Чари енциклопедија
Осма сезона
Сезона 8
Епизода 22
Приказивана септембар 2005. – мај 2006.
Премијера Још увек зачаране
Завршетак Заувек зачаране

Зачаране Пајпер, Фиби и Пејџ су лажирале своју смрт, присуствовале својој сахрани, и сада се морају навићи на нормалан живот. Али, нису сви уверени да су умрле у експлозији! Уз жељу да оставе своје старе животе иза себе и да живе без демона, Пајпер, Фиби, Пејџ и Лео бацају чини за стварање нових идентитета. Пајпер покушава да живи нормалан породични живот тако што са супругом Леом, подиже два сина, и ради у њеном ноћном клубу П3. Фиби покушава да се формира однос са Дексом. Пејџ и даље не може да игнорише белосвица у њој, и одговара на позив младе вештице по имену Били, која има моћ телекинезе.



  • Ако се један од споредних ликова не појави у одређеној епизоди, његово/њено име се не појављује у почетној шпици.
  • Ове године најавна шпица има два клипа за сваки лик, док су пре Холи, Алиса и Роуз имале по три, а остали по два.
  • Уместо учестале песме (How soon is now?) песма је замењена за ДВД издање сезоне 8 јер је лиценца истекла. Бред Керн је покушао да врати песму, али није успео.
  • Брајан Краус је последњи у најавној шпици пошто одлази после десете епизоде. Размишљало се да изнад његовог имена буде фраза "са" ("With"). Да је тако било, био би једини глумац који то има.


Списак епизода: септембар 2005 - мај 2006[]

Слика Назив Датум приказивања Епизода
New Aliases Још увек зачаране 25. септембар 2005 157 8.01
Presumed dead, the Halliwell sisters start their demon-free existence with new identities brought about by a spell that altered their appearances to the outside world, but not to those closest to them.
8x02-027-billie Злоба у земљи чуда 2. октобар 2005 158 8.02
Hoping to lure the Charmed Ones out of hiding, Haas, a young demon wanting to take over the Underworld, uses the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland fairy tale to prey on young victims.
8x03-033-piper Трчи Пајпер, трчи 9. октобар 2005 159 8.03
Looking for a new career path, Piper goes on an interview with a corporate recruiter, but is soon arrested when a background check reveals that the physical appearance she adopted was that of a woman wanted for murder.
8x04-071-source Очајне вештице 16. октобар 2005 160 8.04
Wyatt's impending school play brings out the competitive nature in Piper when her hand-sewn costume for Wyatt and her parenting ability are attacked by Mandi, the perfect Stepford-like mother.
8x05-091-sisters Поново вештице 23. октобар 2005 161 8.05
Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy of Homeland Security, who has suspected all along that she and the "cousins" are involved in supernatural activities and that the Halliwell sisters are not dead.
8x06-096-paige-piper Убиј Били, први том 30. октобар 2005 162 8.06
Armed and ready to vanquish, Billie inexplicably freezes and is flooded with childhood flashbacks when she sees her latest demon target, the Dogan. Wanting to prove to the sisters that she is an asset, Billie casts a spell to erase her fears and goes after the demon.
Leo in Piper Изложба изгубљених слика 6. новембар 2005 163 8.07
Wanting to get her old job back as a social worker, Paige's plan changes when her Whitelighter father, Sam, asks for her help with his charge, J.D., a future Whitelighter, who recently reappeared after fifty years.
Billie transforming Борба полова 13. новембар 2005 164 8.08
The Charmed Ones are given their first Homeland Security case by Agent Murphy going through cold case files. Billie discovers a belt in one of the boxes and can't help but put it on.
The Hulk Sisters Хокус покус 20. новембар 2005 165 8.09
Phoebe has decided to take a hiatus from men. Piper seems to think Murphy and the government is hiding something from the sisters.
8x10-063-leo Иди с Леом 27. новембар 2005 166 8.10
Пајпер сазнаје да је Анђео Смрти посматра, али оно што она не зна је да је он заправо ту због Леа.
8x11-069-jenkins Господин и госпођа зачарани 8. децембар 2006 167 8.11
Billie's parents are in town and have supper with their daughter and the Halliwells.
Henry paige Освета је вештица 15. јануар 2006 168 8.12
With the intention of helping his parolee get a loan, Henry, along with Paige, go to a bank but instead the parolee decides to take everyone at the bank hostage. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Piper have their hands full when, during his third birthday party, Wyatt turns three of his toys into real people.
Кућица за зачаране 22. јануар 2006 169 8.13
Phoebe, in an attempt to move on with her own life, signs a lease for a new apartment, much to the worry of Piper, while Paige considers telling Henry she's a witch.
8x14-041-piper 12 љутих мајстора 12. фебруар 2006 170 8.14
In searching for information about Leo, Piper discovers a message from Lo-Pan, a monk and keeper of a sacred Buddhist staff containing the power of influence.
Christy on Bed Последње Кристино искушење 19. фебруар 2006 171 8.15
Paige begins to realize the difficulty in dating a mortal when Henry tries to immerse himself in her magical world. She finds herself even more conflicted when a suitor, Sir Simon Marks, arrives hoping to convince her to marry him so they can become the ultimate magical couple.
8x16-094-paige-henry Верени и збуњени 26. фебруар 2006 172 8.16
Piper organizes an engagement party for Paige and Henry, but the wedding is put in jeopardy when the couple begins to get cold feet. Phoebe notices a strange man following her, and soon discovers that he is a Cupid.
8x17-017-billie-christy Урок генерације 16. април 2006 173 8.17
Two former students of Leo's from Magic School turn up at the manor to inform the Charmed Ones that demons Leo had imprisoned in the Magic School dungeons have escaped and are seeking revenge.
8x18-036-coop-phoebe Торнов идентитет 23. април 2006 174 8.18
Christy becomes a powerful force in the Underworld as the demon Creo tries to convince her that she needs to get Billie away from the Charmed Ones so she and her sister can fulfill their dark destiny.
8x19-063-sisters Млади и несташни 30. април 2006 175 8.19
The Charmed Ones are put into a dream-like state by Christy so that Billie can learn something about each of them.
Charmed820 017 Прохујало с вештицама 7. мај 2006 176 8.20
Billie is convinced that the Charmed Ones are too self-involved to protect the "greater good," because Christy destroys their reputations in the magical community.
Убиј Били, други том 14. мај 2006 177 8.21
Billie and Christy have managed to turn everything around: while the two of them are now at the Manor and demons are at Magic School, the Charmed Ones are forced to hide in the Underworld.
Penny Patty and Piper Заувек зачаране 21. мај 2006 178 8.22
After the death of their respective sisters, Piper and Billie go their separate ways, both determined to get their families back together.
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