Alternate Timeline[]

  • The Charmed Ones traveled to the future in Season 2. However, some of what happens in this timeline does not happen in the real 2009. In this timeline, Prue lived to see 2009 and was the owner of Buckland Auction House. Piper and Leo were divorced and had one child, a girl named Melinda with powers, but forbidden to use them. While Phoebe was burned at the stake for killing Cal Greene with her power.

True Timeline[]

  • In the true timeline, magic is still exposed but because a Darklighter named Rennek caused magic to switch sides by unknown means. Mortals gain powers while magical beings are rendered defenseless. Prue however is still present in 2009, but returns in another person's body.
  • Prue becomes the caretaker for the Nexus of the All, and gets a new destiny.
  • Cal Greene was incarcerated the year before.


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