1327 Prescott Street was a Victorian style home in San Francisco. It was purchased by Dan and Jenny Gordon in 1999,[1] who lived there until 2000 when they sold it.[2]

By 2004, Mrs. Noble had moved in.[3] She had put a privacy fence around her backyard.[4]


Behind the Scenes[]


Brian's twittpic.

  • The set of the Halliwell Manor was used for the few scenes of Dan's house. This is most noticeable when Piper and Dan are talking to Jenny in her bedroom in "The Devil's Music".
  • Phoebe's bedroom set was also used for Dan's Kitchen in "Awakened".
  • Commonly known was the "Foy House".
  • Although the house is referred to as "1327 Prescott Street", in reality the address is 1337 Carroll Avenue.
  • Ironically, Brian Krause who portrays Leo Wyatt on Charmed, filmed a movie in this house in 2011. He twitted a picture of the home, as it looks like now.