 and the Great Barrier Reef and you know this about me, do you?

(She walks into the bathroom.)

Glen: Your life could be a fairy tale. It doesn't have to end badly.

(Paige pokes her around the door.)

Paige: Who says it's going to?

Glen: Come to Australia with me, Paige. Just for the hell of it. Why not?

Paige: Because I've got too many responsibilities. That's why not.

Glen: You're 25-years-old. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you for that kind of crap. Just go for it. Dump your job, and come have fun with me.

(Paige walks out of the bathroom wearing a short skirt and her bra.)

Paige: As tempting as that sounds, I actually have things called responsibilities. (Paige sits on the bed.) It's not just my job. (She starts to put on her pink sweater.) I've got sisters now, and we've just got... stuff we've got to do.

Glen: What stuff?

Paige: Stuff that keeps me pinned down.

(Glen moves closer to Paige.)

Glen: Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Paige: I'm not sure yet. (They kiss.)

[Cut to outside in the hallway. Piper and Phoebe walk up to the front door. Leo orbs in front of them, just as Phoebe's about to knock and she knocks on him.]

Phoebe: Oh!

Leo: Hi.

Phoebe: Sorry.

Leo: Hey, what's up?

Piper: What's up? How about a kiss for your long-lost wife, huh?

Leo: Oh, right.

(He kisses her on the cheek.)

Piper: Hi.

Leo: Well, uh, bye.

Phoebe: Uh, what do you mean bye? We just got here.

Leo: Right, well, you know. I don't want to leave Paige unprotected.

Piper: Uh-huh. Is she home?

(Piper heads for the door but Leo stops her.)

Leo: Yeah, she's home. She's just a little, uh, indisposed at the moment.

Piper: W-wait, wait, you watch? What are you, like a peeping angel?

Leo: Well, I didn't see anything!

Piper: Uh?

Leo: All right, just a little, but how else am I supposed to protect her?

[Cut to inside. Paige and Glen are making out on the bed. Paige has her top off again. Phoebe barges in, covering her eyes. Piper runs in after her. Paige jumps up and covers her chest.]

Phoebe: Sorry to interrupt. Can't see a thing.

Piper: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Wh-

Paige: Piper, Leo, what the hell is going on?

Phoebe: I know this looks bad, but it's very important. Believe me. (Phoebe sees Glen.) Whoa.

(Piper smacks her on the arm.)

Glen: Who are they?

Paige: The soon to be ex-sisters I was telling you about.

(Phoebe smiles and waves.)

Piper: Okay, we're sorry, but you know, we didn't know "witch" way to turn if you know what I mean.

Glen: Maybe I should go.

(He sits up.)

Leo: Oh, uh, here.

(He tosses Glen his jeans.)

Glen: Thanks. (He puts them on.)

Paige: I'm sorry about this Glen. This is horribly embarrassing.

Glen: No worries. You obviously got some responsibilities. Plane leaves tomorrow.

(He kisses her on the cheek and walks into the bathroom.)

Piper: Plane? What plane?

Paige: Never mind. This better be important.

Phoebe: I can't use my blow dryer.

Piper: So have you been attacked by the Shocker demon yet?

Leo: No she hasn't.

Paige: How would you know?

Phoebe: Oh, because he's been watching you for the last week or so for your own protection.

Paige: You've been watching me?

Leo: Well, I didn't see anything.

Phoebe: At least nothing very interesting.

Piper: Right.

Paige: That's it. Out!

(Paige gets out of bed.)

Piper: But-but-but we need to talk to you about the Shocker Demon because...

Paige: Out!

Phoebe: We can't vanquish him without the Power of Three.

Paige: Out!

Piper: And you're not at the manor, so, ever... (Paige slams the door shut.)

[Cut to the hallway.]

Phoebe: I think that went fairly well.

[Cut to Paige.]

Paige: Unbelievable.

[Scene: Medieval Times. Castle. The Enchantress' bedroom. The Enchantress and a Prince are there. The Enchantress is in her nightgown.]

Prince: Where is she? What have you done to my beloved?

Enchantress: You mean I'm not your beloved? Ooh, I'm crushed.

(The Prince draws his sword and points it at her.)

Prince: Your dark magic doesn't scare me, Enchantress. Tell me where she is and I might spare your life.

Enchantress: Very well. (She pushes the tip of his sword down and moves closer to him.) Your beloved is right here, my prince, right before your very eyes. (She throws a baggie at his feet and it explodes.) "Bring together my Prince and me, let him fall on bended knee, I summon him to my side, that he may take me to be his destined bride."

(The Prince puts his sword away and kneels in front of her.)

Prince: My love. (He kisses her hand.) I am forever yours.

(He stands up and walks behind her. He kisses her neck.)

Enchantress: As will be your kingdom once I conceive an heir.

(They walk over to the bed and lay down.)

[Cut to the manor. Paige is knocking on the door. Piper opens it.]

Piper: All right! Calm down!

(Paige walks in.)

Paige: At least I knocked.

Piper: Oh.

(Phoebe comes in from the living room.)

Phoebe: Hey, Paige.

Paige: I'm not here to talk to either of you. I'm just here to look at the Book of Shadows. (She heads for the stairs.)

Phoebe: Hey, hey, we said we were sorry.

Paige: Yeah, right. (She starts going up the stairs.)

Piper: What do you think about moving in with us? (Paige stops.)

Phoebe: Oh-uh...

Paige: Excuse me?

Piper: Well, that's what we came to talk to you about. You know, we're tired of getting attacked by demons here and not being able to do anything about it.

Phoebe: Yeah. But we could do something about it if we were together. You know, if we lived together 'cause that's when we're the strongest. What do you say?

Paige: Are you two out of your freaking minds? (She storms upstairs.)

Piper: Don't people usually storm out of the house when they're angry?

[Cut to the attic. Paige is flipping through the Book of Shadows. Piper and Phoebe walk in.]

Phoebe: So, you're not even gonna consider this?

Paige: Nope.

Piper: Why not?

Paige: Because if it was that easy for you guys to barge into my room all the way across town, imagine how easy it would be if I actually lived here.

Piper: Okay, could you stop looking at the book for a second?

Paige: No. It's my book too.

Piper: If you lived here, you could look at it all the time. (Paige looks up at them.)

Paige: I understand why you guys are asking me, I really, really do. It's just, I don't want being a witch to take over my life. It's just... too much responsibility.

Phoebe: I know it is, Paige. And believe me, I freaked out in the beginning too. But I didn't have a choice, and neither do you.

Paige: Why not? Aren't you the one who told me I should fight like hell to keep my life separate from magic?

Piper: Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

Paige: Well, maybe it would if I didn't live here.

Phoebe: If you're looking for the Shocker demon spell, we already found it.

Paige: I'm not. I'm looking for something else.

Piper: What? Look, you may not want to share a bathroom, but when it comes to that book, it concerns all of us.

Phoebe: Besides that, maybe we can help. (Phoebe goes over to Paige.)

Paige: Okay. I know it sounds stupid, but when I was little, I invented this horrible little fairy tale and it just always seemed really real to me. I don't know. Just… (Paige turns to a page with "The Evil Enchantress" written on it.) Oh my God.

Phoebe: The Evil Enchantress?

Paige: That's it. That's-that's the evil witch, the one who kills the Prince after he gets her pregnant, of course.

Piper: Of course. (Piper stands beside her.)

Paige: The spell. I can't believe it. (She looks at the next page "To Call a Lover to Oneself".) "Bring together my Prince and me, let him fall on bended knee, (Piper and Phoebe try to stop her.) I summon him to my side, that he may take me to be his destined bride." I finally got to finish it.

[Cut to the castle. The Enchantress is lying on the bed. A gust of wind blows around the Prince and he disappears.]

Enchantress: No!

[Cut back to the attic. A gust of wind blows and the Prince appears. He looks around. He sees Paige and kneels down.]

Prince: My love.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Paige runs into the kitchen. The Prince follows, followed by Piper and Phoebe.]

Prince: Why do you run from me?

Paige: Why are you chasing me?

Prince: Because we are meant to be together.

Paige: That is not true. Does this look like King Arthur's court, buddy?

Prince: It doesn't matter. We're meant to conceive an heir, my love.

Paige: Ugh. Stop saying that.

Phoebe: You guys want some privacy?

Paige: This is not funny. (The Prince walks over to her.) Plate.

(A plate orbs into her hand and she breaks it over his head. He groans and kneels down.)

Phoebe: Oh!

Paige: I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

Prince: You could never hurt me, my love. (He starts kissing her hand.)

Paige: Piper, do that thing you do.

Piper: I-I don't want to blow him up.

Paige: Well, risk it. He's using his tongue. (Piper freezes him. Paige pulls her hand away and wipes it on her top.) Thank God chivalry is dead. He is getting on my last nerve.

Phoebe: Okay, well, he must be under some kind of spell.

Piper: Gee, you think?

Paige: The evil Enchantress. She cast a love spell on him.

Piper: So why is Sir Lust-a-lot lusting after you?

Paige: How should I know?

Piper: Well, because it's your damn fairy tale and it's alive and frozen in our kitchen.

(Paige walks out of the kitchen.)

Phoebe: Uh, where are you going?

Paige: I can't handle this. (Piper and Phoebe follow her. She heads for the door.)

Piper: Wait, Paige, you can't just leave.

Paige: Yes, I can. I don't live here.

(Phoebe sighs.)

Phoebe: Paige.

Paige: What?

Phoebe: Look, you can't keep running away from these things. (Paige opens the front door.) That's what we're trying to tell you. Being a witch is not a part-time job.

Paige: Yeah, well, if I don't leave now, I'm not going to have a full-time job. (Paige leaves.)

Piper: Paige, the Charmed Ones come first!

Phoebe: The Charmed Ones come first?

Piper: It always worked when Prue said it.

[Cut to the living room. The TV is on and the VCR is recording.]

Announcer on TV: The home also features a spacious kitchen complete with granite counter tops and state of the art convection oven. (Phoebe and Piper walk past.) The walk-in pantry provides ample space...

Piper: The VCR? Who set it to record? (The tape is ejected and the Shocker demon escapes out of the VCR. Piper uses her power and blows up the TV. The demon appears behind them. It throws electricity at Piper, throwing her over the couch. Phoebe levitates and kicks but the Shocker demon grabs onto her leg and starts electrocuting her. Piper gets up and pushes it out of the way using a coat stand. Phoebe falls on the floor. Piper uses her power and the demon escapes through the electrical outlet.) Phoebe.

Phoebe: I'm okay, I think. (Phoebe stands up.)

Piper: We've gotta convince Paige to move in with us soon before there's nobody left to move in with.

Phoebe: I guess we need a new TV.

Piper: Oh, the Prince.

Phoebe: The Prince. (They go into the kitchen. The Prince is gone.) He's gone? What? Did he go back to fairy tale land?

Piper: No such luck. The back door is wide open. So he probably went after Paige.

(Phoebe gets a bottle of water out of the fridge.)

Phoebe: He left? So he's just wondering around in chain mail?

Piper: It's San Francisco. Nobody will notice.

Phoebe: Well, sooner or later, somebody's gonna notice and the medieval trail's going to lead them right back to us.

Piper: All right, you try scrying for him and if that doesn't work, I'll have Leo orb Paige back here and hopefully the Prince will follow.

Phoebe: Maybe we should try a different approach with her.

Piper: She's not gonna come back here voluntarily.

Phoebe: No. I mean about getting her to move in. Maybe it's too soon for her too.

[Scene: A junkyard. The Prince is standing in front of the garbage truck. He draws his sword and starts attacking it. The man inside the truck gets out with a bat.]

Garbage Man: Hey, moron! What are you doin'? What kind of problem you got, huh? All right, buddy. Come on. On your way. I don't have time for this.

(The Prince slices the bat with his sword. The man gets frightened and drops the bat. The Prince points the sword at the man's neck.)

Prince: Swallow and you'll not speak again. Now what is this metallic beast? How do you harness it's power?

Garbage Man: What?

Prince: You will use it to take me to my beloved, where I feel her heart's pull. Questions?

[Scene: Medieval times. Castle. Lady Julia is still locked up. The Enchantress is making a potion.]

Lady Julia: I have one. If good magic rescued my Prince from you, what makes you think he'll return?

Enchantress: I don't. That's why I plan on following his footsteps and bringing him back. After I destroy the good magic that intervened, of course.

Lady Julia: And what makes you think that you can?

Enchantress: Oh, I don't know. (The portcullis rises.) Because I'm petty, and evil, and vindictive. But most of all... (She walks over to Lady Julia.) I'm determined. (She puts a knife under Lady Julia's chin.)

Lady Julia: I am the object of his true love. Your spell only appropriated it. Kill me and you break the spell.

Enchantress: I know. I know. (She cuts off a piece of Lady Julia's hair.) That's why I needed this. For my potion to work.

(She walks over to the cauldron. The portcullis drops down.)

Lady Julia: You cannot do this.

Enchantress: One thing you need to know about me, Lady Julia. Nobody tells me what to do.

(She drops the hair in the potion and it explodes.)

[Scene: South Bay Social Services. Copy room. Paige and Leo are there.]

Paige: Nobody tells me what to do, Leo. And besides, I'm still mad at you for watching over me. I deserve better than that, especially from you.

Leo: Well, I'm a guardian, Paige. It's what I do. Especially during times like this when it's dangerous for you to be alone.

Paige: It's a fairy tale, not a horror movie.

Leo: Well, I was talking about the Shocker demon.

Paige: Well, yeah, he's not half as scary as Prince charming coming after me though.

Leo: All the more reason why you should be staying with Phoebe and Piper. (Paige picks up a folder.)

Paige: What if I don't want to? What if I want to climb a mountain or go dive the Great Barrier Reef, huh?

Leo: What?

Paige: Look, I've had a blast being a witch. I like the spells, like the potions. I'm even getting used to orbing, but god, I've just had enough. (She starts to leave.)

Leo: Well, there is no enough, Paige. (Paige stops and turns around.) This is who you are. You know that. Why are you running from it?

Paige: Oh gee, I don't know. Being hunted by the Source, ducking the Furies, and being shrunk by a psycho demon, not to mention being chased after by my bedtime stories. I don't know why I wouldn't want the rest of my life to be just like that.

Leo: You're not alone anymore. You have sisters now.

Paige: Yeah. Sisters who are pressuring me to move in with them for all the wrong reasons.

Leo: What is that supposed to mean?

Paige: Nothing. Forget about it. Look, it's just sometimes I feel like they want me to be Prue, super witch. And I can't. I don't know how.

Leo: Yeah, I don't think they think that.

Paige: Oh, yeah? Have you checked out her room? It's a shrine. It doesn't seem to me like they're ready yet and it's a pretty tough act to follow. Don't make me go back there, Leo. Not just yet, okay? I just need some time. (Paige leaves.) I'll call you if I need you.

[Cut to the manor. Living room. Phoebe's scrying. Piper walks in, on the phone.]

Piper: Darryl. Darryl. Darryl! Slow down. Okay, carjackings happen all the time. Why are you calling us? (listens) A garbage truck? (She sits down on the couch.) At sword point. We'll get back to ya. (She hangs up.)

Phoebe: Please don't tell me that the police found him.

Piper: Not yet. How about you?

Phoebe: Nothing. I mean, he's not a witch and he's not a demon, so...

Piper: All right. Le..! (Leo orbs in.) O. Hi.

Leo: Hi.

Phoebe: Where's Paige?

Leo: Paige? She didn't wanna come.

Piper: She what? Did you explain the situation to her?

Leo: Yes.

Piper: And she still refused to come? Leo, we are up to our pointy little hats in demonic problems here. We need her.

Leo: She knows that.

Phoebe: I don't understand. We're her sisters.

Leo: Yeah, but that's not the reason you need her.

Piper: Is there more to that or are you just gonna leave us hanging?

Leo: Look, I don't want to get in the middle of this, this is between you guys. But I will tell you that just wanting her to battle demons with you isn't enough of a reason to get her to move in.

Piper: It's a pressing reason.

Phoebe: But it's not a sisterly one.

Leo: Look, in the meantime, you need to find the Prince before he exposes you. So I suggest you check with the Book of Shadows and get up to speed on Paige's fairy tale and I will check with the Elders and see what they know. (He orbs out.)

[Cut back to South Bay Social Services. The Prince walks in and pushes a guy out of the way.]

[Cut to the copy room. Paige looks out and opens the door. The Prince walks in.]

Prince: At last, I found you.

Paige: How?

Prince: I followed your heart, my love. (She pulls him in the room and closes the door.)

Paige: You can't be here. You need to leave right now before security comes.

Prince: I will not leave until you are with child.

Paige: Okay, A) I always use protection and B) you're a fairy tale.

(The Prince reaches out to touch her cheek and she backs away.)

Prince: I won't harm you.

Paige: Just keep that sword of yours sheathed, pal.

(She backs into the photocopier and accidentally turns it on. The Shocker demon escapes out of it and starts electrocuting Paige. The Prince gets out his sword and slices the demon. Paige falls to the floor. The Shocker demon escapes through the electrical outlet. The Prince helps Paige up.)

Prince: Fear not. I've slain the beast, my love.

Paige: You most certainly have. (Mr. Cowan bangs on the door.)

Mr. Cowan: Hey, Paige! Paige, you all right in there?

Prince: I will stay forever by your side. Every moment of every day, you would know you were protected, desired, loved.

Paige: That's so sweet.

Mr. Cowan: Paige! Paige! (He gets the door open.) Paige, what the hell is going on? W-who is this guy?

Paige: Um, Renaissance Fair. Yeah, we're trying to score tickets for the orphanage. See ya.

(Paige and the Prince leave.)

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and Phoebe are there. Piper is lighting some candles and Phoebe is looking through the Book of Shadows.]

Piper: I don't see what the big deal is. You'd think she'd want to move in here, considering the dump she lives in.

Phoebe: Piper.

Piper: Just wait till the Shocker Demon attacks her, then she might not be so resistant to the idea.

Phoebe: "Defiant, clever, and independent." That kinda describes Paige, don't you think?

Piper: Yeah, along with stubborn, stubborn, and more stubborn. (Piper goes over to Phoebe.)

Phoebe: All right, listen to this. "A powerful witch who came to the craft late but learned to use it quickly." I'm telling you, this is Paige.

Piper: What are you gettin' at?

Phoebe: Well, don't you think that it's a huge coincidence that Paige's fairy tale just happens to be in the Book of Shadows and that this Prince just happens to show up in the 21st century head over heels in love with her?

Piper: Connect the dots, will you?

Phoebe: Okay, what if it's not a fairy tale? What if it's a memory? Paige's memory from a past life?

Piper: Now you're reachin'.

Phoebe: No. I don't think so. I mean my past life came back to bite me on the butt. Why can't Paige's? Think about it. What if Paige was the Evil Enchantress, once upon a time?

Piper: But... (She loooks at the page.) The Enchantress' power was to conjure the elements. Paige can't do that. (A portal opens up in the attic.) This doesn't look good. (The Enchantress walks out of the portal and blows Piper and Phoebe off their feet.) Paige!

Enchantress: Where is the Prince?

Phoebe: Still think I'm reaching?

Piper: I don't believe this.

(The Enchantress throws a lightning ball at them and they run out of the attic.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Phoebe is there putting out a small fire with a fire extinguisher. Piper runs in and puts out a fire on the chair.]

Piper: I got it! Living room's clear.

(She puts down the fire extinguisher.)

Phoebe: So is the kitchen. Why do you think she left so suddenly? (She puts down her fire extinguisher.) What, did trashing our house become too boring for her?

Piper: She probably realised we don't have the Prince. Great. It's not like we're having enough problems with Paige. We have to deal with her past life, too? (Leo orbs in.)

Leo: Okay, I found out about the Prince. What the hell happened here?

Phoebe: Paige's past life almost killed us. That's what happened here.

Leo: What?

Piper: Yeah. Paige, the Evil Enchantress, same soul, different lifetime. She came through some magical portal looking for Prince carjack.

Leo: Okay, well, you have to stop her. You can't let her find him. According to the Elders, if she conceives his heir, dark magic will rule his kingdom forever. History will be rewritten. Your future...

Piper: Will be screwed. The world will plunge into darkness. Yadda, yadda, yadda!

Phoebe: Okay, that's not helping. (to Leo) So if we vanquish Past Paige, don't we risk vanquishing our Paige too?

Leo: Possibly.

Piper: Well, then fine. We won't vanquish her. We'll bind her powers and send her back in time, hopefully a virgin. Okay. Let's get some candles. We have a potion to concoct.

[Scene: South Bay Social Services. Copy room. The Enchantress is there. She picks up a necklace.]

Enchantress: What lures you to this time, my Prince? Who beckons thee?

Mr. Cowan: Paige? (He walks in.) What are you still doing here so late? Thought you'd left already.

Enchantress: What name did you call me?

Mr. Cowan: Don't tell me you're in the fair too. Don't forget to lock up. (She goes in the office.) See you in the morning. On time would be nice for once.

(He leaves. The Enchantress picks up a photo of Paige and a co-worker.)

Enchantress: Looking forward to meeting you, Paige.

[Scene: Paige's apartment. Paige is sitting on the couch. The Prince kneels down.]

Paige: I still can't believe that you exist, that you're actually real. I always wanted to save you from the Evil Enchantress so you could live happily ever after.

Prince: Be with me and I shall. Come with me. Live in my castle as my princess.

Paige: What is it with everyone wanting me to move in with them?

Prince: I can give you all the riches you desire. I can take you away from all of this.

Paige: As tempting as that is, I know it's just the spell talking.

Prince: But isn't that what true love is? (He sits down next to her.) Falling under someone's spell? Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you. I swear.

Paige: Can you make me as good as Prue was?

Prince: Uhh...

Paige: Never mind. You wouldn't understand.

Prince: Try me. (He leans in to kiss her. Leo orbs in with Piper and Phoebe.)

Piper: Hey!

(Piper freezes the Prince. Paige gasps and stands up quickly.)

Paige: What is going on with this barging in thing? This is getting ridiculous.

Piper: Sorry. Thought he was attacking you.

Paige: He was kissing me. It's called kissing. And what are you doing here anyway? I told you I'd call if I needed to.

Leo: Well, something's come up. Something you're not gonna like.

Paige: Something worse than this?

Phoebe: The Evil Enchantress is here, in our world. She nearly killed us trying to get to him.

Paige: Oh my God. (Paige sits down.)

Piper: Actually, that's not the worse part. Remember how we were wondering how she cast a spell on him, but he fell for you?

Paige: Yeah.

Phoebe: Well, that's because you're her. Well, I mean... she-she's…

Piper: You… uh, her… help.

Leo: Look, what she means is that you were the Evil Enchantress in one of your past lives. So when you read the spell in the Book of Shadows, he came.

Piper: And that's also why you remember the fairy tale so well. Because you've actually lived it once before.

Paige: Okay! I can deal with this. Yeah. No wonder I related to her the most. Does this mean I'm evil?

Piper: Yeah.

Phoebe: No!

Piper: No.

Phoebe: No. Not you. Just your past self. You've grown and evolved. Believe me, we... we all have. That's what we do.

Paige: Right.

Piper: So, the plan is to bind the Enchantresses powers with this little potion.

(Piper, Phoebe, and Leo hold up a little bottle.)

Paige: I'll do it.

(She stands up and takes Piper's bottle.)

Piper: All right. Then we'll...

Paige: No. I mean by myself. I put you guys in danger. I'll get you out of it. It's my story. I have to end it once and for all.

Leo: But you don't even know how to find the Enchantress.

Paige: Well, she's after the Prince, right? I'll just backtrack and surprise her.

Phoebe: There's no reason for you to do this alone. It's not just your story anymore. You've got sisters now.

Piper: But, uh, if you wanna do it by yourself, then go for it.

Paige: I do.

Piper: Yeah. If that's what you want, we'll be here. Uh, with the Prince. (Paige leaves.)

Phoebe: Why'd you let her go?

Piper: Because it's time we realised we can't make her do something she doesn't want to do.

[Cut to the street. Paige gets in her car. She sees the Enchantress walking down the street towards her. She starts the car and tries to drive towards her but the Enchantress uses her power and blows the car back. The car tyres pop. Paige gets out.]

Enchantress: Don't tell me I've become good in the future.

Paige: Damn good.

(She throws the potion towards her, but the Enchantress zaps it with her power.)

Enchantress: And here I was so looking forward to meeting myself.

(She blows Paige onto her car and smashes the windscreen. She is knocked unconscious.)

[Cut to Paige's apartment. Piper looks at Leo.]

Piper: What is it?

Leo: Something's wrong. Paige is in trouble.

Piper: Well, go, go, go!

(Leo orbs out. The Enchantress barges inside.)

Enchantress: Remember me?

[Cut to the street. Leo orbs in and heals Paige. Paige wakes up.]

Leo: What happened?

Paige: Uh... Evil Enchantress. (A bright light shines out of Paige's apartment.) Oh, no. (Leo helps her off the car.)

[Cut back to Paige's apartment. Piper and Phoebe dive over the bed.]

Enchantress: Come to me, my Prince.

(A portal opens in the room. The Prince walks through. The Enchantress sends a gust of wind towards Piper and Phoebe and walks through the portal.)

Phoebe: We can't just let them get away.

Piper: What are we supposed to do? Go back to the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, or whatever hell ages those are?

Phoebe: If we don't, good magic will be gone forever.

(Piper jumps through the portal. Leo and Paige walk in.)

Paige: No. (Phoebe jumps through the portal. The portal closes.) What have I done?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Paige's apartment. Leo is looking at where the portal opened.]

Paige: This is all my fault. Piper and Phoebe were crazy to trust me. Why didn't I listen to them?

Leo: Now is not the time to lose it, Paige. We need to get them back.

Paige: Get them back? What do we do? Hop on a bus to Medieval times?

Leo: Paige, concentrate. You're a powerful witch, whether you like it or not.

Paige: Yeah, well, I wasn't powerful enough to take out the Enchantress, was I?

Leo: You know, one thing your past life should tell you is that you've always been powerful. You still have that power inside of you. Don't be afraid to tap into it now. (Paige sighs.)

Paige: Okay. This is my fairy tale, right?

Leo: Yes.

Paige: This all started with a spell that brought the Prince here, so maybe if I rearrange it a little? What if instead of bringing the Prince to me, I bring myself to him?

Leo: Creating your own portal?

Paige: It's worth a shot. "Bring together my Prince and me, his kingdom now I wish to see, crossing history to his side, from myself I will not hide." (The portal opens up.) Oh my God. I did it. It worked. (Paige goes through the portal. Leo goes over to it. Paige pops her head out.) Come on. I'm not doing this by myself. (She pulls Leo in the portal.)

[Cut to the castle. Piper and Phoebe are chained to a wall. Lady Julia is locked behind the portcullis.]

Phoebe: So are you still glad you told Paige to go for it?

Piper: Hey, you were the one that wanted us to be more sisterly towards her.

Phoebe: Yes, but not at the expense of being trapped in the Dark Ages where our powers are useless.

Lady Julia: You know, I still don't understand who you are. W-what land did you come from?

Phoebe: Disneyland. Future world.

Piper: Phoebe. (to Lady Julia) We're witches and we have the potion that will stop the Enchantress.

Phoebe: Yeah, let's go get her. Oops! We can't, because we're chained to a wall!

[Cut to the Enchantress' bedroom. The Prince is lying on the bed. The Enchantress walks in in her nightgown. Paige and Leo peek around the corner near by.]

Paige: Okay, find Phoebe and Piper. I'll try to hold her off till they get here.

Leo: How? Your powers don't work in the past.

Paige: Yeah, but if we really are one in the same, I should be able to tap into hers. Hurry. Go get my sisters.

(Leo walks away. The Enchantress lays on the bed with the Prince.)

[Cut to Piper and Phoebe. Leo comes in.]

Leo: Piper!

Piper: Leo!

Leo: Phoebe!

(He runs over and tries to unlock the locks.)

Piper: Oh! Easy, easy.

(A guard comes up behind Leo.)

Phoebe: Behind you!

(The guard pushes Leo away. Leo grabs a sword off the wall and starts sword fighting with the guard. The guard trips Leo.)

[Cut to the bedroom. Paige walks in.]

Paige: Hi. (The Enchantress turns around.) I hate to interrupt myself at a time like this.

(The Enchantress stands up.)

Enchantress: How did you get here?

Paige: I'm charmed.

Enchantress: Not for long.

(Paige and the Enchantress try to zap each other.)

[Cut to the other room. Leo is still fighting with the guard. Leo blocks the guard's attack and knocks him out.]

Piper: Nice!

Phoebe: Wow.

(Leo goes over to them.)

Piper: Leo.

Phoebe: I thought you were a pacifist.

Leo: I didn't kill him, did I?

(Leo unlocks the chains.)

Piper: I-I gotta tell you, I find this side of you very sexy.

Leo: Really?

Piper: Yeah.

Phoebe: You've been holding out on us.

Piper: Hi.

Leo: Hi.

(They hear a zap coming from the bedroom.)

Phoebe: What's that sound?

Piper: Paige. Potion! Potion! Potion!

[Cut to the bedroom. The Enchantress tries to zap Paige.]

Prince: Don't hurt her.

(She blows the Prince off his feet. Piper, Phoebe and Leo walk in.)

Paige: Throw the potion! (Paige blows the Enchantress off her feet.) Now!

(Piper and Phoebe throw the bottles of potion and they explode in front of her. She tries to use her power but nothing happens.)

Enchantress: What have you done to me?

Leo: We've bound your powers, Enchantress.

Phoebe: No more kingdom come for you.

Piper: Not for you.

Enchantress: How could you do this to me? To us?

Paige: I didn't do it. We did it.

(Lady Julia runs in and helps up the Prince. They kiss.)

Piper: Oh. (Piper looks away.)

Prince: I am well, my love.

Phoebe: My love. Looks like it takes the kiss of true love to break the spell.

Paige: It's in every fairytale.

Piper: All right, super witch. Get us out of here. (They leave.)

[Cut to Paige's apartment. The portal opens and they step out of it. Paige sees the mess.]

Paige: Okay, so I won't be getting my security deposit back.

Piper: Yeah. Too bad you don't have any other place to stay.

Phoebe: It's no pressure. It's totally up to you, whenever you're ready.

Piper: Yeah, who needs electricity anyway?

Paige: I wouldn't have to stay in the basement, would I?

(Piper and Phoebe laugh.)

Piper: No. Of course not. I think we have a room for you.

[Scene: Prue's old room. Now known as Paige's room. Paige opens the door and Piper and Phoebe walk in.]

Paige: Tada! What do ya think?

Piper: Wow. It's definitely different.

Phoebe: It's definitely you.

Paige: Is that a good thing?

Phoebe: Of course it's a good thing.

Paige: Good, 'cause I was actually thinking the living room could use a little spicing up.

Piper: Don't push it.

(Someone knocks on the front door.)

Phoebe: Oh, I hope that's not another one of your past lives.

Paige: No, it's just Glen. I asked him to drop by.

Phoebe: Oh, the cute guy from the apartment? He's yummy.

Paige: Yeah, he is, but he's gonna have to be yummy in Australia. He's leaving. He asked me to go with but, I decided to pass.

Piper: Oh, are you disappointed?

Paige: A little, but it's not like I'll be lacking in adventures here. Speaking of which. (She stands near the light switch.) Shall we?

Phoebe: Hit it. (Paige turns on the light. The Shocker demon escapes out.)

Piper, Phoebe, Paige: "Vanquish we three witches cry, one final shock and then you die."

(The Shocker demon is vanquished.)

Paige: Okay. Piece of cake. Gotta go. And don't forget... if you need me, please knock.

(She leaves her room.)

Piper: And they lived happily ever after. (Phoebe puts her arm around Piper.)

Phoebe: Yeah, right.

Piper: Right.

(They walk out of the room.)