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Il M.O. dei demoni, è quello uccidere degli Innocenti. La Confraternita del Rovo ha cercato di raggiungere questo obiettivo lavorando dall'interno verso l'esterno.

Il Modus Operandi, anche noto come M.O. o Modalità Operativa, sono le operazioni generali e il comportamento caratteristico di uno specifico individuo o gruppo di individui. Di seguito è riportato il Modus Operandi e la classificazione delle specie dei principali esseri magici che appaiono in Streghe che hanno svolto un ruolo fondamentale in tutta la serie, spiegando le caratteristiche che le sorelle usavano per distinguere tra Bene e Male.

Streghe Buone[]

Classificazione: Esseri magici, solitamente umani, praticanti di magia bianca/buona
Modus Operandi: Usano gli incantesimi delle loro capacità di lancio degli incantesimi e di creazione delle pozioni per aiutare/proteggere gli altri o eliminare le minacce malvagie. Se dotati di poteri attivi, essi ostacoleranno gli esseri malvagi.
Segue il Rede Wicca
Essi non userà i propri poteri Wicca per Profitto Personale
Esempi Degni di Nota: Patty Halliwell, Penny Halliwell e Billie Jenkins

Streghe Cattive[]

Classificazione: Esseri magici, lavorano per il lato oscuro, praticanti di magia nera
Modus Operandi: Essi usano abilità di lancio di incantesimi, abilità di creazione di pozioni e poteri attivi per danneggiare gli innocenti e le streghe buone.
Esso non esiterà ad usare i poteri per il proprio Profitto Personale e violare la Rede Wicca.
 Spesso tolgono potere alle streghe buone se ostacolano un obiettivo piuttosto che ucciderle
 Non esiterà a punire i colpevoli.
Esempi Degni di Nota: Tuatha, P. Russell, la Malvagia Ammaliatrice, le Sorelle Stillman, Ruth Cobb, Strega del Mare, e Robin

Le Streghe del Trio[]

Classification: Good Upper-Level witches, Protectors of the Innocent
Modus Operandi: Use active powers, spell casting and potion making abilities to protect the innocent and eliminate the forces of evil.
Invoke the Power of Three to eliminate the Forces of Darkness.
Powers and Emotions are tied; bound as One
Esempi Degni di Nota: Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell,Phoebe Halliwell, Paige Matthews


Classification: Magical beings, work for the dark side, practitioners of black magic
Modus Operandi: Hunt and kill good witches for their powers, will not hesitate to betray other magical beings
Esempi Degni di Nota: Jeremy Burns, Hannah Webster, and Rex Buckland


Classification: Magical beings, work for the dark side.
Modus Operandi: hunt, track and destroy innocents, the forces of good and other magical beings; be they human, warlock, witch or demonic.
Can be further classified as Low-Level and Upper-Level
Serve and answer to The Source of All Evil
Determined to spread evil throughout the world
Esempi Degni di Nota: Belthazor

Angeli Bianchi[]

Classification: Angelic Beings, Guardian angels
Modus Operandi: Guide and protect innocents and future Whitelighters as well as neophyte and high level good witches
Use their ability of healing to heal an injured party
Powers and emotions are tied together
Esempi Degni di Nota: Leo Wyatt, Samuel Wilder

Gli Anziani[]

Classification: Angelic Beings, High-Level Whitelighters.
Modus Operandi: Appoint, guide and bestow powers upon mortals and beings who they believe are tremendous paragons of Good transforming them into Whitelighters. watch over the world and humans.
Bestow vast knowledge of magical beings upon Whitelighters and good witches
Esempi Degni di Nota: Gideon, Odin, Sandra

Angeli Bianchi - Streghe[]

Classification: Magical being, child of a witch & Whitelighter
Modus Operandi: As the child of a Whitelighter, he or she will be trained to follow in the work of his or her magical parents; protecting the forces of good and annihilating the forces of darkness
Bestowed with magical powers such as Orbing, telekinetic orbing, Shielding, as well as basic Wiccan powers depending on non-Whitelighter parent's heritage and other vast magical powers
If non-Whitelighter parent is a witch, the Half-Whitelighter will develop a varied form of their power tied to orbing; such as telekinetic orbing and possibly Combustive Orbing, and so forth.
Powers and emotions are bound as one
Like Whitelighters, they are a natural enemy of Darklighters
Esempi Degni di Nota: Paige Matthews, Wyatt Halliwell, Chris Halliwell

Angeli Neri[]

Classification: Magical beings, work for the dark side, Whitelighter's evil counterpart
Modus Operandi: Eliminates those mortals capable of becoming future Whitelighters, eliminate good humans with Touch of Death
Destroys Whitelighters with poisoned tip arrows shot from a crossbow
Spread evil through impregnation of an innocent
Some may possibly guide evil witches
Some Darklighters may be Spirit Killers
Esempi Degni di Nota: Alec


Classification: Spirits, Apparitions
Modus Operandi: Guide, watch over, haunt or seek vengeance on other beings, human or magical.
Can be further classified as Poltergeists, Phantasms, Evil Spirits or merely an apparition
Notable Example of Good: Penny Halliwell, Patty Halliwell
Notable Example of Evil: Jackson Ward

La Sorgente di Tutti i Mali[]

Classification: Ruler of the Underworld. An ancient demonic creature, the most powerful and vilest of all evil.
Modus Operandi: Eliminate the forces of good
Eliminates those considered a betrayer or traitor of the dark side
Ultimate Goal: To destroy the Power of Three and the forces of good by any means

La Triade[]

Classification: Virtual emperors of the Underworld; Cabal of 3 High Level Demons; The Evil Power of Three.
Modus Operandi: Infiltrate and monitor the work of demons in hopes of successfully eliminating the Charmed Ones and all that is good.
Appear in corporeal or non-corporeal form
Served under the Source but wanted to take over the Underworld
Notable Member: Baliel


Classification: Immortal creatures of the night, a whole different network of evil beings
Modus Operandi: Feeds on the blood of humans
Attack humans in human or bat form, draining humans of their blood in hopes of transforming them into Vampires.
Serve their Vampire Queen
Notable Example: Rowan

Esseri degni di una Menzione Onorevole[]


Classification: Demonic scientists
Modus Operandi: Create life essences used to possess innocents
Will use unique power to transform the dead into the living and vice versa
Notable Example: Kierkan


Classification: Beings of Light
Further classified into 3 categories:
Guardian angels - Protection Spirits
Modus Operandi: Protect charges with an unseen hand of guidance
Act as a charges inner voice, conscience and instinct
Angelo della Morte
Classification: Powerful angel, possibly second in line to the Angels of Destiny
Modus Operandi: Uses power to bestow death upon those who's time it is to die, bringing their soul and life essence to it's prospective place in the Afterlife.
Angeli del Destino
Classification: Most powerful of all good forces and angels.
Modus Operandi: Charts and formulates destinies in accordance to the Grand Design.
Will chart a new destiny for those who are lucky enough to achieve their previous.


Classification: Neutral Beings, neither Good nor Evil
Modus Operandi: Persuade Upper-Level beings of good or evil into their way of thinking, Eliminate those considered a threat to there ultimate goals.
Originally the Avatars were assigned names: Avatar of Force, Avatar of Power, later changed to Letters of the Greek Alphabet: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma
Will create a Utopia no matter the cost
Notable Example: Alpha

La Confraternita del Rovo[]

Classification: Elite, very powerful group of Upper Level demons
Modus Operandi: Seek out and eliminate high ranking members of society who they use to achieve goal
    Attempt to assimilate their kind into society to infiltrate it in hopes of spreading evil

Seek to eliminate the Forces of Good.

I membri sono vincolati da Giuramento di Sangue

Membri degni di Nota: Raynor, Vornac, Belthazor, Klea, Tarkin e Trigg


Classification: Monstrous creature
Modus Operandi: Lies in waters of the Australian Outback
     It is said to bring disease and will bring a human to death through drowning if he or she disturbs it's source of food

I Pulitori[]

Classification: Ethereal neutral beings
Modus Operandi: Will prevent the exposure of magic no matter the cost


Classification: Angelic beings
Modus Operandi: Use their Rings of Love to create relationships through Telepathic Suggestion
Uses Ring to travel through, decelerate, or accelerate time.
Notable Example: Coop

Demonic Bounty Hunters[]

Classification: Demonic Beings
Modus Operandi: Belonging to the Demonic Bounty Hunter breed of Demons, Zotars possess more advanced powers than a regular Bounty Hunter
Usually hired to track down fugitive demons
They infiltrate and intercept a fugitive demon's work or call
May offer to work with Good Magical Beings if their goal is the same
They track magical beings by honing in on their bounty's scent
Notable Example: Krell

Demonic Children[]

Classification: Spawn of Upper-Level Demons.
Modus Operandi: Trained to follow in demonic/evil parent's footsteps
May lure innocents into traps and kill them
Notable Example: Ari, Freckles, Jersey

Demonic Sorcerers and Sorceresses[]

Classification: Dark magical beings
Modus Operandi: Use black magic and evil sorcery to curse, infect, harm and possess innocents or other magical beings
Use innocents as pawns to achieve personal goals
Notable Example of a Sorcerer: The Boss, Cronyn
Notable Example of a Sorceress: Kali, Imara


Classification: Magical creatures
Modus Operandi: Often found in feline form but can be dogs, horses, snakes, etc.
Guide witches and protect them while they learn the Craft
Naturally attuned to the seasons and phases of the Moon
Will teach a young witch a heightened awareness of her environment
Notable Example: Kit


Classification: Neutral magical being, can be persuaded to evil
Modus Operandi: Use power to set ablaze objects or incinerate other beings, human or magical
   If persuaded to evil, they are often found as Bodyguards of the Source or high level demons such as the Triad
Notable Example: Christy Jenkins


Classification: Demonic women
Modus Operandi: Act as judge, jury and executioner to anyone they consider an "evil doer" no matter how small the offence and kill them.
   Will disable a victim using their sharp talons
   Use smoke to make victim's hear the cries of all his or her former victims
   Use smoke to seek out portals of unexpressed fury in witches converting them into Furies


Classification: Ancient magical statues
Modus Operandi: Will often be found as part of architecture on sacred grounds or homes of magical beings
Will detect any demonic activity, coming to life weakening and warding off even the most vilest of demons


Classification: Magical Tricksters
Modus Operandi: Found within magical lamps, bottles, containers, etc.
Will offer 3 wishes to anyone who releases him/her from their lamp.
They often grant a wish that has a hidden consequence attached.
Notable Examples: Genie, Jinny

Gods and Goddesses[]

Classification: Supreme, powerful magical beings
Modus Operandi: Rule, create, control, and own lands, elements, emotions, powers, abilities, and etc
They rule their designated land, element, emotion, etc with a power associated to their name.
Some may abuse their title such as The Titans
Notable Examples: Gaea, Goddess of Earth


Classification: Demonic beings
Modus Operandi: Steal the eyesight of innocent children to see unique Auras that surround good humans and powerful magical beings
     Use power to feed on an Aura, strangling their victims, ultimately killing them, very powerful
Identification: Albino skin, black suits, whirling red eyes


Classification: Magical beings
Modus Operandi: Belong to Tribes
Often exercise their Romani culture
May be bestowed with powers similar to those of witches: Spell casting, potion making, etc.
If bestowed with active powers, such as Foresight they will use it to help/advise others
May invoke powers from magical artifacts to enhance
Notable Example: Ava Nicolae, Lydia Nicolae and Teresa


Classification: Mortals, magical or non-magical
Modus Operandi: Often possess something that the forces of evil want
May be high rank member of society or merely a child who if attacked benefits the forces of evil
Will be hunted, tracked, possessed, captured, sought or destroyed by evil beings
Some may possess a power, soul energy or magical artifact sought by the darkside for evil's gain
May be a paragon of good whose work will lead to consequences for or the destruction of evil
Notable Examples: Dr. Griffiths, Aviva, Janna, Kyle Brody, Henry Mitchell, Miles, etc.

Lords of War[]

Classification: Malevolent immortal beings
Modus Operandi: Lead armies in wars to achieve goals- usually related to the acquisition of power
     Attacks a victim with his Crystal Sword– which captures magical powers
Notable Example: Gabriel Statler


Classification: Angelic Beings of Pure Light
Modus Operandi: Guide their charges with an unseen hand of Inspiration
Inspire a charge's passion and creativity
Notable Example: Melody


Classification: Point of immense spirtual or Wiccan Energy
A Wiccan Nexus: Further classified as a magical battleground for Good & Evil
Modus Operandi: Found at a point equidistant from the 5 Basic Elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water & Wood
located at a center of a Pentagram
Home to the Shadow
Called a Suxen in a spell so demons wouldn't use it
Notable Example: The Halliwell Nexus


Classification: Magical beings

Modus Operandi: Always found in the company of a Satyr

Tree sprites found frolicking and dancing around in wooded, grassy areas
Use power to nurture and preserve forest and nature
Use power to access the Eternal Spring
Notable Example: Daisy


Classification: Neutral magical beings, male or female
Modus Operandi: Use power to foresee the future to advise other magical beings
Can be found under the employ of upper-level demons or advising powerful beings, good or evil.
Notable Example: The Source's Oracle (Evil), Oracle seen at Manor in Oh My Goddess! Part 1

Ordo Malorum[]

Classification: Unholy Hierarchy of Upper-Level Demons
Modus Operandi: Command the war against the forces of good
Will capture, kill, and conquer Good Witches who protect the innocent.
The Generals leading this Hierarchy distribute a Level 2 Weapon amongst their servants to use to destroy the Good
Notable Example: Litvack

Phoenix Witches[]

Classification: Elite assassin witches
Modus Operandi: Descendants of those witches burned in the 17th century Salem Witch Trials
They have no allegiance to anyone or anything but their vengeance
They will kill any bounty that they are hired to take down
Identification: Born with a distinctive birthmark of a Phoenix rising from the Ashes
Notable Example: Bianca

Priests and Priestesses[]

Classification: Magical beings; High or Dark
Modus Operandi: Will use their knowledge of rituals to perform ceremonies such as Handfastings, Wiccanings, funerals, wakes, marriages, etc for other magical beings.
Powerful witches can become High Priestesses after death
Notable Example of Good: Grams
Notable Example of Evil: Dantalian


Classification: Demonic beings
Modus Operandi: Uses their ability to see into the future to advise other magical beings
 Skilled potion and tonic makers
 Will only kill if necessary

Notable Examples: The Seer, Kyra

Skeletal Beings[]

Classification: Demons
Modus Operandi: Hover between Life and Death
Feed on Life Forces to sustain themselves through centuries of Unlife
Seek an unending supply of Life Essence to gain actual Life and immortality
Appear to have control over animals such as birds (crows) that they use to track victims
Require a highly explosive potion and a powerful, properly worded spell to be vanquished; Prior to Necron being vanquished by the sisters, the last group of witches who attempted to vanquish a Skeletal Being were vaporized in the process.
Notable Example: Necron


Classification: Magical healers, good or evil
Modus Operandi: Often sought out by magical creatures who have survived an attack
Can offer council to those who need advice
Apply their knowledge of ancient remedies and elixirs to help the wounded
Do not possess any power except their wisdom

Soul Traders[]

Classification: Demonic beings, rare
Modus Operandi: Will capture and collect the souls of humans
Trade Souls for power, rank, wealth or other magical goods
May make deals with humans, their souls in exchange for something they wish
Notable Examples: Zahn, Sargon


Classification: Former witches who have renounced all human emotion and made a pact with Darkness to protect them self from heartbreak.
Modus Operandi: Succubi attract and lure men and feed on their testosterone.  Incubi attract and lure women and feed on their estrogen
May appear in dreams and nightmares
Notable Example: Darla


Classification: Demigoddesses
Modus Operandi: Scout the battlegrounds for dying warriors/soldiers
Bring souls to Valhalla in preparation for the Final World Battle
Notable Example: Freyja

Witch Doctors[]

Classification: Magical beings, watchdogs of evil
Modus Operandi: Banish evil spirits from demonic footholds
Use unknown magic rituals to find and destroy evil beings
Interpret magic used in a questionable manner as evil
Ultimate Goal: To eliminate evil in all it's shifting guises

Witch Hunters[]

Classification: Humans, may possess magical abilities
Modus Operandi: Often descendants of a generation/family of other Witch Hunters or humans who may have been wronged by a witch
Will seek to lure and destroy any witches
Consider all witches evil and unnatural
May pose as innocents
Notable Example: Agent Jackman


Classification: Magical tricksters
Modus Operandi: Use ability to create Illusions to achieve personal goals
Will betray anyone to get what they seek
Possess an array of vast magical powers
Notable Examples: Unnamed Wizard, Rathmere and Merrill


Classification: Astrological Entities
Modus Operandi: Act as animals in the 12-year Chinese Calender
They are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
The Strongest are the Warrior signs
Other Information: Many years ago, Buddha set up the eternal cycle and each year his sacred staff would be passed to one of the 12 Zodiacs. The Zodiac who holds the staff would spread his will over the world for the full year, which provided a balance to all things. If demons get the staff, they would use it to spread evil. Each year the dark monks try to obtain. The only time that a demon could take the staff is in the 12 hour window when the Zodiacs gather to pass the staff.